Selene had tucked her head under my chin, and she bumped it when she nodded, making me smile. “I want to be yours, Athan. I’m ready.”

We reached the bedroom, and I carried her over to the closet before setting her on her feet. Clasping her beautiful face in my hands, I searched her vibrant, purple eyes as I asked, “Are you sure?”

To my relief, she answered with no hesitation in her features. “Yes. I’m more than sure.”

The breath rushed out of my lungs as my heart jumped into my throat while all the blood in my body headed straight to my cock. Calling on all of my restraint, I gave her a soft, brisk kiss, then turned her toward the door to the enormous walk-in closet and patted her delectable little butt.

“Get the box on the bottom shelf to the right,” I told her. “Take it with you to that bathroom and change into what’s inside.” I’d popped out during one of her deep naps during the day and bought something special. I hadn’t been sure when she’d be ready for the claiming, but I’d wanted to be prepared. And fuck, just knowing she was in there putting on what I’d picked out for her was testing the limits of my control.

With a wave of my hand, the room transformed into the perfect chamber to claim my consort. My clothes had been replaced with black sleep pants, tented from the large erection struggling to get free. The sheets on the bed became silk, the deep purple color matching Selene’s eyes. Candles were scattered around the room, and the light from their flames danced over the walls. The floor was covered with a thick, plush black rug, and silk ties were attached to the headboard and footboard.

Power filled the room like a gentle mist. It was heady and thick but not cloying. My skin buzzed with an electric current, and I clenched and unclenched my hands to keep from barging into the bathroom and dragging Selene out to the bed.

The bathroom had an entrance through the dressing room and one directly into the bedroom. The latter opened, and my breath caught in my throat at the vision standing before me.

Selene’s milk chocolate and honey hair hung down in soft waves, spilling over her shoulders to rest on her breasts. I’d chosen an ice-blue silk negligee that matched my eyes. I loved the idea of her sweet body being wrapped up in me.

Her gaze roamed over me, and her amethyst orbs burned with hunger. She licked her lips, and I felt raw as jagged need tore through me. The power of the claiming ceremony was fast overtaking me. I held out my hand and beckoned her. “Selene,” I growled, my voice tight with desire. “Come to me.”

She walked toward me, her hips swaying sensuously as her tits bounced with each step. Her hard little nipples were poking through the nearly opaque garment. Fuck, I thought I’d wanted her before, but this was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. With every glance, every breath, every second longer, I slid closer to the edge of madness.

Finally, she stood before me, and her eyes were so full of trust and love as she stared up at me that I felt as though there was a vise grip around my heart, and I choked a little on my next breath. I cupped her face, and our eyes locked together as I spoke the ritual words. “Selene Brassard, do you accept my claim on you?”

Her smile filled the room with light when she answered, “Yes, I accept your claim on me with all of my heart and soul, Athan Bancroft.”

I couldn’t help myself from lowering my head and sipping from her delicious lips for a moment before continuing. “You’re prepared to be mine from now until the end of time?”

She placed her hands over mine and squeezed them gently. “And beyond.”

The words were like a balm to my soul, but at the same time, they blew apart any restraint I had left. Hastily, I asked, “To cement our mating bond, you must trust me unequivocally. Are you prepared to demonstrate the depth of your faith in me?” My voice was low and full of dominance and demand, making it clear that I expected to be obeyed.

Selene nodded. “Whatever you need, Athan. Take it.”

I slid my hands to her shoulders and then down to cup her breasts. My thumbs flicked over her nipples, and I inhaled deeply as the scent of her arousal thickened. Bending my knees, I dropped just enough to take one nub into my mouth. Selene moaned and swayed on her feet. I switched to the other side, leaving wet circles in the fabric, baring her nipples.

Fuck, I needed her. I needed her to be mine. Forever.

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