“Oh?” I looked up at his handsome face as we left the room and remembered what Elizabeth had said about him not dating much.

“You’re so beautiful and kind.” He put his arm around my shoulders and rubbed my back. “You deserve better than Xavier Van Romerius.”

“I don’t understand why he just left me there and went to talk with her.” I said angrily as he led me down a hallway. “Where are we going?”

“To my room so you can put on some clothes and relax.” His fingers were now rubbing my lower back and I wondered if I was making a mistake. “Here we are.” He opened a door and then closed it. “Have a seat on the bed and I’ll see what I can find for you to wear.”

“Thanks.” I smiled at him and sat down and looked around the room. “This is your bedroom?” I frowned as I recognized it from my night with Xavier.

“Yes, why?”

“No reason.” I bit down on my lip, wondering if this was part of Xavier’s game as well.

“Are you okay?” Casper sat on the bed next to me and ran his fingers across my stomach. “Would you like me to give you a massage to relieve some stress?”

“No.” I shook my head, feeling tears of confusion ready to fall.

“It might help.” He sat behind me and I felt his palms on my shoulders massaging me. I closed my eyes and let him work his magic as we sat there in the silence. It felt good and I just needed to take my mind off of what had happened.

“I’m so embarrassed.” I groaned as I sat there. “I can’t believe I just gave everyone a striptease.”

“The best part was when you played with yourself.” He whispered into my ear. “And you shouldn’t be embarrassed about that. That was the best part.”

“Don’t.” I groaned, remembering everything. “I don’t want to think about it.”

“Maybe I can think of a way to help you feel better.” He stopped massaging me and I felt his lips on my neck.

“What are you doing?” I frowned as he reached his hands around to cup my br**sts over my bra.

“You know Violeta and Xavier are most probably in a closet f**king right now.” His fingers slipped under my bra and squeezed my ni**les. “Why shouldn’t we have some fun as well?”

“I can’t do that.” I pulled away from him and stood up. “I’m sorry. You’re handsome but I can’t.”

“What about if it was more than just me then?” He stood up and I stared at him in confusion.

“What do you mean?” I frowned at him and heard the door open. I turned around to see who was there and I gasped.

“You.” My jaw dropped as a new man walked into the room with a small smile and locked the door behind him.

“Are you ready to have some fun?” He grinned at me and I stared back at him in shock, my heart beating fast. I felt Casper’s hand rubbing my ass and I swallowed hard as he pulled me into his arms. I looked up at him for a second, unsure of what I should do. A part of me believed that Xavier was still in love with Violeta and wanted to be with her. Maybe Casper was right and they were f**king right now. If that was true then what was stopping me from sleeping with Casper?


His View

“Violeta, I know what you sent Lola.” My voice was angry as I shouted at her. “And I know that you’re most probably behind that little stripping stunt.” I banged my fist against the wall behind her and she flinched.

“You know you’ve missed me.” She reached for my c**k and I yanked her hand away.

“Do not touch me.” I glared at her. “It is over and it’s been over. I do not care about you.”

“You want to be with me.” Her eyes narrowed and I could see the evil in her eyes.

“Violeta, you were nothing but a f**k buddy to me. You had your fun and then you f**ked Casper. You’re the lowest of the low. The fact that you would cheat on me with my cousin shows me that.” I shook my head and laughed. “All this time, I’d been so angry and insulted, but I see you for who you really are. Yes, you’re beautiful and yes we had hot sex, but it meant nothing to me.” I shook my head as it hit me. “But thank you, it’s because of you that I realize that I have a relationship with the best girl in the world. It’s because of you that I realize that I love Lola.” My heart started beating rapidly as I realized the truth of my words. I loved her. I loved her and I’d nearly lost her.

“I have to go and tell her how I feel.” I shook my head and stepped back from a dazed looking Violeta. “Thank you for making me realize how stupid I’ve been. I’ve been judging Lola since day one because of something you did. I realize I was wrong. She is beautiful inside and out. She would never cheat on me. She has integrity. She sees through the likes of someone like Casper. Lola is my gem. The jewel of my heart. She’s the one I’m meant to be with. I know I can trust her with my heart.” With that I spun around and headed out of the room. I needed to find her and apologize. I needed to tell her how wrong I’d been about everything. I needed her to know that I wanted this engagement to be real.

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