“Good morning, Lola.” Xavier’s voice whispered in my ear as he distracted me from my thoughts. “Did you have a good night?”

“I did, thank you. You?” I opened my eyes and peered at him with a shy smile. I was immediately struck by how devastatingly handsome he looked in the morning. He had stubble all across his chin and his hair fell forward and covered his sparkling green eyes. It was so unfair, how could he look so handsome in the morning? I knew that there was no way that I looked like a tousled beauty. I was confident in the fact that my hair was a frizzy mess, my eyeliner was smudged and I most probably had bags under my eyes from lack of good sleep.

“I didn’t sleep well.” He licked his lips slowly. “I had a most unfortunate problem most of the night.”

“Oh?” I frowned. “What happened?”

“The problem lies in what didn’t happen.” He leaned forward and kissed me before grabbing my hand and placing it on his hardness. “I’ve been hard since last night and I haven’t been able to relieve myself of the problem. I kept waking up, wanting to pull your panties down and enter you slowly. I had daydreams of waking you up with my c**k in your pu**y and you crying out in ecstasy and pleasure as I took you in a state of almost sleep. You’d wonder if the bliss you were feeling was a dream or real life and when you finally realized what we were doing was very much real life, I’d have you on the brink of the most intense orgasm of your life. I’ve been contemplating the look on your face as you cried out and gasped as you came. It hasn’t helped relieve me of my hardness.”

“Why didn’t you?” I whispered, my body frozen and my panties feeling wet.

“I wouldn’t do that unless I knew I had your approval and complete trust. I won’t do that until your body belongs to me.”

“Oh.” I gasped as his fingers found my hardening ni**les and pinched them. “What are you doing?”

“I’m touching you.” He grinned. “Or did you not know what the act of one person caressing another was called.”

“Xavier,” I groaned as his fingers made their way down my shirt and to my shorts. His fingers crept inside and slipped into my panties, so that they were rubbing against my slit. “Xavier.” I gasped again and closed my legs, trying to stop him. He grinned at me and the touch of him rubbing me only increased my pleasure. “Xavier.” I groaned and opened my legs and grabbed his wrist.

“Yes.” He grunted, his eyes filled with desire. He pushed a finger inside of me and I stilled. My eyes closed as I felt a wave of pleasure running through my body. “I said, yes, Lola?” He groaned as he moved his finger in and out of me slowly. I was so overcome with pleasure that I couldn’t speak. I didn’t want him to stop. I just wanted to feel him inside of me. I didn’t care if it was his fingers, his tongue or his cock. Every part of him felt fabulous.

Then he pulled his finger out of me and my panties and drew it up to his mouth. I watched as he sucked on it and licked it eagerly. “So wet and tasty, Lola. I guess you’ve been thinking of me as well.”

“No.” I blushed and shook my head.

“We could relieve each other of our misery.” He smiled and winked as he continued to suck on my finger. “I could pull your panties down right now and enter you. I could f**k you hard for a few seconds and make you come. I could flip you onto your stomach and have you screaming out my name as you wondered where your body ended and mine began. I could give you pleasure in ways you never imagined receiving pleasure.” His voice was deep and husky as he seduced me with his words. “But, I won’t. We will wait. We will wait for the perfect moment. And in that moment, neither one of us will be able to resist. Neither one of us will be able to stop. And it won’t matter where we are. It won’t matter who is around us. All that will matter is that we consummate our passion. All that will matter is that I will be inside of you and we will become one as our bodies fuse together in the magic of passion.”

I stared at him with my heart beating fast. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. I just wanted to be with him. I needed to feel him inside of me. I needed to be possessed by him. My head felt light and I was slightly dazed. My whole body was impatiently awaiting his touch and takeover.

“Shall we get ready for breakfast?” He climbed out of the bed and I stared at him in disappointment.

“Will we be eating with your family?” I said after a few seconds.

“Just Tarquin.” He grinned and walked to his closet. “My parents have gone to parliament today. We’ll have breakfast with Tarquin and then we will go shopping.”

“Shopping?” I chewed on my lower lip.

“Tonight my parents are throwing a small dinner party for us. Let me buy you a dress to impress? Please.” His eyes pleaded with me to just let it be. “You, of course, are welcome to buy it, though I daresay you’d rather keep your money for other things.”

“I don’t want you buying me things.” I shook my head. “It makes me feel cheap.”

“We both know you’re not cheap, Lola.”

“It’s just icky. I don’t want any of this to be about what you can buy me.”

“What about I buy the dresses and you wear them, but I will still own them. That way I’m not buying the dresses for you as gifts. You can borrow them.”

“If you’re buying the dresses for you, does that mean that you’ll also be wearing the dresses at some point?”

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