It wasn’t long before her body began to tremble, and though she tried to keep her eyes on me, they rolled to the back of her head as she screamed my name. Her pussy rippled around my cock as she climaxed, and it milked me until I followed her into oblivion. I threw my head back and shouted as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over me. Eventually, I’d filled her with the last of my come, but before we could descend from our peaks, I placed her legs on both sides of me and released her wrists so I could lift her and settle her on my lap, remaining buried deep in her pussy.

My fangs were aching, and I felt as though I’d been starved for hundreds of years. I palmed her ass with one hand, keeping her pelvis sealed to mine. The other dived into her hair and yanked her head back, exposing her neck. Without warning, I plunged my teeth into the perfect marks, and her sweet blood filled my mouth.

Selene flew off the edge once more, but her screams were filled with both pleasure and agony. Kieran had warned me that the change would cause my consort incredible pain, which was why I’d chosen this position. My cock swelled, and I urged her to bounce up and down on it, hoping the bliss would overpower the discomfort while I took deep pulls from her neck. Her body was shifting each molecule, rearranging them so that her chemical makeup went from human to immortal.

Eventually, she was clinging to me and working herself on my shaft, losing herself over to the ecstasy of our mating as the pain ebbed. I pulled my fangs from her neck and licked over the wound to seal it. I pumped my hips in rhythm with hers and pushed her over the edge once more. While she was climaxing, I guided her head to my heart. “Drink, love. Seal our bond. I can’t wait another second.”

Selene’s eyes opened, and they held surprise as she ran her tongue over her brand new fangs. Thana had explained the change, but I imagined it was still a little shocking to be so different suddenly. But it only took another second before she leaned in and sank her fangs into my flesh. Once again, I was swept away on an intense orgasm, the pleasure from her bite immeasurable. On top of that, our minds had merged, and I was bombarded with her pleasure along with mine.

When she’d had her fill, she pulled back and licked her bite marks to heal the damaged skin. For a few moments, we sat there in silence, reveling in our bond and the knowledge we would be together forever.

My heart was bursting, and after a few minutes, I tipped her head back with a finger under her chin. Staring into her amethyst pools as they sparkled with happiness, I was filled with emotion. “I know you can feel the love I have for you,” I murmured with a tender smile. “But I need to say it. I love you, Selene. And I’ll love you every single day for forever.”

Her eyes filled with tears, but her smile was blinding when she answered. “I love you too, Athan. More than I ever thought was possible.”

I kissed her softly as I lifted her off my cock, then I laid her on the bed and curled myself around her. “You’re mine now,” I mumbled as I nuzzled my head in the crook of her neck.

“Forever.”EpilogueSeleneSeeing Athan cuddle our teeny tiny nephew, Ronan, against his broad chest only hours after he’d been born was wreaking havoc on my hormones. Tears welled in my eyes and streamed down my cheeks, making me sniffle. Athan’s head jerked up, and he gently handed the baby back to Kieran, who had been hovering close when anyone else was holding his son.

Athan knew through our bond that I was crying happy tears, but he still hurried to my side and tugged me against his chest. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a tight squeeze before tilting my head back to peer up at him. “You look so good holding a baby.”

His lips curved up in a cocky smile. “I look good doing anything.”

“This is true.” I had planned on telling him my big news when we were alone, but I changed my mind because this seemed like the perfect moment. Grinning up at him, I murmured, “I think I should continue the birthday tradition that Thana started at her party.”

Athan’s brow wrinkled. “What tradition?”

I took a step back and wrapped my fingers around his wrist. Then I lowered his hand to press it against my belly. “The one where we celebrate by announcing a pregnancy.”

His bright blue eyes widened as his lips parted on a gasp. Pressing his palm against me, he whispered, “You’re carrying my baby?”

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