He nodded. “We have to talk.”


“I’ll pick up the kids and meet you at your place.”

“Okay. The school knows you can pick them up. I put your name and details on their personal information.”


“Not under dad?”

“No.” She shook her head, and hated that sadness she saw in his gaze.

“Okay then.”

He left the shop, and she wondered if he realized how much he took of her with him. Pushing those thoughts to the back of her mind, she focused on the now and cleaned up the mess. By the time June got to the shop, she was drying the last of the baking tins.

“Wow, talk about forgetting,” June said, entering the kitchen and tying an apron around her large waist.

Molly remembered being that big, and struggling, the big bulge seeming to be a beacon for every person’s hand. In high school, her stomach was like it had some disease. No one went near her.

Being on the end of the cheering squad’s bullying had been eye-opening for her. It had only been for a couple of months, but it lasted long enough for her to be happy that she never got involved with their vicious games. She didn’t believe in bullying, and never liked it.

“Dale was here,” she said.

Every single day was getting harder, and she hated that.

“Oh, is everything all right?”

“You mean arguing with Dale because I’ve decided not to marry him, or to tell the town?”

“You’re not going through with it?” June asked.

She shook her head. “I don’t know. He’s great with the kids, and everything seemed so … fine.”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s me, I think. I just … he doesn’t want to have this life. I heard him in high school. He didn’t want kids or to be forced into a life he didn’t want. I don’t want him to marry me, be the father of my kids, if it’s not what he wants. What if he turns into that grumpy old guy that blames me for ruining his life?” she asked.

“You tell me, and if I can’t kick his ass, I’ll ask Trey to.”

She laughed along with her friend. They both knew it was impossible.

“You ever thought that maybe he loves you and he wants to be with you and the kids?”

Molly shrugged. “I don’t know. I really don’t.”

“You know what I think?” June asked.


“That you and Dale need some time alone where you can get to know one another.”

“That’s never going to happen.”

“Why not? Trey and I can take care of the kids. It’ll be no trouble.”

She moved up to June’s side. “Don’t stress about anything. We’ll be okay.” She rubbed June’s stomach, wondering if it was indeed possible.


“Are you going to pay me for a new carpet?” Trey asked.

Dale looked at the carpet where he was pacing, and staring out the window across the street.

While June fixed the brownie problem, he watched as his woman finished fixing up the shop, hanging up the new signs, and stuff like that.

“She keeps saying no, and it’s driving me crazy,” he said.

“Molly still giving you the runaround? I thought you dealt with that.” Trey finished organizing his inks, and finally came toward him.

“I thought I did, but then I got the call to say it’s off, and she handed me back my damn ring.” He even had it in his pocket, and was determined that before he died at least, she’d wear it, and that they’d walk down the aisle.

He’d thought it would be easy to get Molly in his life, and that he wouldn’t have to worry about chasing her around, and yet she was being the hardest, most stubborn woman he’d ever met.

Running fingers through his hair, he stepped up to the window and watched as she bent over to finish writing whatever it was that she needed to on the board. He loved looking at her ass.

Molly had always been a beauty. In the last couple of years, after Luke, she’d also gained some weight, and her curves were more prominent now than ever before.

When she agreed to go with him on a date in high school, he’d honestly thought he hit the jackpot with her. A lot of the guys wanted to know all about her, but she was the only one he’d kept a secret.

In the locker room they’d all crowded around him, asking if she was the shit in the sack, and he’d not said a word. Their night together had been the most precious thing of all. They’d not talked about school at all. Instead, they discussed their futures, what they wanted to be, and talked about a television show they’d been watching at the time, and he couldn’t even remember what it was. He’d loved hearing her laugh.

She hadn’t put out that night, and he hadn’t cared.

They’d gone on several more dates, and when they finally had sex, it had been one of the most beautiful experiences of his life. He’d also known he was the only guy she’d been with. He’d not made a big deal out of the experience because she’d not either. She’d been his first and only virgin, and the moment he’d filled her, he’d truly believed that he’d fallen in love.

Of course, everything had gone to shit after that, and now he’d fathered two children, and his woman refused to belong to him.

They were right together. He knew that, and so did she. Whenever they were alone, they tended to end up naked, and being inside her was the best feeling in the world for him.

“She’s sure making you fight for it,” Trey said.

“What’s up, bitches?” Max said, entering the tattoo parlor. “Oh, wait, do you want me to leave so you can keep more secrets from me?”

“Are you ever going to get over that?” Trey asked.

“Not yet, I’m not.” Max took a seat in the waiting area. “Well, why are you two miserable?”

“Molly won’t marry Dale, or give him the time of day, and it’s pissing him off.”

Max laughed. “I’m not surprised.”

Dale glared at his other friend. There were times he was curious as to why he even tried to remain friends with the bastard. Max had a way of really pissing him off. They’d been roommates up until recently when Dale no longer wanted to see his friend’s naked ass as he screwed so many women.

He’d not been a great guy, but Molly belonged to him. He loved her more than anything, and he’d done the running away. It wasn’t going to happen anymore.

“What the hell do you mean by that?” Dale asked.

“Don’t you remember in high school?” Max looked at both of them. “Surely you’ve put two and two together and actually come up with four?”

“Why don’t you be the genius then and spell it out to us?” Trey said.

Max sighed. “I’d say the reason Molly doesn’t want to marry you is because of what you’ve said.”

“What the hell did I say?” Dale was confused.

“Something along the lines that you never wanted to be tied down with kids and a wife. Something had hit the news about a young couple expecting twins and getting married, and some shit. Everyone was watching it and talking about it. You flipped. Said there’s no way someone was trapping you. If I recall, Molly left the dining hall, and not long after that, it began circulating that she was pregnant.” Max shrugged. “Had no idea then you were the asshole who knocked her up. Out of the entire cheerleading squad, she was the only one I actually liked.”

Dale glared, taking a step toward him.

“Not like that, asshole. Molly was nice. She was sweet and kind, and she wasn’t like the other cheerleaders. Just as well, really, the way they all turned their backs on her, calling her a whore and a skank.”

“What?” Dale asked. Even Trey stepped up beside him, asking the same question.

Max laughed. “You mean you two don’t know? Wow. One of the reasons I stopped fucking the cheer squad was the fact I had to listen to what they said to her. I was screwing one of the blondes on the team, don’t know her name. We were in the girls’ bathroom, fooling around. I heard the cheer squad come in, and not long after, Molly came in, too. The shit they said to her. I waited until I was sure Molly was done on the toilet before I left the bitch I intended to fuck. I made sure to escort Molly to class as well.”


didn’t like this. “I had no idea.”

“Dude, you were still screwing around as if it was your favorite hobby. I had no idea that kid was yours, or I’d have beaten the shit out of you myself. There’s nothing between Molly and me. Never has been. But why would I mention it to you, Dale? I didn’t even know that kid was yours or anything, or that you’d parted on bad terms.” Max leaned back, arms outstretched on the sofa.

This latest revelation made a lot of things clear to Dale. He’d not wanted to be tied down to a life he didn’t want. Kids, marriage; the whole idea had scared him. Learning that Molly was pregnant, that she didn’t want him, he’d felt that rejection, and like an asshole he’d lashed out, sleeping with every single girl that would have him.

He’d been a disgusting fuck.

“I love her,” he said, looking at his two best friends. “How do I prove to her that I’m not going to back down or give up?”

“So don’t,” Max said. “Molly’s a stubborn woman, but she’s got a big heart. Prove to her you won’t back down, and she’ll be yours before you know it.”

“Since when do you give relationship advice?” Trey asked.

“Since my two asshole friends can’t figure out how to keep their women and need help. I screw around, but at least I’ve not left anyone hurt and broken, unlike you two.” Max sighed. “I feel like I’m on a roll. Ask me anything.” He looked at Dale. “Did you know she struggled with Sasha’s pregnancy and Luke’s?”


“Yep. Always sick and ill. It’s why she was always pale. I bought her steaks and kale, hoping to increase her iron intake.” Max shrugged.

“Why are you telling me this?” Dale asked, staring at his friend, feeling each little tidbit of advice like a stab to the heart.

Max stood up and stepped over to him. “You may have kept me out of your little secret, but that never once stopped me being your friend. You love Molly, I can see that. I also know she’s been crushed one time too many by you. I had no idea who broke her heart. Now that I know it was you, I know what you’re up against. You broke her heart. First you’ve got to repair that, and then you’ve got to make her fall in love with you. Are you up to that challenge?”

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