“Oh.” Tarquin looked at me curiously. “I didn’t know you both met before class started. Sebastian didn’t tell me.”

“You’ve spoken to Sebastian?”

“Of course, we’re best friends.” Tarquin grinned. “Did he not tell you? We grew up together. He wanted me to come to London as well, but I said no way. I felt bad when Aunt Henrietta made him go, but not bad enough to endure the pain and stress of more school.”

“He seemed to be enjoying the class.”

“I’m sure he was faking it for Xavier. He didn’t want Xav reporting back to Aunt Henrietta and getting him into more trouble.”

“More trouble?”

“Sebastian’s not the best student. He’s not dumb, but we like to have fun.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that last term, while we were meant to be studying for finals, we were in Monte Carlo instead.” He laughed. “And let’s just say that he lost about a hundred grand playing craps.”


“Yeah.” Tarquin laughed. “Aunt Henrietta flipped a switch, is that how you American’s say it.”

“I guess so.” I laughed.

“I’m so glad Xavier let you come out with me today. After yesterday I thought he was going to be a punk.”

“What do you mean?” I bit my lower lip, wondering exactly what Tarquin knew.

“Well he was giving every guy that even looked at you death stares and then he said that no one should bother you and that you guys were going to go somewhere afterwards, but I guess you changed your mind. Why were you guys arguing by the way?”

“You heard us arguing?” My face flushed as I thought about our ‘argument’.

“We all heard you guys shouting at each other and banging the wall. I nearly came in to save you.”

“Oh you did?” My heart stopped as I thought about Tarquin coming in.

“Yeah, but decided it was better for me to leave well enough alone. I was glad to hear you telling Xavier what you thought. Too many women just accept everything he has to say because he’s Prince Xavier, heir to the throne.”

“I think they accept it for other reasons.” I smiled. “There is the fact that he’s hot.”

“Ugh, don’t.” Tarquin made a face as he pulled up to a park. “Sebastian and Xavier got all the looks in the family. I got nothing.”

“You’re handsome as well.” I looked at Tarquin and searched his face to see if he was upset.

“Eh, no I’m not, not compared to them. But it’s fine. They got the dark devilish hair and the tall and buff physiques. I’m blonder than blond and skinny like a matchstick. If I wasn’t a Lord, I’d have no women.”

“You’re not skinny like a matchstick.” I stared at his pale white limbs and paused. “I mean you’re not Arnold Schwarzenegger by any means, but you’re not a twig.”

“Are you talking to me baby?” His face deepened as he tried to imitate Arnold. “I’ll be baacccck.”

“Uh okay.” I laughed as we got out of the car. “My best friend Anna loves blond guys, she’d love you.”

“Where is this best friend you speak of?” He grinned. “I need to meet this woman that loves blond guys.”

“She’s in London.” I grinned. “Waiting on me to come back home.”

“Tell her to come over to Romerius.” He said eagerly. “She can come with Sebastian. That way she can fly on the private jet and won’t have to spend money on a ticket.”

“She has class.” I laughed. “And neither one of us has a hundred grand to spend gambling anywhere. We both need to go to class.”

“What are you going to do?” He frowned as he stared at me.

“What am I going to do where?”

“Now that you’re marrying Xavier. Are you going to give up school?”

“Of course I’m not giving up school.”

“How is that going to work then?”

“How is what going to work?” I scratched my head.

“When you’re married, your place will be in Romerius, not in school.”

“That’s not something I’m worried about. We haven’t set a date for the wedding.”

“Oh really?” He looked at me curiously. “Do you not know when you want to get married?”

“I haven’t given it much thought.”

“Maybe you should stick with someone your own age. Sebastian and I are just as eligible.” He paused and I froze wondering if he was coming on to me. “But I guess you have Xavier, so you don’t need us.” He laughed.

“So who are we meeting?” I asked him casually, hoping to change the subject as he was making me feel uncomfortable.

“Just some of my friends and some of Sebastian’s friends as well.”

“Why do you keep mentioning Sebastian?” I frowned as we walked into the gardens. “And do you guys normally hang out at the park?”

“No, we don’t normally hang out at the park. Only when we want to enjoy the sunshine. And I didn’t know that I was mentioning Sebastian a lot. Sorry.”

“Nothing to apologize about.” I followed him through the gate.

“Where did Xavier go today?” Tarquin asked me as he waved to a group of people about ten yards away.

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