“Hmm, your fingers feel soft.” I sighed as I felt his fingertips on my legs.

“Lola.” He groaned.

“Kiss me.” I moaned, my eyes closed. I was imagining myself entwined in his arms. “I want to feel you.”

“Where are your PJs, Lola?” He pulled away from me and I sighed.

“I’m cold. Touch me.”

“Lola, you’re sleeping. I guess they must be in your suitcase.”

“No, don’t go in.” I groaned thinking of the thongs.

“You can’t sleep in your underwear.” His voice was silky. “I’m not sure I can keep my hands off of you if you just have your underwear on.”

“It’s fine.” I mumbled, feeling myself start to drift off.

“I’ll let you sleep in my shirt.”

“Hmm.” I opened my eyes and saw him taking his shirt off, but I wasn’t able to keep them open for more than a few seconds.

“Put this on.” He pulled me up and put my arms into his shirt. I sighed contentedly and snuggled back into the bed and fell asleep.


I felt snug as a bug as I awoke. I was warm and fuzzy and I stretched languorously until I hit my hands hit something warm. I froze as I opened my eyes slowly. Oh God, Lola, what did you do? I tried to recall the previous evening, but all I could remember were the five courses we’d eaten and the copious amounts of wine.

I stared at Xavier’s sleeping face and his na**d chest for a few seconds before checking to see what I was wearing. I looked down and saw that I was in his shirt, but I only sighed in relief when I felt my bra and panties on underneath. Phew.

“I could have taken them off if you’d wanted me to.” Xavier’s voice made me jump and I looked over at him with a flush.

“I didn’t want,” I snapped.

“I’m guessing drunk, happy Lola is gone?” He smiled at me as he stretched, and I tried not to stare at his pecs.

“I wasn’t drunk.” I pulled the sheet up to my waist and he laughed.

“Whatever you say.” His fingers reached over to me and ran down my cheek. “You look very beautiful in the morning.”

“Thank you,” I swallowed hard at stared at his face. His morning stubble was sexy as hell and his hair was unruly. I wanted to reach over and pat it down, but I didn’t.

“I could really kiss those juicy lips of yours right now.” He moved closer to me, and I found myself staring straight into his bright green irises.

“Please don’t,” I whispered as his lips crushed down on mine. He tasted warm and sweet and I melted against him. His fingers ran through my hair and I wrapped my arms around his waist. His tongue entered my mouth and I sucked it eagerly. All thoughts of him being an ass and this being an inappropriate moment fled my mind. When Xavier kissed me I felt like I was soaring in the air. There was no dislike or care about his superior attitude. All I felt was warmth and lust burning through to my soul. I needed to consume and be consumed by this man. I wanted to taste every inch of him. I wanted to feel every particle of skin. I wanted him to touch me all over until the shivering of my body erupted in a sea of emotion and pleasure.

I ran my fingers down his back and he groaned and pushed me back and rolled over on top of me. “You taste so sweet in the morning,” he growled against my lips.

“I didn’t brush my teeth yet.” I tried to pull back, but he was having none of it.

“Your skin is so sweet and silky. I want to taste you.” His lips fled to my neck.

I lay back and ran my fingers through his silky locks, enjoying the way he groaned against my neck as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“What are you doing to me?” He kissed further down my neck and undid the first few buttons on his shirt before kissing the valley between my breasts. “You taste like warm sunshine and sex.” He grunted as his fingers ripped apart more buttons until the shirt was gaping open.

“I’ve never tasted something so sweet.”

“What about chocolate?” I smiled at him and he looked at me with a bright light in his eyes.

“Chocolate pales in comparison,” he licked my belly button and then kissed back up my stomach. I sat forward as his fingers reached behind my back and undid my bra. He pulled off the shirt and then threw my bra to the floor. His lips immediately fell to my breast and he took my nipple in his mouth gingerly and sucked hard. I cried out as a dart of pure pleasure ran through me.

“Oh,” I cried out as his fingers pinched my other nipple.

His mouth swapped places with his fingers and he started to gently suck on my other nipple. My brain felt hazy and all I could think about was the pleasure swelling in my stomach. I ran my fingers down his back and he bit down on my nipple and tugged.

“Oh,” I cried out and my nails dug into his skin deeper.

“There’s nothing like morning sex,” he whispered against my skin, and I knew I should pull away from him, but I couldn’t resist his touch. His lips left my skin tingling and my whole body was on fire. I was scorching inside and out and only he could put out the flames. “I wanted to take your panties off so badly last night,” he groaned as he kissed down to the tops of my panties.

“Then why didn’t you?”

“I didn’t want you to think I was taking advantage of you. I wanted our love making to be one-hundred percent consensual.” His teeth bit into my panties and he tugged. “And I wanted to make sure you remembered every second of it.”

“Is it only going to last seconds?” I looked down at him and then held my breath.

“What do you think?”

“I think that it might last minutes.” I stared at him and grinned.

“I’ll give you minutes.” He growled and pulled my panties all the way down.

“What are you doing?” I moaned as I felt his lips kissing up my thighs.

“I’m going to make you wish you never played with me.”

“I didn’t play with you.” I gasped as his lips moved to my core. I felt his tongue run down the length of me and then he sucked down on my clit. “Ooh!” I cried out as his tongued licked the folds of my pussy. “Xavier,” I groaned as his tongue dipped inside of me and licked my cl*tagain.

“I told you that I’m not going to stop until I’m sure you’re going to remember every second of being with me.”

“Please,” I groaned as he sucked on my cl*tagain. I ran my fingers to his back and closed my eyes. I spread my legs wider hoping his tongue would enter me again.

Knock, knock.

“Room service,” a man called out.

“Argh,” Xavier looked up with an annoyed expression, and I sighed. His tongue had felt marvelous against me.

“Room service.” The man knocked on the door again.

“I’m coming.” Xavier called out and then grinned at me. He once again buried his face in my pu**y and sucked on my clit. My fingers grabbed the sheets and I closed my eyes. The feeling was so heady and wonderful.

Then we heard the door open; it happened so fast that neither one of us was able to react quickly enough.

“Where would sir like the tray?” The man walked into the room with a tray and gaped at us. I blushed as I realized the sight we made. Me na**d on the bed with Xavier’s head between my legs.

“What are you doing?” Xavier jumped up angrily and I grabbed the sheet over my body.

“You said come in.” The man stared at us with wide eyes.

“I said I’m coming.” Xavier’s voice rose and he glared at the man. “Get out.”

“Yes, sir.” The room service attendant stuttered and gave me one last glance before retreating.

“I’m sorry about that.” Xavier walked back to the bed. “I’m sorry we were interrupted.”

“That’s okay.” I stared at him with a bright red face. “Maybe we should just get ready.”

“What?” He frowned.

“This was a mistake. Let’s just shower and head out.” I avoided his stare. I wasn’t sure why I had changed my mind. Maybe it was seeing he look of shock on the attendant’s face. Maybe it was because I knew I was starting to fall for Xavier and I knew casual sex wasn’t something I could do without starting to grow attached.

“I want to make love to you, Lola.” His arms pulled me towards him and I swallowed hard and the look of unbridled lust in his eyes.

“Not now.” I shook my head and rushed into the shower. I could feel his eyes on my back and I knew that he was frustrated. Part of me wanted to run back to him because I was frustrated as well, but I knew that I couldn’t just give in to him.


“That was my brother on the phone.” Xavier stared at me with an angry expression as I walked out of the bathroom in a pair of shorts and t-shirt.

“Sebastian?” I ignored his anger as I wasn’t sure if he was still upset I’d changed my mind. I knew all it would take was one kiss and touch and I’d be back in his bed.

“Who else?” he snapped.

“I don’t know if you have another brother.” I turned away from him.

“We’re in the papers.”

“Huh?” I turned back around and frowned. “What papers?”

“We’re front page news in all the tabloids.” He sighed. “Remember all the paparazzi last night?”

“I guess.” I shrugged. “What did they say?”

“They said the playboy prince has found a new love,” he spat out.

“Oh, my.” I made a face at him.

“One says, ‘weekend tryst for the playboy Prince of Europe.’”

“But this isn’t a tryst,” I cried out, ignoring the fact that we had nearly made love again. “We came for a class project.”

“They don’t know that.” He frowned.

“We should tell them.”

“How do we explain the fact that we’re staying in the same room? How do we explain that the room service came in as I was pleasuring you?”

“Oh,” I bit my lower lip. “We’re screwed.”

“I can’t have another scandal like this,” he sighed. “My parents are not happy. They think I’m shining a bad light on Romerius.”

“I guess that’s what happens when you’re a man whore.” I shrugged.

“We’ll have to pretend we’re dating.”

“What?” I exclaimed. “No way.”

“It’s the only way we both come out unscathed!” He stood up and walked to the window and pulled the curtain to the side. “There must be at least thirty paparazzi out there waiting for us.”

“Oh my gosh.” I sat on the edge of the bed. “I don’t believe this.”

“We’ll go to Romerius tomorrow.”

“What?” My jaw dropped. “We have to go back to London! We have class on Monday.”

“My mother is insistent. This is an international incident. We have to go to show my parents and the country that we are in a relationship.”

“But we are not in a relationship.”

“I need you to give me a week.” He looked at me. “One week and then we can break up. Doesn’t that sound fair to you?”

“No, it doesn’t!” I jumped up. “Are you out of your mind?”

“Would you rather be known as the American floozie who went to Paris with her professor for a weekend of hot sex?” He paused and then smiled, a small evil smile. “Or would you rather be known as the American that went on a romantic trip with her boyfriend and went to meet his family?”

“I’d rather not be known at all.” I made a face and then groaned. “How did this happen?”

“You got drunk and held onto my arm last night. Then this morning we started kissing because we could no longer resist our passion and ...”

“I don’t need an explanation as to what happened.” I jumped up and pointed at him. “This is all your fault.” I groaned. “And what does Sebastian think?” I buried my face in my hands. “He must think I’m a tart.”

“Why do you care what he thinks?” He stepped towards me and frowned. “Do you wish you were with him?”

“Of course not.” I looked away from him. “Though he is preferable to you.”

“Really?” He grabbed my arms and pulled me towards him. “Shall I show you how much pleasure I can give you?” His lips pressed against mine as his hands circled my waist. “Do I need to have you screaming my name for you to know what I can do to you?”

“Xavier.” I breathed out slowly. “Don’t.” I groaned as his fingers ran along my ass. “This isn’t the time.”

“Then when is the time?”

“I just want to ...” He cut me off by pushing his tongue into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue instinctively. I couldn’t get enough of his taste. I wanted to feel him inside of me, but he was such an ass that part of me felt like I’d be letting him win if I made love to him again. I pulled away then and started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” He looked down at me with narrowed eyes.

“You.” I pointed at him. “Most women dream of meeting their Prince Charming and you’re an actual prince, but there isn’t a charming bone in your body.”

“You don’t think I’m charming?” He cocked his head and ran his finger down my cheek.

“You heard me correctly.” I stared back at him, not backing down. “No one could ever call you charming.”

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