“What excitement?”

“You kissed a stranger!” she squealed. “I can’t believe it. Lola Franklin kissed a handsome stranger.”

“I almost did more.” I grinned and collapsed onto the bed next to her. “Oh, Anna, he was so sexy, but he was such an asshole.”

“You did not almost sleep with him?”

“I did.” I grinned. “I’m twenty-one, not eighty-one. I’m entitled to a life.”

“I do not believe it. You said you didn’t believe in casual sex.”

“When it’s once-in-a-lifetime casual sex, how can I say no?” I grinned. “I mean, isn’t that why we came here? To be different from our normal selves?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” She nodded. “Who would have thought it? Anna and Lola from Palm Bay, Florida, are living it up in London, England, like two little sluts.”

“Anna!” I gasped, and she giggled.

“What would you call us?”

“Modern girls.” I laughed. “We’re modern girls who know what we want.” I lay there and smiled as I thought of my kiss with Xavier. Even though he’d been an asshole, I still thought he was a sexy beast.

“Okay, then. We’re modern girls.” Anna rested her head on my shoulder. “I’m glad we came, by the way,” she spoke softly. “I think it’s just the change we needed.”

“Me too,” I whispered back at her. “Me too.


The knocking at the door awoke me, and I groaned. Anna and I must have fallen back asleep.

“Room service,” a voice called out, and I rolled out of the bed to open the door.

“I’m coming.” I yawned and opened the door. “Oh.” My eyes widened as I took in Xavier. He looked even more handsome in daylight. “I thought you were room service.”

“I am.” He grinned and held up his heads. He had two coffees and a bag of something.

“Oh, thanks.” I stood there awkwardly and groaned inwardly as I realized how I must have looked. I reached up and rubbed my eyes and then looked at my fingertips. They were smudged with black.

“Going to a fancy dress party today?” he asked me with a smile.

“Sorry, what?”

“I was wondering if there was a reason why you looked like a raccoon.”

“Excuse me?” My mouth dropped, and he laughed.

“Can I come in or am I not allowed past the front door?”

“Why do you want to come in?” I took a step back, and he ran his fingers to my face and down my cheek, holding everything in his other hand.

“Do not worry, Lola. It’s not to seduce you. Trust me.”

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes, but I felt hurt inside.

“Who’s that? Is it Max?” Anna called out eagerly.

“No,” I called back, and he stared at me curiously.

“Do you wish it were him?” he asked me softly.

“Why would I care if he was here?” I shook my head, annoyed.

“Just checking.” He walked into the hotel room and walked up to the bed. “Here’s a coffee and a cheese and onion pastry. It should make you feel better.” He handed both items to a shocked Anna.

She sat up in the bed, looking confused, and her eyes were wide with shock. I giggled as I stared at her. Her hair was all over the place, and she looked like a scarecrow.

“Thanks.” She took them tentatively and gave him a small smile.

“No problem.” He turned around and walked back to me. “And this is for you. The same thing. Though I got you a doughnut as well.”

“A doughnut?”

“To keep your lips sweet.” He smiled and looked at my lips for a few seconds.

“Oh.” I swallowed hard and sat down on the couch. “Thanks.”

“So how are you feeling today?” he asked me as he sat next to me.

“I’m fine.” I shrugged. “It was Anna who was drunk.”

“I see.” He looked over at her as she ate eagerly. “Max always seems to know how to pick them.”

“We were at the museum last night ...” I started and he nodded.

“I know.”

“Oh, well, last night you—” I started again, and he jumped up.

“How do you think I made it to the hotel so quickly?” He looked down at me with dark eyes. “I saw you get into the cab with him. I know Max well. I knew what he had planned.”

“He was coming back here for Anna,” I spoke up defensively.

“No offense to Anna, but he was coming back for both of you. I’m sure he thought it was his lucky night.”

“So you really thought I was going to sleep with him?”

He shrugged. “You wouldn’t be the first girl to fall for his act.”

“How rude—” I started to respond, but Anna responded.

“So you’re telling me I chose another loser?” She sighed and sipped her coffee. “Why do I always pick the assholes?”

“Maybe because you jump before you look.”

“Well, you were about to jump too.” She gave me a pointed look.

“Anna.” I gave her a direct and angry look.

“Yes, Lola?” She smiled innocently. “I’m just saying neither one of us is immune to sex gods.”

“Uh huh.” I turned away from her, and I could see Xavier staring at me with a curious expression. “Can I help you?” I asked him in irritation.

“Spend the day with me.”

“What?” I wasn’t sure how to feel by his request. It wasn’t something I had seen coming.

“You speak English, yes? Let’s spend the day together.”

“Why?” I frowned.

“So that tonight doesn’t feel like sex with a stranger,” he whispered in my ear and then laughed as I stared at him in shock. “Or did we get our signals mixed last night?”

“What did he say?” Anna shouted out. “I can’t hear.”

“Anna.” I shot her another look and she grinned back at me. “I think you should leave, Xavier.”

“So that’s a no to spending the day together?” He ran his hands through his damp, dark hair.

“What do you think?”

“I thought you were a girl who didn’t play games.” He raised an eyebrow. “I thought you were a girl who would appreciate a fun weekend, no strings attached.”

“I see.”

“I guess I was wrong?”

I stared at him for a few seconds with my insides bubbling over. I didn’t know what to say. He was right, of course. I wasn’t the sort of girl who would spend a weekend with a strange guy. I’d never had a one-night stand. I’d only slept with one guy before. And he’d been my boyfriend for two years. He was someone I’d thought I’d loved. I’d thought I was going to marry him. Then I’d walked in on him sleeping with two girls from his political science class. He’d said that they wanted to have a threesome, and who was he to say no? I’d been devastated that he had been able to cheat and then act so nonchalant about it. It had made me question everything.

I was entitled to have a wild weekend. What was one wild weekend? Especially if it were with a guy like Xavier. He’d turned me on with a kiss more than my ex had done when we’d made love. It wasn’t like I’d ever see him again. It could be fun. I was entitled to fun after everything.

“Fine.” I licked my lips nervously. “We can hang out.”

“I’m guessing you don’t want me to be third wheel?” Anna spoke up, and I blushed as I remembered she was there. “I’m joking, Lola.” She jumped out of the bed. “I’m going in the shower, then I’m going to Oxford Circus to get some new clothes before Monday.”

“You don’t have to leave right now, Anna,” I called out to her, but she grinned and then winked before walking into the shower.

“I guess your friend wants you to get laid.” Xavier raised an eyebrow at me and my stomach flipped.

“You’re so crude.”

“Am I lying?” he asked softly and then pulled me towards him. “Part of you wishes I’d throw you on the bed right now and take you.”

“Excuse me?” I answered him breathlessly as my panties got wet. He was right, of course. Part of me wanted him to just take charge and take me.

“Your heart is racing.” His fingers pressed down on my wrist pulse. “You’re wondering if we can get away with it. The only thing making you pause is the fact that your friend is in the shower. If it were just us in here, we’d be in the bed already.”

“You wish.” I shook my head and took a step back.

His hands pulled my back towards him, and this time, he pushed me up against him. “I’m not the only one who wishes.” His green eyes glittered down at me as his hands moved to my ass. “I just make my wishes come true,” he muttered before his lips pressed down on mine.

His lips felt soft against mine as he kissed me, and I felt his tongue in my mouth, eagerly caressing mine. My hands found his hair and I kissed him back passionately. He responded by squeezing my butt cheeks with more pressure and pulling me into him. I felt his hardness pressed against me and gasped against his lips.

“Yes, my dear Lola. I’m very ready for tonight.” He grinned and winked at me. “I’m very ready.”


“What would you like to do today?” He smiled at me gently and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling back at him.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“You’re new to London. Yes?”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Anna and I are both new.”

“Your friend Anna is lucky to have you. She is silly to have left with Max.” He shook his head.

“All’s well that ends well.”

“True.” His lips curled up at me. “At least we got to meet.”

“You think that’s a good thing?”

“You were eying me up in the museum, so I’m pretty sure you think it’s a good thing as well.”

“I wasn’t eyeing you up.” I shook my head, my face flushing.

“Okay, you were just admiring my fine physique.”

“I was trying to see if you were one of the artists.” I lied, and he laughed.

“Come, I’m going to take you to Oxford Street and then we can go to Soho and down Carnaby Street.”


“The places with the cute shops.” He grinned. “So you can buy whatever you desire.”

“Oh, I don’t need to shop.” I bit my lower lip. I was on a strict budget and I didn’t want to blow all my money during my first weeks in London.

“I don’t know many women who don’t like to shop.”

“I’m sure you don’t know many women with limited cash flow either.” I laughed and he gave me an odd look.

“Would you like me to take you on a shopping trip?”

“Oh God, no.” I cringed and shook my head vehemently. “I didn’t tell you I was poor for sympathy or anything.”

“I have money.” He pursed his lips together. “I can spend some on you if you wish.”

“No, no.” I stammered feeling embarrassed. “I don’t want you to spend your money on me at all.”

“Surprising.” He paused and turned around. I wanted to ask him what he meant, but frankly I was so excited to be spending the day with him that I ignored the warning bells going off in my head.


His View

I didn’t sleep well. All I could think about was Lola and the way she had kissed me back, so energetically and so sweetly. My dreams were filled with images of her in my bed. On top of me, besides me, underneath me with her legs wrapped around my waist. I woke up at about six a.m. with a hard-on and a scowl. I was annoyed that Lola had gotten to me. I never had dreams about women. I saw them, slept with them and went on with my day. I didn’t have time for games and I wasn’t interested in a relationship.

I knew that I should just go home. I had been staying at the hotel for the past couple of weeks while some renovations were being done on my house, but I knew that I couldn’t leave without seeing her. She had gotten under my skin already. I jumped out of bed and turned on the cold water, trying to ignore the urge to rub one out.

“Get it together, Xavier.” I scrubbed my skin and allowed the cold water to refresh me. I was not going to let this girl to get the better of me.

I left the hotel and went to the corner and bought some coffees and pastries for Lola and Anna. I was going to go to their room, give them some breakfast, get one last glance at Lola and then I was going to leave. I just needed one last glance at her. That was all. She was beautiful, but not the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. I would be able to replace her easily. I could already think of ten other women who would be happy for my call.

I knocked on the door feeling good. Lola was no longer on my mind. And then she opened the door. She looked adorable with her messy hair and face full of makeup. We exchanged some words and I reached out to touch her face. I couldn’t stop myself from touching her. She looked surprised and taken aback by my touch. Her lower lip dropped slightly and I could imagine her taking me in her mouth. I immediately felt myself growing hard. Get it together, Xavier I muttered inwardly. I walked into the room and tried to avoid looking at Lola. Something in me reacted too eagerly to her when she looked at me. Her brown eyes were so honest with their emotions that it unnerved me.

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