Tahey couldn't help but cry out as he entered her, and with his gaze still holding hers captive, it was impossible not to see the almost savage way in which a part of him savored the pain of her deflowering.

And foolish or not, she, too, wanted it that way. Even if it made her a little masochistic, she couldn't help but think of the pain as an experience that was special and unique to Dmitry and her alone.

And now...

She was his, Tahey thought dizzily. Always and forever. No matter what happened, she would always be his, while he...

Her gaze drifted back up to the billionaire, and she found his golden eyes watching her with a glittering intensity that stole her breath.

"You took my virginity," she heard herself say.

The glitter in his eyes burned hotter. "Yes." His voice was hard. "It means you're mine."

Her toes curled. "Yes." Her voice was faint and tremulous. She had been too afraid to even dream of hearing those words, and all of a sudden they were now hers to cherish.

Dmitry tried to move the slightest bit and stopped as soon as he heard Tahey catch her breath. "Does it still hurt?" he asked tautly.

Tahey slowly shook her head. "It just caught me by surprise."

"If I do it again..."


And so he tried once again, exerting greater effort to gently ease an inch out, and this time he saw the way she closed her eyes as if to savor the sensation of his movement.

"You like it?"


It was all he needed to hear, and Dmitry carefully pulled his cock out before sinking its entire length back in. The back-and-forth took more seconds than usual, but he wanted both of them to feel his possession to the fullest, and so they did, with the pleasure making his balls ache while he heard Tahey release the sexiest little whimper.

He kept his strokes slow and steady, and when he felt her nails scrape his back, he moved just a little faster, keeping this new pace until he felt the final cue he was waiting for: her hips clumsily rising up to meet his thrusts, her breasts rubbing hard against the matted hair of his chest...

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

When he drove back into her, he no longer held back, letting Tahey feel the full force of his passion. He rutted with her like a hungry, mindless animal, his cock pounding into her pussy in fast and furious thrusts until he was holding her up by the waist, and her long blonde locks were streaming down the bed.

She cried his name out over and over. Gasped and moaned it out loud, and damn if every utterance didn't make him even wilder with need—-


His hands tightened around her waist as he plunged back into the hot, tight depths of her pussy, driving his erection into the deepest part of her until the head of his dick reached the wall of her womb—-

Tahey screamed.

He started to cum the same time she did, her body shuddering as he started shooting his seed into her while her pussy released its own creamy flow. He filled her all too soon, but he couldn't stop shoving his dick in and out of her, just kept fucking her even as her pussy became full and his seed started trickling down her legs.

A part of Dmitry had believed, maybe had even hoped that once he had her, it would be over, and Tahey would cease to matter. It had happened countless times in the past, times when a woman had unexpectedly caught his eye, and the billionaire would slake his desire for such women with one-night stands. And for all of them, that had been more than enough. Once dawn broke and the sun came up, Dmitry had found himself no longer interested.

Tahey, however...

With her body still trembling underneath him in the aftermath of their first orgasm together, Dmitry realized to his shock that the taste of her had only whetted his appetite. He wanted her even more. And so he took her again. And again. And again. He fucked her over and over until he made the mistake of letting her dark, passion-clouded eyes seek his—-

I love you.

And Dmitry felt himself go cold.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

What the fuck had he done?Chapter NineTahey woke up to the sound of birds singing and felt like singing herself. It finally happened, she thought dreamily as she rolled to her back and clutched the covers to her chest. She was his. She belonged to Dmitry. Finally.

Yesterday had been magical. She and Dmitry hadn't left the room the entire day, with the billionaire only ordering room service. Pasta for lunch, lamb chops for dinner, and before, between, and after those, Dmitry had made love to her in every way imaginable.

He had made her cum with just his mouth on her breast, and he had made her cum several times over with his fingers fucking her pussy and later on with his mouth suckling on her clit.

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