He taught her how to reciprocate, and she had been an eager and apt pupil, her only thought to give him the same amount of pleasure he gave her. She had learned to make him cum by rubbing his cock with her breasts, and she had also learned how to give him both a hand job and a blow job.

He introduced her to the pleasure of having him fuck her from behind, like a dog would fuck a bitch in heat, and afterwards, he taught her how to ride him like he was her stud.

Just thinking about all those things he taught her in the past twenty-four hours...oh God. It was enough to make Tahey blush, and she was reminded of the time she and her friends had tried to badger Story into talking about her first time with the sheikh. Story was rarely the type to be speechless, but at that moment their friend hadn't even been able to meet any of their eyes.

Now she knew why.

There were just some things that were a little too dirty to speak out loud, even with your closest friends.

A quick check of her phone told Tahey it was already ten in the morning, and she hurriedly took a shower and changed into another shirt and jeans combo, but this time pairing it with a beige cardigan and tan-colored Uggs. She studied her reflection in the mirror—-


Too late, she saw the multiple hickeys the billionaire had left on the side of her neck and quickly rummaged through her suitcase until she found an oversized plaid scarf to hide Dmitry's marks.

Maybe one day, Tahey thought, she could proudly wear the marks of his passion. But not now. Not just yet, when everything was still too new.

Ada and Panda were having brunch in the balcony when she got to the other suite, and Tahey couldn't help looking around expectantly, wondering where the others were.

"Are they in another meeting?"

Ada frowned. "They are, but..."

Tahey frowned as well. "But...?"

Too late, Ada realized the truth. Oh no. Although none of them had ever discussed Dmitry or Tahoma, everyone knew why the two had been complete no-shows yesterday. The attraction between Dmitry and his secretary, albeit unacknowledged, had nevertheless been palpable and impossible to ignore. And though Ada had thought the girl too innocent for the billionaire, she had still hoped for the best.

But apparently, things had taken a turn for the worse.

Ada turned to Panda in a mute appeal for help, but the younger man was already making an excuse to leave the table. Hack government websites and get his hands occasionally bloody, he had no problems with. But emotional scenes like this?

Count me out, Panda thought and went off to the kitchen to finish the rest of his meal.

"Ada..." Tahey was beginning to feel a little strange.

"I'm sorry, T.G. I thought you were told."

"Told what?" Tahey's chest had become so strangely tight.

"Dmitry took a six o'clock commercial back to Miami this morning," Ada said miserably. "You're to fly back with Sasha in the jet."

Tahey lowered her head and glared at the floor. "I see."

"Have you checked your phone? Perhaps he left a message..."

Tahey finally finished counting. Forty-nine. A new record, or more to the point, a new personal low for her. Forty-nine seconds for the urge to cry to fade, and yet her heart still felt...strange.

She lifted her head and mustered a smile for the older woman. "It's fine. He's my boss," she managed to say lightly, "and he doesn't really owe me an explanation or anything."

And that was the truth, no matter how much it hurt to accept.SASHA SILENTLY CURSED his brother as he watched Tahoma glare hard at the view outside the window. At this time of the night, there wasn't much to see save for darkness, but when he had told her that, Dmitry's secretary had only nodded. But she had continued to glare, just kept glaring without blinking until he had come to realize it was the girl's way of keeping her tears in check.


A picture spoke a thousand words, and a look on the girl's face did exactly that. Something had obviously happened between Dmitry and his secretary. Something that had made the girl believe his brother had come to treasure her...only to wake up and find her lover gone from her side, without so much as a word of goodbye.

Dmitry's secretary insisted on taking a cab as soon as they were out of Miami's airport, but Sasha would hear none of it. He still had one last thing to say, and he waited until they were in the privacy of his limousine before once again addressing the elephant in the room.

"I know you probably won't believe me, but Dmitry has his reasons for being like this."

Tahey slowly averted her gaze from Sasha and switched her attention to the window. The scenery passed by swiftly, the limousine cruising down the road in a speed that turned everything into an incandescent blur.

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