“Yes.” My eyes filled with tears again at the awe in his expression. “I took a test last night while you were out rescuing that consort, and I fell asleep before you got home this morning. Then we got the call about Thana going into labor, so I figured I’d wait to tell you when we got home. But I couldn’t wait another minute to share the news with you.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.” He wrapped his arms around me again. “Because I can’t wait another second to celebrate with you. Alone.”

He teleported us directly to our bedroom and didn’t waste any time stripping me out of my clothes. Once he had me naked, he gently laid me on the mattress and proceeded to give me a show I’d never grow tired of as he kicked off his shoes and quickly shed his shirt and pants. After shoving his boxer briefs down his legs, he climbed onto the mattress and settled his hips between my thighs. With his hands pressed to the mattress on either side of me, he levered his body over mine. His hard-on slid through my wetness, and I let out a little mewl. Lowering his head, he crashed his mouth against mine, and his tongue swept inside as he deepened the kiss. The feel of his lips against mine and his muscular body pressing into me had me panting in no time at all. “Please, Athan. I need you.”

“And you’ll have me, love,” he promised, lifting up until our bodies weren’t pressed together anymore. He kissed down my neck, licking over my consort mark and making me shudder. “But first, I want to hear you scream my name as you come all over my face.”

Judging by the determined gleam in his eyes, I had no doubt I’d be crying out soon, so I didn’t argue with his plan. He kissed his way down my body, and my back bowed off the mattress when he flicked his tongue over one of my pebbled nipples. Running my fingers through his hair, I dug my fingers into his scalp. “Bite me right there.”

I moaned when he gave me what I’d demanded, his fangs piercing my skin so he could drink from me. I felt each pull of his mouth deep in my womb. “Yesss,” I hissed.

He switched sides and bit down on the other nipple before I had the chance to beg him for it again. This time, my hips left the bed because I was already close to the edge. He nibbled his way across my skin, holding me down against the bed when I bowed up again. “Stay down and take what I give you, love. Or else I’ll make you wait longer before you come.”

I growled in frustration, tempted to try to flip him over so I could ride him until my orgasm crashed over me. But Athan was in a particularly dominant mood, and I knew I’d just find myself flat on my back again—and paying for the attempt with sensual torture I didn’t have the patience for at the moment. “I need to come.”

“Soon, love,” he whispered against my lower belly, pausing to press a chaste kiss over where our baby was growing inside me. Then he followed the sweet gesture up by gliding his hands down my thighs to spread my legs wider and diving right in to devour my pussy. My hips jerked, and he tightened his hold on me, keeping me still as he flicked his tongue over my clit. “I fucking love how wet you get for me. I cannot wait to drink down your orgasm before I sink my fangs right here”—his finger brushed the crease of my thigh—“and drink the sweet ambrosia of your blood, then thrust my rock-hard cock into your tight pussy.”

His sexy promise pushed me closer to the edge. “Less talk, more action.”

“I better give my demanding little mate what she wants,” he murmured, his breath hot against my pussy. His fingers teased over my folds as they glided up to spread me open. His tongue plunged into my core. Keeping it stiff, he tongue-fucked me until I was writhing with need. Then he licked up to circle my clit while he sank two fingers inside me. He timed the thrusts of his fingers with the flicks of his tongue over my clit until my body was strung tight, and I was ready to blow. “I’m so close.”

He had mercy on me and wrapped his lips around my clit, sucking hard before he gently bit down. I flew apart, screaming his name as my climax roared through my system. Just as the pleasure began to ebb, he sent me higher when he shifted to the right and sank his fangs into the top of my thigh. Exchanging blood during sex was one of my favorite things about being a daywalker. The intimate and sensual experience always sent me to new heights. When he finally lifted his head, I could still see some lingering wetness coating his chin, and his bright blue eyes burned with need. Rising to his knees, he wrapped my legs around his waist and notched the tip of his dick inside my entrance. “I need you, love.”

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