“Wait and see.”

“Fine.” I grabbed the dresses and sighed, though inside I was feeling very very excited. “But what about a dress for the dinner party? Or are you expecting me to wear the polka dot dress again?”

“You could wear anything you wanted to wear and I’d still want to f**k the living daylights out of you.”

“Xavier.” My eyes widened at his vulgar talk. “That’s not appropriate.”

“When will you learn, Lola? I’m the least appropriate man you will ever meet.”

“I think I’ve figured that out already.” I retorted back at him and he laughed. I walked into the changing room, half suspecting that he was going to walk in behind me. I was pleased when he didn’t and I took my clothes off quickly before slipping on the red dress. I stared at my reflection in the mirror and gasped. The V neckline was low. Really low. My br**sts were practically popping out of the dress, though only the swell of them were exposed. I bit down on my lower lip as I realized how close to the nipple the material ended. A wrong turn or move and I’d be popping out. There was also a huge slit in the dress than ran all the way all to my thigh and exposed a lot of leg. The dress was sexy as hell and the red complimented my skin tone, but still, I was unsure.

“Are you ready yet, Lola?” I want to see the dress.

“I guess, hold on.” I sighed and opened the door slowly. I watched Xavier’s eyes widen as I walked out. He stared at me like a wolf stared at a plump juicy pig he was seeing for the first time. I walked towards him and then back again. Xavier’s eyes never left my body and when I stopped in front of him again, he nodded with a small smile on his face.

“This dress will be perfect for tonight.” His voice was throaty and his eyes narrowed as he surveyed me again, with a pleased smile on his face. “In fact, it will be more than perfect.” He nodded. “Now try on the other dress.”

“Why?” I frowned. “If we both like this one.”

“Do not argue with me.” He turned away as the saleswoman approached us. I wondered what she was thinking. She’d been giving me jealous stares since Xavier and I had arrived at the store. I knew she was in disbelief that I was the fiancée. I was the one that had ‘stolen’ the playboy Prince’s heart. I knew she didn’t understand what he saw in me. I could see it in the narrowing of her eyes as I’d walked into the store. She was thinking to herself, what does this girl have that I don’t? How did she catch the heart of the Prince? She didn’t know that the engagement was a sham. Frankly, I wouldn’t have put up with the sham if it wasn’t for the very real chemistry that we had between the sheets. I wanted to experience the intensity of the highs he gave me some more. I wanted to ride the rollercoaster ride he wanted to take me on, only I was scared to admit it. How did you admit to yourself that you wanted a sexual relationship with a man you knew would never be able to commit to you? And how did you have a sexual relationship with a man that you knew in your heart and soul you wanted more from? I’d already made that mistake once. I’d given myself to my college boyfriend, fully thinking he was going to be the one. I’d only ever imagined myself with one man. I’d never been the sort of girl that needed to sow her wild oats. I’d never been the sort of girl that needed multiple men to tell me I was attractive. I’d never been the sort of girl that needed to see what it felt like being with other men. Part of me was glad that it hadn’t worked out with any of my college boyfriends. If it had, I never would have gotten to experience the magnetic attraction and explosions that came with Xavier. Xavier was a man that knew what he was doing. He was a master of pleasure. He was my master of pleasure. I knew that I wanted to experience everything that he was willing to show me. I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Only I didn’t know how to admit it to him or myself out loud.

“Are you okay, Lola?” He touched my shoulder lightly. “You’ve been thinking about something for a long time.”

“Oh, yeah.” I turned around. “Let me try on the other dress.” I hurried into the dressing room again and pulled off the velvet dress. I took the black dress off of the hanger and pulled it on. It fit perfectly and clung to my body. I patted down the skirt and then looked in the mirror. “Oh hell no.” I muttered as I stared at my clearly visible br**sts. There was no way in hell that I was going to wear this dress anywhere.

“I’m waiting to see it.” Xavier’s voice boomed from outside the door.

“I’m not coming out.” I muttered, picturing the sales girls face if she saw me in the dress.


“I said no. There’s no way I’m coming out of the changing room in this dress,”

“Let me come in then.”

“I don’t know.”

“Lola.” He banged on the door. “Let me come in.”

“Hold on.” I sighed and opened the door slowly. Xavier walked in immediately and closed the door behind him.

“Look at me.” He ordered me and I turned around to face him. His eyes fell to my br**sts immediately and he grinned. “Sexy.” He pushed me back up against the wall and pushed himself into me as his fingers ran to cup my br**sts.

“What are you doing?” I groaned as he pinched my nipple.

“What do you think I’m doing?” He pulled me up against the wall and lifted the skirt of the dress up.

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