“A couple of minutes.”

“Just a couple of minutes?” she asked.

“Maybe a few hours. I forget. I don’t sleep well.”

“You were watching me sleep?”



“I think you’re a very pretty woman, and I like watching you sleep.” He cupped her ass, drawing her close. Pressing his lips to hers, he liked the feel of her body against his. Someone knocked on the door of their hotel room, and she groaned. “I may have also ordered room service to arrive at this time.”

He moved her toward the bathroom, closing the door, as he grabbed the blanket, wrapping it around his waist. Opening the door, he allowed the guy to wheel in the cart. It was nothing overly fancy as he couldn’t afford too much, but it was enough to make them both feel pampered. He gave the guy a tip, closing and locking the door behind him.

Aria stepped out of the bathroom.

The scents of waffles and bacon filled the air.

“You hungry?”


“Let’s share breakfast.” This was another of his firsts. He’d shared breakfast with the guys, as well as June and Molly, but they didn’t count. They were not available women, and he had no interest in them whatsoever.

“You thought of everything.”

“This is our vacation.”

“What did Trey say to you?” she asked, as she took a sip of her coffee.

“I have absolutely no idea.” He shrugged. Cutting into a slice of bacon, he took a bite, loving the salty sweet taste from the maple syrup. Next, he tried a fluffy waffle, and he was in heaven. Of course, what made his meal even more tasty was the view before him. Aria hadn’t changed into any clothes. They were both completely naked. Aria put a grape in her mouth, sipping at her coffee in between. “How are you feeling today?”

“I feel good. No soreness.”

“Are you feeling horny?”

“I don’t think we should discuss this over breakfast.”

“It’s the best time to discuss it.”

“Maybe we should head home?” she asked. “They’re clearly worried about you.”

“Why hasn’t your cell phone gone off?”

“I turned mine off when I arrived. I’ve shut down all communication with the outside world.”

Max reached out, grabbing his cell phone, and did exactly the same thing. “Done. We’re both here. My friends don’t need me, and if they do, it can wait until it’s something of real importance. Now try some waffle.” He made sure there was plenty of maple syrup and that some of it dropped onto her body. As it did, she let out a gasp. “Don’t touch it.” She went to wipe it off her body, but he had special plans for her.

Getting up from his chair, he pulled hers away from the small table and leaned forward, licking the droplet of maple syrup from her chest.

“I see,” she said.

“It tastes even better.” He put more syrup on his fingers and moved it across her nipple before taking it into his mouth, sucking on the hardened bud.

She gasped. “That feels good.”

“It’s going to feel a lot better.” Drawing her to the edge of the chair, he put some maple syrup on the insides of her thighs, licking the delicate flesh before staring at her pussy. She was wet, and he saw how much she was aroused.

He didn’t need maple syrup to lick her.

His mouth was already watering.


Max lifted Aria’s legs up so that she was spread open, and the angle made it hard for her to hide or to close her legs, especially with his hard shoulders between them.

Cupping her thighs, his hands slid down to her pussy, spreading the lips open. She watched him as he held her exposed. His tongue trailed down her pussy, plunging inside her before drawing up to stroke over her clit.

He’d made her wait last night. After their bath, he hadn’t touched her, and they’d talked. She hadn’t thought they would be able to talk for so long and about so much, and yet, they had, until she fell asleep.

There was more to Max than she thought possible. Yes, he loved to fuck and to date women, but that wasn’t all he was. He was so much more, only he tried to hide it. In the past couple of days, she had asked Molly and June questions about Max, trying not to give the game away. She wasn’t going to deny that she was intrigued; she was. How could she not be? The memory she had of him was in complete contradiction to the person she knew him to be now. There was more to his story.

June didn’t really have much else to add, but Molly, Molly had painted an entirely different picture about the man she knew. She told her about how he took care of her, and was always there for her when Dale wasn’t. Max was that person. The reliable one. The one Molly said was sweet and kind. It was hard for her not to look at him and think differently. She couldn’t keep judging him about what he did when they were younger. This was why his friends adored him. On the surface, he looked shallow and he liked to act it, but the truth was far different.

He helped his friends all the time. She knew this from experience with how he helped to bring Dale and Molly together finally.

“Put your hands at the back of your head. You’re not allowed to touch.”

She held the back of her head, waiting.

He put a finger inside her, and she gasped but stayed perfectly still. Her tits felt incredibly heavy. He put a second finger in. It did feel tight, but his cock was bigger. When he added in a third finger, she moaned his name, closing her eyes.

“No, I want you to look at me. Those eyes are to stay on me. All on me.”

She kept her gaze on him and didn’t look away.

He worked his fingers in and out of her pussy. “Does this hurt?” he asked.

“No.” None of it hurt. It felt so good, so incredibly good.

He plunged them inside her, and his thumb teased against her clit. She felt her body tighten, and the pleasure was so good.

Max stopped, pulling his fingers from her. She watched as he licked them with a moan. “The maple syrup is not as good as your sweet cunt.”

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