“Xavier, we can’t.” She gasped as my fingers found her already wet.

“Bang against the wall.” I grinned. “And argue with me.”

“Argue about what?”

“Anything you want.” I groaned as I pushed her back against the door and adjusted myself. “We want people to think we’re arguing.”

“Why?” She moaned as the tip of my c**k presses against her opening.

“Because we don’t want them to know we’re f**king.” I bit down on her neck as I entered her and she screamed out in pleasure. “Hold onto me.” I grunted as I entered her quickly. Her pu**y trembled on my c**k and I groaned as I slammed in and out of her. “Stop arguing with me.” I grunted out and banged the wall and she looked at me in confusion. “Argue with me.” I whispered as I slammed into her again.

“You’re a jerk.” She gasped and clung onto my back, her fingernails sharp through my thin suit.

“When will you listen to me?” I shouted and pulled her ass up to stop her from slipping down. “Fuck, I’m so hard for you.” I groaned into her ear as I increased my pace.

“You need to listen to...” She broke off with a cry. “Oh my God.” She moaned and banged the wall. “Xavier.” She screamed as I pounded into her. I grabbed her arms and pushed them up and held them back. Her legs tightened around me and she shifted and that allowed my c**k to enter her even deeper.

“Do that again.” I grunted as my hands squeezed her br**sts.

“Do what?”

“Move your hips.” I groaned and leaned forward to kiss her. She moved back and forth slightly and my body filled with heat and desire and the feel of her around my hardness. I increased my pace as I felt her pu**y lips trembling. I knew she was about to come. I could tell it from the way her walls were clenching and holding onto my cock. I slammed into her a few more times and she bit down into my shoulder as she came hard and fast. Her juices poured over my c**k as I kept up my pace and within seconds I was coming inside of her, exploding like dy***ite. I pressed myself against her as we both came down from our high, breathing heavily. I grinned at her and then banged the wall.

“Don’t you talk to me like that.” I shouted.

“I’ll talk to you how I like.” She grinned as she shouted back at me and slipped down to the floor.

“I don’t care how you talk to me as long as you let me f**k you like that, whenever I want to.” I whispered into her ear.

“By day I’m acting as your fiancée and by night, you’re treating me as your whore.” She shook her head as she licked her lips and smoothed her dress back down.

“That’s the best of both worlds isn’t it?”

“I don’t know. It’s not something I aspired to in life.” She made a face at me and all I wanted to do was kiss her again.

“That’s a pity then.” I pursed my lips. “Everyone should aspire to have their world rocked at some point.” I smiled at her small intake of breath and the red hue that rose on her face. “I mean, I didn’t see you complaining just now.”

“Ass.” She hissed.

“An ass that wants your ass.” I laughed and opened the door so we could leave the bathroom. There were people outside the door staring at us with curious expressions, but I ignored them and grabbed her hand and walked towards the ballroom. All of a sudden, I felt happier and higher than I had earlier in the day. Now that I’d finally been able to have her again, everything was right with the world. I grinned to myself at the thoughts of the new world I was going to introduce her to. I wasn’t sure that tonight was the right night, but I was very excited to see how she would act once she realized just how deep and dark my kinky side could go.



“We’re going to have so much fun.” Tarquin grabbed my hand as we walked to his car. “I can’t wait for you to meet everyone.”

“I don’t know.” I sighed and yawned. “I don’t feel like anyone is going to like me.”

“What are you talking about? Everyone is going to love you. Everyone wants to meet the girl that stole Xavier’s heart.”

“Uh huh.” I smiled weakly. “I’m not sure I stole much of anything. And no one cared about me much last night.”

“That’s because they’re older. They know how to hide it better.” He laughed. “Trust me they were interested on the inside.”

“If you say so.” I shrugged, thinking about the previous evening. After Xavier and I had made love in the bathroom¸ we’d gone to the ballroom and danced and then I’d been stuck with Tarquin for the rest of the night while he had mingled. I’d felt so self-conscious that I hadn’t gone out of my way to look at or talk to anyone.

“So,” Tarquin changed the subject and opened the door to a cute small red fiat. “I’ve got to know. What made you go for Xavier and not Sebastian?”

“What are you talking about?” I slid into the car and frowned. “I didn’t go for anyone.”

“Well Xavier and Sebastian were both in the class right? Just different roles. And everyone knows Sebastian is much cooler and even more handsome than Xavier. And well, he’s closer to your age. Not that I have a problem with your age, but I’m just so curious. How did you choose Xavier over Seb?”

“I met Xavier before class even started. I had, I mean we had a connection before class even started. He didn’t even know he was going to be my professor.”

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