“She’s one of the teachers here, so we have to be nice, but most of us girls can’t stand her.”

“She’s a teacher here?” I asked surprised. “Isn’t she dating, Casper?”

“I don’t know. He doesn’t really do much. I’ve never even really seen him kissing anyone.” She shrugged. “He’s a pretty closed-off guy. I think he only goes with the girls that he really really likes.”

“Oh wow.” I felt myself warming inside. What did that mean then? Did he like me? Why had he been flirting with me so hardcore? Did he really think I was beautiful?

“Yeah, he’s a straight-up guy. Some of the guys will try and cop a feel.” She rolled her eyes. “But not Casper.” She sighed. “Most of us wouldn’t mind if it was him.”

“Yeah, he’s really cute, isn’t he?” I pictured his amazingly vibrant blue eyes and then the feel of his warm hand on my leg and blushed.

“Yeah, he is.” Elizabeth giggled. “Though, Prince Xavier is a tall glass of water as well.”

“Yeah, he is.” We sat back and looked at Xavier. He looked so distinguished in his suit. His dark hair was styled perfectly and his suit fit him like a glove. I stared at him as he spoke and I felt my heart turning. I loved this man, with all his flaws and imperfections, yet I knew that he would never commit to me. He just wasn’t interested in a relationship and it killed me inside. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep up the farce and not crack under pressure.

“Richard might not be cute, but he makes up for it in the bedroom.” She laughed. “He’s the best lover I’ve ever had.”

“Oh wow. That’s amazing.” I smiled at her and looked away from Xavier. I wasn’t sure what else to say to her. She was definitely nice, but I knew she wasn’t someone I could confide in.

“Yes, he is.” She leaned towards me. “I’m sure you’re wondering what you got yourself into, but trust me, just go with the flow. The club is a lot of fun. It’s like a pleasure palace. You can learn how to give and receive as much pleasure as you want. And pain.” She giggled.

“Pain?” I frowned. “What?”

“Oh, if you guys go into the bondage rooms, they have some whips and chains and other stuff. And this wheel that spins, that was crazy.”

“Yeah, it sounds it.”

“It’s not all pain.” She smiled at me and stood up. “In fact, the slight pain helps to intensify the pleasure even more. If you have a chance you should go up to that level. It’s exciting.”

“Yeah, I’ll see.” I stood up as well and she gave me a quick hug.

“It was nice meeting you, Lola. Have fun and relax. I think I’m going to take Richard to one of the shows now.” She walked away from me and over to the two talking men. I stood there wondering what show she was talking about and smiled as Xavier approached me.

“Sorry about that.” He apologized as he looked down at me. “Richard and I were just talking business.”

“That’s fine.” I shrugged. “I was talking to Elizabeth. She seems really nice.”

“Yes, she’s a nice girl.” He nodded. “Are you ready for us to go and have some fun?”

“I guess so.” I said as we walked out of the room. “Where are we going?”

“Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know.” I shook my head. “I don’t really know this place well.”

“True.” He laughed. “Follow me, then. I know where we can go.” We walked up another flight of stairs and then down a long dark corridor before we stopped and he pushed open a door. There was a huge bed in the middle and he picked me up and plopped me down on the bed. I looked around the room and then up at him.

“Are you sure this is a good room to be in? It looks as if someone actually sleeps in this room.”

“It’s fine.” He pulled his shirt off and threw it to the ground, before unzipping his pants. “Come here.” He growled as he jumped onto the bed next to me and pulled my dress off. I lay on the bed completely naked and watched as he pulled his briefs off. His c**k was already hard and I moaned as he bent down and took my nipple in his mouth and sucked.

“Xavier.” I cried out as I scratched his back and closed my eyes. It felt so surreal to be in this castle, in this strange room, naked and ready to make love. A part of me was screaming at myself, wondering what I was doing. How could I be here right now? This was so out of my comfort zone it wasn’t funny, but it was so exhilarating and exciting at the same time.

“I’ve wanted to do this all night.” He groaned as he kissed down my stomach and spread my legs open. His mouth found my quivering pu**y and he licked me eagerly and quickly. His tongue entered me as he sucked on my clit and my body trembled as my legs shook on his face. He ate me out eagerly — as if he hadn’t eaten food for a year and this was the best meal he’d ever tasted. I ran my hands to his hair and pulled it slightly as I felt myself coming.

As soon as I’d finished having my first orgasm, Xavier kissed back up to my lips and then reached down and grabbed a piece of material from the floor.

“I want you to wear this as I f**k you.” He muttered in my ear. “Or rather as you f**k me.”


“I want you to ride me.” He groaned as he tied the material around my face covering my mask so that I couldn’t see. I sat up and I was about to straddle him, when he grabbed my hips.

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