One of his hands left her hips, and he stroked her asshole again. At first, she tensed up, still not accustomed to the feel of him touching her there. With his other hand, he moved between her thighs, teasing her clit.

“You make me want to do a lot of dirty things to you. Come on my cock, Aria. Let me know just how dirty you can be with me.”

She screamed his name as her orgasm took her completely off guard. It was intense, and with his cock inside her, she always felt fuller. Max didn’t give her the chance to finish coming. He began to fuck her harder, both of his hands returning to her hips, slamming to the hilt. She gripped the sofa tightly to stop herself from being thrown over it. There was no chance of that with how Max held her. He kept her in place as he took the pleasure he wanted, and when he came, she felt every single pulse and jerk of his cock as he filled the condom.

Afterward, he kept the blindfold on her, but he didn’t pull out of her immediately. His lips grazed her neck. “You’re going to be the death of me, woman.”

“I hope not. I was looking forward to round two.”

Chapter Eight

Two weeks later

Sitting in the booth with June, Trey, Dale, and Molly, Max glanced around the bar, seeing plenty of available women, but none of them appealed. Not even a little bit. Dale and Trey kept on pointing them out, but there was only one woman he was waiting for.

He’d gotten his results from the clinic and he was all clean, just as he knew he would be. Aria had also been taking the pill for two weeks. What Aria didn’t know was their first night together back from their weekend, the condom she’d rolled onto his dick, had split. She didn’t know because he hadn’t told her.

After they had sex on her sofa, he’d carried her through to her bedroom before going to the bathroom. He’d see the evidence as his cum had leaked right out of the slit. Her nail must have caught on it or something, but he hadn’t told her.

He’d not told anyone as their relationship was super-secret.

“What about that guy at the bar? You think she’d go with him?” June asked.

“I don’t think Aria even knows what she will go for,” Molly said.

At Aria’s name, he looked at the table. Both of the women were looking at the bar. He saw who they were looking at and snorted. “She wouldn’t go for that kind of guy.”

“You’re an expert on who Aria would and wouldn’t date?” June asked.

He held his hands up. “I’m not an expert on anything.”

“You still trying to get her to forgive you?” Dale asked.

“I’m not trying anything.”

“There’s a chick right there, Max, for you,” Trey said. “She has been giving you the eye since you came in.”

“Your wife like that fact you can point that out?” Max asked, looking at June.

June laughed. “I know for a fact he loves me and only me. I’m secure in my relationship.”

“You’ve not told me about any of the women you’ve been with lately. Are you ill?” Dale asked, pressing the back of his hand against his forehead.

Max swatted his hand away. “I’m tired and busy.”

“That’s never stopped you before. You’re the kind of guy who is always ready to party.”

“I’m getting older. I’m having to be responsible. I’ve got to make sure I can still do my job properly.” He was screwing Aria every single chance he got. No other woman mattered to him. All he wanted was her. “This is the first night you’ve finally gotten to get out. Let’s just enjoy the time we’re sharing and not think about the chicks I’m banging.”

As if right on cue, Aria stepped up to the table.

“Sorry I’m late.” She was wearing the same black dress she’d worn to their first date. The one she’d vomited all over. His car, after cleaning it three times, and airing it for a further two, no longer stank. She must have gotten her dress dry cleaned. There was no way the stink would come out of it otherwise. “What did I miss?”

“June and Molly think you’d like to shack up with the guy at the bar.”

Aria’s eyes widened as she looked at him and he pointed toward the guy.

She looked toward it, and he wondered what was going on inside that head of hers. She never gave anything away.

She wrinkled her nose. “No thanks.”

“Why not?” June asked.

“He’s not my type?”

“What is your type?” Molly asked.

Max stared at his woman and wondered what she’d say.

“I’ve never really thought about what my type could be. Does it matter?”

“June’s my type,” Trey said.

“And he’s mine.” June snuggled up against her husband.

Dale and Molly did the same, and Aria shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Well let’s go around the room. Tell us what you think one to ten?” Molly asked.

“No,” Aria said. “I don’t look at guys and rate them on appearance.” She looked around the bar. “I’m going to grab myself a drink. Want anything?”

Max finished off his soda and got to his feet. “I’ll join you.”

No one else wanted a drink. Max stood as close to Aria he could without raising suspicion.

“Do they know?”

“Not a clue. They wanted to set you up with that loser over there.”

“What makes him a loser?”

“You can’t tell me you’re considering it?”

“I’m not considering it, you know that.” She stared down at her hands, which were flat against the bar. “This is going to be hard. I hate lying to them.”

“It’ll be fine. They’re your friends, and they’re going to want to set you up. You’ve just got to make sure they know you’re not going to fall for it.”

The barman served them, and they walked back to the booth.

“Don’t drink too much. I’ve got something to tell you later.”

She nodded, sipping at her beer.

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