He took her arms, pulling her close. “What would you like to happen?”

“I don’t know.”

“One weekend is not going to be enough to give you everything you want, Aria.”

“So, you’re wanting more than a weekend?”

“How about we take it one day at a time? Will that work? We’ll keep our agreement with each other secret.”

“Fuck buddies?”

“Yeah, fuck buddies.” He kissed her lips. “Whatever you want, you come to me, and whatever I want, I come to you.”

She didn’t like how much she enjoyed the sound of that.

“I can handle that,” she said.

“Good, but you can’t go on any dating site, ever. For as long as this agreement is in place, you’re mine. I don’t share.”

“Am I supposed to share?”

“Do you want to share?” There were times she didn’t think she liked him all that much.

“No, I don’t want to share. You also get tested. I don’t need to get tested. I’m clean.”

“I know, but you get on the pill or the shot.”


“That’s right. I get tested and come back clean, you will be mine, and I’m not wearing a condom. You either get on the pill, or you get knocked up. Either way works for me.”

“I can’t even believe you’re saying that.”

“What? I’m a guy. I’ve got needs, and kids are cute. You want to be my baby momma?” He was kissing her before she could scream at him, which she really wanted to do. Maybe after he’d finished kissing her and giving her an orgasm, she’d start screaming.

Chapter Seven

“You know, you could call in sick?” Max asked, reaching out to stroke Aria’s back.

“No, I can’t do that. They count on me.”

“Yeah, but I have needs.”

“You keep talking about these mad needs.” She chuckled, looking over her naked shoulder at him. “I’m starting to wonder if they’re serious or something you made up?”

“My needs are serious.” He moved so that she was between his legs. His hard cock pressed against her back. He wasn’t ashamed by his need for her. “You feel him. He wants you again.”

“I don’t think we should.”

“Did you know thinking is totally overrated? I have it on good authority that thinking is not good for anyone.”

She giggled, leaning back. He had a good view of her impressive tits. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he touched her, cupping the mounds before pinching the nipples. She gasped.

“You have such sensitive nipples, and I just know they want me, Aria. They want me to suck on them.”


“Tell me what you want? We’ve got time before you have to go to work.”

She hadn’t even started to get dressed yet, and he wanted her. When she was at work, he wanted her thinking of nothing but him.

“I want you.”

He slid his hand between her thighs. “Spread them for me. Let me touch you.”

“Max, please.”

“I know what you want, and don’t worry. I’m going to give it to you.”

She cried out as he stroked over her swollen clit. She gasped, and he saw her sink her teeth into her lip. He wasn’t having any of that.

“Let me hear you scream my name. I want to hear it, Aria. I want to hear every single little sound you’ve got to make. Lift your legs up onto the bed.” He shuffled back so she had the room, spreading her open. Sliding his fingers between her thighs, he told her to look down, to watch as he teased her. He lifted his fingers up for her to see. “You’re so wet, and it’s all for me.”

“Don’t stop.”

“I have no intention of stopping.” He plunged two fingers into her tight pussy and relished the cry she gave as he began to thrust in and out of her. He wanted so much for it to be his cock, but he was going to have to wait. He wanted her to come first before he fucked her.

Her hands were fisted in the bed sheet as he stroked her. Sliding his fingers up to circle her clit, he moved down, slowly bringing her closer to that peak where he wanted to plunge her over the edge.

Kissing her neck, he licked over her pulse before biting her flesh. The moment his teeth touched her, she cried out, arching against his touch, hungry for more.

“I can’t wait to fuck you. Your pussy is so wet. I’d be able to fuck you now.”

“I want it. Please, I want you, Max.”

“I love it when you beg me for something. It makes me want to give it to you.”

“Don’t keep me waiting.” She moaned, but he refused to budge. He wanted her completely lost on a sea of pleasure.

In and out he fucked her before teasing her clit, and going back down again to work her body. Her pussy was so wet that the sounds of just how aroused she was filled the room.

Thrusting two fingers inside her, he used his thumb, feeling her body change as she began to build to her orgasm. She shook with it, and

as he pushed her over the edge, he held her tight against him, working his fingers so her orgasm prolonged.

He stopped the moment she couldn’t take any more, but he wasn’t going to not taste her. Sucking his fingers into his mouth, he swallowed her down, wanting nothing more than to push his face against her wet cunt.

Instead, he moved back, taking her with him, guiding her over him so she straddled his waist. Gripping his cock, he lined the tip with her entrance. She held his shoulders, but he stopped her.

“Shit! Fuck. We need a condom.”

Aria groaned. “Where is it?”

“In my pants.”

She climbed off him, and he watched her as she bent over, going into his pocket to grab the condom.

“Do you always carry these with you?” she asked.

“Not always.”

She tore into the packet, moving toward the bed, and holding the latex in her grip. “You want to tell me how to put this on.”

He took the condom from her, pinching the tip and sliding it on. “I don’t have the control for you to take over and to do this.”


Max took her hand, getting her back into position. When he slid inside her, they both cried out. Her hands were back on his shoulders, her nails sinking into his flesh but it felt so good.

He held her hips and showed her what he wanted.

She cupped his face, kissing him hard. He stroked one hand up her back, holding the back of her head as he kissed her back. She was fucking everything, and feeling her tight heat wrapped around his cock, he was right exactly where he wanted to be.

Aria broke from the kiss and rocked on his cock, taking him deep.

He wanted her to come all over his cock, so he slid his hand between them, stroking her clit, watching her as she worked her pussy. He had to count sheep so he didn’t come too soon. He’d already given her one orgasm, and he watched her come apart as he pushed her into a second.

This one set him off, and he came hard, filling the condom as her cunt pulsed around him.

She collapsed over him kissing his chest. “That is worth being late for.”


Max pulled off his helmet and wiped the sweat off his brow.

“Are you coming to Trey’s tonight?” Dale asked.

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