“I feel how close you are, love,” I growled. “Come on my cock, Selene. Cream me up so I get nice and deep in your ripe womb before I fill you with my seed. Oh, fuck! Oh, yeah! Fuck! Fuck!”

Pressing my knees into the mattress, I angled my cock to make sure I hit the right spot with each plunge into her depths.

“Athan! I—yes! Yes!”

With my feet flat against the footboard, I shoved inside her so deep there was no way to know where she ended and I began. Selene broke apart, her screams shattering off the walls, and I roared her name as I followed her into the orgasmic abyss. My head dropped to the crook of her neck, and though I avoided the marks for now, I sank my fangs into her artery and felt her hurtle over the edge once more. With every draw of her blood into my body, my cock seemed to fill with more come because I released jets of hot, creamy seed with every pulse, and it seemed as though there was an endless supply.

After what seemed like an eternity, the sensations began to ebb, and we started drifting back down to earth. I waited for my sanity to return, but instead, my need continued to build, and my cock—which hadn’t really gone down—swelled and hardened all over again.

Selene shifted and whimpered when my erection moved inside her. “Did you mean what you said?” I wanted to clarify again, giving her one more chance to back out and wait until I had enough control to make love to her.

Her head lifted, and she took my earlobe between her teeth for a second before she whispered, “More. Fuck me, Athan.”

I nearly fucking came when those dirty words fell from her perfect mouth. But I had other plans first.

I pulled out and rose to my knees before flipping her over and yanking her hips up. “First, I’m going to redden this pretty little ass for moving your hands,” I growled.

After I turned both cheeks pink and took her from behind, I held her close, staying inside her as we fell onto the mattress. I rolled to my side, and she snuggled deeper into my embrace.

Selene broke the silence after a spell. “If that’s a punishment, I’d very much like to experience a reward.”

I burst out laughing before turning her head and kissing her with all the pent-up emotion inside me. “Perfect,” I mumbled against her lips a few minutes later. “You’re perfect for me.”5SeleneWhen I woke the next morning, my body bore the brunt of everything Athan and I had done together. I ached in places I hadn’t known were possible, but the twinges were a small price to pay for all the pleasure he had given me. I’d lost count of how many orgasms I’d experienced at some point during the night and had barely been coherent when he’d carried me into the shower to get me cleaned up. If I’d been more alert, I probably would’ve insisted on wearing something to bed, but then I would’ve missed out on waking up naked in his arms, which would have been a shame.

I rolled over and stilled, staring at Athan’s handsome face. He looked peaceful in his sleep, and my heart squeezed at seeing this other side of him. Gone was the compelling man who’d commanded my full attention from the moment I’d laid eyes on him. He was no less irresistible this way, though. My fingers itched to comb through his light brown hair and stroke down his cheekbone to trace his lips. I wanted to cup his angular jaw and press my mouth to his. To wake him up with a deep kiss that would probably lead to other things my body wasn’t quite ready for this morning. But first, I wanted to gawk at his gorgeous body. He hadn’t given me much of a chance to explore the smooth, pale skin that covered his lean muscles last night.

Each time I’d gotten my hands on him, Athan had forced my arms above my head. He’d explained that I wreaked havoc on his self-control and he’d never be able to make love to me slowly if I caressed his body for too long. Not that keeping my hands off him had done any good—none of our bouts of lovemaking had ended gently. But I wouldn’t change a thing. I felt an immense amount of satisfaction knowing his desire for me was too much for his willpower. We were explosive together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just thinking about how quickly he was able to bring me close to the edge of release had me rubbing my thighs together. The movement must’ve woken Athan because his eyes popped open and his hand snapped out to cup the back of my head. His bright blue orbs held no hint of confusion. He’d gone from sound asleep to fully alert in a millisecond. “Good morning, love.”

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