I ripped her negligee down the center and pushed it off her shoulders, leaving her clad in only a tiny scrap of fabric that barely hid her delicious pussy. Putting pressure on her shoulders, I urged her to her knees on the soft, thick rug. Then I shoved down my pants and kicked them off. My cock was swollen and red, the skin stretched tight, and a bead of pre-come glistened on the tip. I ran a hand through her hair before fisting it at the back of her head and pulling back. “Take me in your mouth,” I commanded.

Selene eagerly opened her mouth and moaned when I eased my dick inside her hot, wet cavern. “Fuck,” I grunted. I was trying desperately not to come yet, but when she closed her lips around me as I bumped the back of her throat, a bit of come spurted from the head. “Fuck, that’s good. Suck it, love. I’m going to fuck your mouth,” I rasped. “Relax your jaw and just breathe.”

She did as she was told, which was so fucking sexy, and it added to my raging desire. I held her head firmly in place while I pumped in and out of her mouth, slowly at first but quickly gaining speed. I was lost to the pleasure, and while I was careful not to hurt her too much, my forceful thrusts had her eyes watering, and she gagged a couple of times. “Swallow next time I—Oh, fuck yes!” I shouted when she gulped the head of my dick down her throat. Selene moaned, and her hands palmed my ass as though she was making sure I didn’t stop. Her tongue swirled around my shaft, and she sucked hard, hollowing out her cheeks.

That was the end of my control. I roared her name as I detonated, my body shuddering with bliss while come exploded from my cock. She swallowed a few times, taking every drop until I was empty. “Damn, love,” I groaned as I withdrew my still hard and aching cock. “That was amazing.”

Selene licked her lips and smiled up at me. “So amazing,” she agreed softly. I bent at the waist and kissed her, keeping our mouths fused while I scooped her into my arms. Weak in the knees from her incredible blow job, I stumbled to the bed, then set her down in the center.

I gently secured her hands and feet to the bed, spreading her open wide. Then I ripped away her tiny underwear before moving to stand at the foot to gaze at my prize.

“You are so beautiful,” I breathed. “Your pussy is pink and ripe, dripping for me.” My mouth watered, but if I didn’t get inside her and claim her, I was going to lose my damn mind.

I rounded to the side of the bed and climbed on, coming to rest over the top of her. My cock settled between her legs, and she was so wet that when I moved, I slid effortlessly through her folds, leaving my dick coated in her juices.

“You’re mine,” I told her in a steely voice.

She nodded. “Only ever yours.”

Lowering my head, I licked and nibbled each nipple. When I bit down, she cried out and arched her back, seeking more of the pleasure mixed with pain. After a few minutes, I sealed our mouths together, and our tongues danced as I began to enter her. I felt her struggle with her bonds, and knowing she was at my mercy made me even hotter.

When I was wholly sheathed in her tight channel, I took a deep breath to try to regain some control. The power of the claiming overtook me, and I began to fuck her hard and fast, setting a brutal pace. Need had taken over my brain, and the only thing I was aware of was the sound of our skin slapping together with each deep thrust and the feeling of her pussy squeezing me tight as I powered into her over and over.

Deeper. I was desperate to be as deep as possible inside my consort. I ripped myself away from Selene, barely registering her cry of protest, and hastily untied her feet. Then I bent her legs at the knees and pushed them to her chest as I slammed back inside. “Oh, fuck, yeah,” I grunted.

“Yes! Athan,” Selene moaned. “More.”

Getting up onto my knees, I put her legs on my shoulders and grabbed her ass, lifting her hips. “Watch,” I growled. Her eyes dropped to where my cock was almost violently working in and out of her sex. “This is mine. Only mine.”

“Yesssss,” Selene hissed as her hands clenched the sheets beside her. “Athan,” she whimpered, “I can’t take it.”

“You will,” I commanded. I’d never felt anything like this. The overwhelming passion burning inside my body, a want so fierce I had no control over it, and possession so powerful it consumed me and pushed me to drive Selene to her limits.

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