Once I was naked, I climbed onto the bed and covered her body with my own. “Fuck,” I groaned when I lowered onto her, and our skin sizzled as it touched. After another deep, wet, tongue-thrusting kiss, I began to work my way down, kissing and licking every inch I encountered. I spent some time on her nipples, working her into a frenzy, then continued on but stopped when I reached her belly.

The kisses I placed there were reverent. “I can’t wait to see you swollen and full with my baby, honey,” I breathed. My hips pressed into the bed, trying to gain some relief from the building pressure in my groin.

Finally, I ended my exploration of her body as I settled between her legs, my mouth hovering over her glistening pussy. I could feel the heat from her sex bathing my face as I leaned down to lick up the center. “So wet,” I mumbled. “So sweet.”

“Harrison?” Facility’s voice was thick with desire, but it was also tinged with trepidation. I lifted my head and gazed into her purple depths.

“Do you trust me?” She nodded immediately and my cock jumped, dragging a ragged groan from my chest. I loved that she’d instinctively put her trust in me. “I’ll take care of you, honey. Just feel and let yourself go.”

I held her stare as I returned to her pussy and began to lick and bite her nether lips, then plunged my tongue inside her like I would be doing with my cock later. She was breathing erratically, and her hips started to buck up into my mouth spurring me on. I carefully avoided her clit until she was crying and begging for me to let her come.

“What do you want, honey?” I growled.

“Please let me come!”

“Tell me how, Felicity,” I urged. I’d been dreaming of hearing dirty talk fall from her pouty lips. “Tell me exactly what you want me to do.” My tongue circled her clit again, avoiding the stiff nub.

“Suck—um—suck on my clit,” she whispered hesitantly.

“Good girl.” I did as she asked and she splintered apart at my fist deep pull. I kept up my ministrations until her shudders started to lessen. Then I crawled up her body, leaving lingering kisses along my path.

“That was amazing,” she whimpered.

“I love watching you come in my mouth, honey. Tasting the flood of your juices.” Her body started to vibrate. It was clear that she enjoyed when I said filthy things to her, and I had no fucking strength left to hold back.

“Now I want to see you come with my cock buried deep inside your pussy.” Her legs stiffened for half a second before falling completely open. “Do you like the thought of that, my dirty girl?’ I purred as I rubbed my tip through her folds. “You want me to fuck you hard or sweet?”

Her lips pinched, and her flushed skin pinkened even further. “Hard,” she whispered.

“What, honey?”

She cleared her throat, and her eyes glinted with determination. It was sexy as fuck. “Hard. I want you to fuck me hard.”

“I’ll always give you anything that is within my power to give you, Felicity. You only need to ask.”

With one smooth thrust, I planted myself balls deep into her pussy. I felt my tip bump her cervix even as her walls squeezed the fuck out of my cock. I snatched her wrists and shoved them above her head until I could wrap them around the wooden spindles of my mahogany headboard. “Hold tight, honey.”

She grasped them, her knuckles whitening with the effort. Then I glided my hands down her arms, over her shoulders, and on to cup her tits. Massaging them, my hips began to move slowly in and out, in and out. I kissed her fiercely as I plucked and twisted her nipples until she was writhing beneath me.

Dragging my hands over her skin, I got to her thighs and lifted her legs to my shoulders as I got to my knees. Then I palmed her ass and held it firmly as I began to speed up my thrusts until I was pounding in and out.

Felicity cried out with every drive, her hips coming up to meet each one. My spine started to tingle, and the muscles in my groin tightened. I was losing the battle to hold out. Reaching between us, I circled her clit with my index finger a few times, then pinched it hard as I slammed in one last time. She screamed, and I roared her name as my orgasm barreled through me like a freight train. I started pumping again as jets of come filled her pussy, working us both all the way through until we dissolved into a heap of tangled arms and legs.

Chapter 8


A week after seeing the positive result on the pregnancy test, I was starting to come to terms with the fact that I was carrying Harrison’s baby. When he’d told me that I’d be ready when the time came, I’d assumed it wouldn’t be right away. Heck, even he’d thought it wouldn’t be until my birthday. But life has a way of throwing curve balls at you. Luckily, I was starting to think we were going to knock this one out of the park. As a team, with Harrison by my side, just like he’d said he would be. He’d even given up on sleeping separately and moved me into his room. I hadn’t bothered to argue since it was really what I wanted, too.

The only time we weren’t together was when I was in school. That’s when I had to pull my shit together and make it through the day all on my own. Some days were easier than others, and this was one of the worst because my nausea suddenly decided not to be an early morning problem anymore. As I walked into the cafeteria for lunch, the scent of whatever the heck they were trying to pass off as decent food hit my nose. That was all it took to set my stomach off.

I swiveled on my heel and ran for the closest restroom. I didn’t pay attention to who else was in there as I scurried into an empty stall, slammed the door shut, and dropped to my knees. While I emptied my stomach, I cringed at the thought of all the germs surrounding me. The floor, the toilet seat...it made me retch even harder. I was beyond empty when I shakily got to my feet again. I waited a minute or two after I flushed, to make sure I was done, before I pushed the door open and rushed towards the sinks. I couldn’t wait to wash my hands and face. I almost moaned in relief when I squirted several pumps of soap onto my hands and lathered them up. I was so happy to feel clean again that I didn’t notice the person standing three sinks down from me until she stomped over and stuck her nose in my business.

“Did you just puke?” Carrie asked.

I met her eyes in the mirror and nodded, and quickly looked back down when they narrowed suspiciously. “You look different.”

“New outfit,” I mumbled, hoping she would accept the weak explanation and move on.

“No, it’s not the clothes,” she drawled. “Although they’re nicer than anything else I’ve ever seen you in before.”

Dang it. Carrie could be like a dog with a bone when she was curious about something. I really didn’t need her asking too many questions, which meant I’d better give her enough information so she’d leave me alone.

“Yeah, they moved me out of the group home, and the new place is really big on making sure I’ve got everything I need.”

“I bet, since it also comes with a guy who picks you up in an assortment of expensive cars,” she snarked. “Did my little miss goodie two-shoes foster sister go out and find herself a sugar daddy?”

Crap. I straightened my spine as I turned to face her. “Don’t be ridiculous, Carrie.” I resented her characterization of my relationship with Harrison.

“It’s only ridiculous if it isn’t true,” she sing-songed. “What was it? Did the group home scare you so much that you finally decided to give up the V-card and buy yourself a place to live once you turn eighteen and don’t have anywhere else to go?”

I felt my face heat at the reference to my V-card and cursed the fact that I blushed so easily when Carrie’s ey

ebrows flew upward. “Holy shit, Felicity! I was only joking, but that’s exactly what you did, isn’t it?”

“No, what you were doing was being a bitch,” I muttered.

“You aren’t denying it, though,” she pointed out. “Which means it’s totally true. You aren’t a virgin anymore.”

“I don’t want to talk about this with you, and there’s absolutely no reason why I should. I’m not your foster sister anymore because your parents kicked me out of your home for doing something you’ve done a million times before.”

“Yeah, but I was smart enough not to get caught.” Her eyes drifted to my chest, over to the bathroom stall I’d exited, and back to my face again. The calculating gleam in her eye scared the crap out of me. “And I was also smart enough to not get knocked up. But not you...you ended up pregnant the first time you dropped your panties, didn’t you?”

“Shut up, Carrie,” I hissed. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, I think I do.” She rubbed her hands together like she was excited. “This is...perfect. I can’t wait until the parental units come home from work, and I get to share this juicy piece of news with them. They’ll feel vindicated in their decision, which will make them happy. And we both know that when my parents are happy, they’re much more generous and lenient with me.”

“You can’t!” I cried. If she told her parents, they’d call my case worker and that would be the beginning of the end for Harrison and me.

“Sure I can, and there isn’t a single thing you can do to stop me.”

“I’ll lose everything,” I tried to reason with her.

She lifted a shoulder like she couldn’t care less about the trouble her actions would make for me. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, considering the things she’d pulled in the past, but somehow it still did. “Not my problem.”

She twirled around and was gone before I caught my breath from the impact her words had on me. My hands were shaky as I dug in my backpack for my cell phone. “Crap,” I mumbled as I fumbled with it. It was a new one, with all the bells and whistles because Harrison insisted I deserved the best. As much as I loved it when he gave it to me, I missed my old one right now when every second counted. I finally managed to pull up his number and lifted the phone to my ear. I didn’t have to wait long. It only took one ring before Harrison picked up.

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