“Sure you did.”

“Bye, Noah.” Lucky waved as walked through the front door. “See you tomorrow.”


“He’s such a liar.” I muttered as he left.

“Don’t tell me. He made this mess and you, Ruby and David came home and found it like this.”

“He may have had help, from Bruiser.” I laughed as the dog looked at me with sad eyes. “How did we end up with this dog again?”

“Because Robin is allergic.” Lucky laughed and bent down and tickled David’s belly. “How are my babies doing?”

“I’m feeling pretty hungry to tell the truth.” I muttered and Lucky looked up at me with a secret smile.

“Are you one of my babies now, Zane?”

“I thought I was.”

“Do you need some special loving from me?”

“Yes, please.”

“Well, you tidy up this mess and I’ll go and change the babies and put them to bed and then come and take care of you.”

“No bed no.” Ruby Lane cried out.

“Yes, honey.” Lucky kissed her cheek.

“No tired.” Ruby cried and David looked up at me with a small grin. For a second I almost thought that he winked at me, but I knew that couldn’t be the case.

“You have to go to bed now, honey.”

“No tired.” Ruby started kicking and I reached over and took her from her mom.

“Ruby, you have to go to bed now.” I said softly and played with her toes. She giggled and pressed her face against my shoulder. “You bring David and I’ll put Ruby down.” I smiled at Lucky and she shook her head as Ruby quieted down in my arms. “What can I say? She’s a daddy’s girl.”

“What can I say, I guess she takes after her mother. It’s hard to resist your big blue eyes, daddy.” Lucky picked David up and giggled.

“You’re a naughty girl, you know that right.” I licked my lips and winked at her. “You’re going to pay for that tonight?”

“Really?” She blinked her eyelashes at me rapidly. “Do tell me how I’m going to pay?”

“Just you wait.” I leaned over and kissed her. “Once these two are asleep I’m going to do more than tell you. I’m going to show you.”

“Maybe after we tidy up and eat.” She kissed me back and I licked her lips.

“You sound like a boring adult.” I groaned.

“We also have presents to wrap.”

“Can’t we do that in the morning?”

“I thought you wanted morning sex?”

“Can’t we do it after morning sex?” I winked at her. “And by the way, I’m still counting on getting some tonight.”

“You’re a pervert Zane, there are kids listening.”

“Hey,” I stuck my tongue out at her. “You’re the one that said sex first.”

“Don’t say it again.” Lucky’s eyes were wide.

“Don’t say what?”

“Sex. Shit.” She slapped her hand to her mouth. “Cover their ears, cover their ears.”

“It’s too late for that.” I grinned.

“Are we the worst parents ever?” She sighed.

“No, I think we’re doing pretty good.” I smiled at her as we walked up the stairs. “I think our first Christmas as parents is going pretty well, don’t you?”

“I guess so.”

We placed the babies on the changing table and took turns changing their nappies. “I wouldn’t want to be cleaning any other babies ass right now.” I smiled and her and she laughed.

“Me either.”

“Though, I have to say that we need to change what they’re eating soon because it stinks.”

“Oh, Zane.” She laughed. “Oh, by the way. I forgot to tell you, your dad is coming over for dinner tomorrow. He is flying back from Hong Kong on an earlier flight because he doesn’t want to miss David and Ruby’s first Christmas Eve.”

“I guess he’s really trying.” A warm feeling spread through me. “We really did it, Lucky.”

“Yes we did.” She smiled back at me.

“This is the first of many Christmas’s that we will have as a family, but I have to tell you that this is pretty much the best first Christmas any family has ever had.”

“Mess and all.” Lucky nodded and we placed the babies into their cot before embracing in a deep long kiss.

“I love you, Lucky.”

“I love you, Zane.”

And then David and Ruby cooed their love up to both of us and we held each other close and just stared at them in wonder. We had finally created the perfect family and nothing was ever to going to break us up.

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