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“Like this?” I whimper, arching my back and pushing with my hips.

His face goes tight and he swallows. His manhood makes a massive outline against the fabric of his trousers as he gazes down at my ass, my dress hiked up around my hips in bunches of fabric. The only light comes as a soft moon-blue glow through the closed curtains and the sconce lights along the walls, giving him an eerie, captivating appearance.

And him, the red shimmer that flows through him in frenetic pulses before settling as he gets himself under control … only to flare again moments later.

“Yes,” he growls. “Like that. Now, you’re going to cream. And you’re going to fucking cream hard. I’ve never used charms for this before.”

“It’s both our first time,” I whisper.

“Yes,” he says passionately. “It fucking is.”

“Ah,” I scream as he plunges his middle finger into my hole.

I had no idea how wet I was until his finger slides deeply inside of me, his knuckles pressed up against my ass cheeks as he begins to swirl his finger inside of me.

I gasp and bite down, and then I feel electric tension sizzling through me. It’s as though he’s touching every single part of me with a live wire, my hairs pricking up all over my body, my hole getting tight and the universe spinning around me like suddenly we’re the center of it like suddenly nothing else matters or even exists.

“Fuck, you’re getting tight,” he snarls.

I have to close my eyes, the force of the pleasure is so strong.

It attacks every part of me in otherworldly gasping closeness.


“Yes,” he moans. “And you’re going to cream for me. Any second now. I can feel it. And then I’m going to rub your sweet cream all over my cock and plunge inside of you. I can’t wait anymore. I need to claim you before I lose control and feed on that luscious round ass, an ass made for pounding, for spanking, for fucking owning. You’re mine, Tammy. You’re my fucking property. Cream. Now, now. Do it now.”

On his last word, he must send the most powerful charm into me yet, because suddenly I float up out of my body and the only thing I can feel, the only thing that exists for me, is the feeling of his finger pressed against a spot of pure heaven inside of me.

The euphoria is like the Big Bang, like a river of lava – boiling but painless – is flows through me, like a primordial maelstrom of heat and closeness and need spinning around and around and around.

I feel my legs trembling as I stand on my tiptoes, almost falling over the couch.

Everything shakes and then a gushing fountain opens up inside of me.

Something shatters and then comes together and shatters again.

“Fuck, your cream is flowing down your thighs,” Torsten gasps.

Even through my eyelids, I can see the redness filling up the room now, a flashing siren of light that proclaims his vampiric, carnal desire.

I feel my hole fluttering around his finger as his other hand sends charm-ecstasy surging through me.

“I can’t wait,” he growls. “Come here, Tammy.”

I open my eyes and he spins me around.

His body is glowing like a furnace now and his fangs are glinting in the light. He grabs my hip with one hand and lifts me up, lifts me as though I weigh less than air, balancing me with his hand palming my ass at the same time as I prop my hands on his shoulders.

“F-fuck,” I whimper. “You’re so strong.”

With his free hand, he tears down his pants and reveals his manhood, a glistening come-slick length that springs up ten inches long, and thick, so thick a tremor travels through me at the thought I won’t be able to take him.

He places me down on the back of the couch, but still props me up as he steps forward and guides his manhood to me.

“I have to be strong,” he growls, stroking his engorged head up and down my clit, the grinding wetness almost driving me to orgasm all over again. “But goddamn I need to see those juicy breasts, too. But I’m scared if I do I’ll feed on them.”

“You can heal me after, right?” I whisper.


“Then do it, Torsten. Take me.”

“Don’t tempt me,” he snarls.

“Why not?” I touch his face, stroke it softly, and then run my finger along his lip and touch one of his razor-sharp fangs. “It’s just so much fun.”

With a savage thrust of his hand, he tears my dress off, the fabric ripping under his godly power and ending up crumpled on the floor.

Another—and my bra goes the same way, my breasts spilling free.

“Those breasts,” he snarls. “This creamy cunt. You were made for me, Tammy.”

I gasp as he arches his back and slides his length inside of me.

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