“I guess we both don’t understand together.” I offered him a weak smile. I felt my heart softening at the expression on his face. This was vulnerable Xavier, a Xavier I hadn’t seen before.

“It should be easy for me.” He sighed. “Everyone sees me as this man that has it all figured out.”

“Maybe that’s because that’s what you portrayed.”

“Perhaps.” He nodded. “I’m human like everyone else. My feelings get hurt. My heart breaks. My ego becomes bruised. I feel pain. I feel happiness. I feel sadness. I’m confused and I’m also one hundred percent in control of my emotions at any given time.”

“So you’re human then?” I bit my lower lip and sighed. “Why’d you have to go and act all human when I was ready to call you some sort of emotionless robot?”

“You’re unlike every girl I’ve known and met, Lola. We shouldn’t be compatible. We’re from two different worlds, yet somehow this works. Somehow you know just what to say to put me in my place and remind me that I’m not a God.”

“Or a demi-God either.” I added.

“Yes, I’m just a human being.”

“Quite a rude human being as well, you’ve been really quite rude to me.”

“You think so?” He raised an eyebrow at me and smiled.

“I more than think so. You basically insinuated I was a whore.”

“But still I found you in my bed.”

“Only because…” I glared at him and stopped talking.

“Only because you found my body totally irresistible.” He laughed. “You couldn’t keep your hands off me.”

“Yes, I could and can.”

“Fine.” He reached over and ran his hands down the v neck of my dress. “I can’t keep my hands off your porcelain skin. I can feel your heart beating through my fingertips. I want to be inside of you right now.” He leaned towards me. “I want my tongue to be nestled up under your dress where your vibrator sits patiently, ready and waiting to bring you to orgasm whenever I please.”

“You’re obsessed with sex.” I breathed out feeling horny as I imagined him licking up my juices.

“No, my dear Lola. I’m obsessed with you.”


The plane landed about an hour later and a limousine was waiting for us at the private airport.

“Where are we?” I asked curiously as I looked out of the window at the tall dark trees.

“We are in Delmar.”


“It’s a small country that was founded a thousand years ago.”

“It’s not very famous.”

“That’s how Casper and his family like it.”

“Who is Casper?”

“You don’t know Casper?”

“Not unless he’s Casper the friendly ghost.”

“Casper is the Crown Prince of Delmar.” He said softly and my body began to tremble with nerves. How was I going to act around another Prince?

“In fact all the men at the party are Princes. I think I told you that before, did I not?” He continued.

“I’m not sure.” My jaw dropped as we pulled up to a castle on a hill. It looked majestic and scary in the night sky. “Are you sure we’re not in Transylvania?” I asked softly, half-joking.

“No, no.” He grinned. “Casper’s ancestors were really into the gothic look.”

“The castle looks scary.” I said as we got out of the limo.

“Don’t worry, no vampires are going to come out and bite you tonight, though I can’t promise you that no teeth will be in your skin.”

“Xavier.” A loud voice called out to us. I turned around to see who was coming, but could only make out the man’s silhouette.

“Casper.” Xavier’s tone changed and I watched him carefully. “It has been a while since I saw you last.”

“I’ve been busy.”

“So, I’ve heard.” The man stopped in front of us and I gasped as I stared up at his face. He was possibly the most handsome man I’d ever seen in my life. In fact, he was possibly so handsome that he was beautiful. He had the most vibrant blue eyes I’d ever seen and his short blond hair was cropped low. He stood before me in a black tuxedo with a huge smile on his face. He bowed down and then reached for my hand and then kissed it.

“Hello beautiful.” He grinned at me. “I’m Casper.”

“I’m Lola.” I responded and swallowed hard. I could feel Xavier staring at me, but I couldn’t take my eyes from Casper. He had really captivated me and I could feel my heart beating, fast.

“Lola’s with me.” Xavier stepped forward and put his hand around my waist. His fingers pressed into my side and I could feel the tension in the air.

“You always did have good taste.” Casper continued smiling, but his eyes never left my face as he spoke.

“Yes, I have.” Xavier’s tone was dry. “Are we going to go inside?”

“Of course.” Casper nodded. “The party is in full force. You both have your masks?”

“Yes.” I spoke up and pulled the gold mask on so that it was covering my eyes.

“Beautiful.” He smiled and I saw his eyes fall to my br**sts.

“Thanks.” I said back lightly as we walked through the castle doors. My eyes didn’t know where to look as I looked around. There were no lights on in the castle. Every room had hundreds of candles providing light and I could see couples talking and walking around. I wasn’t sure what sort of ball was held by candlelight, but maybe Casper was trying to save money on his electricity bill.

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