“Take what you want, Athan,” I offered, stretching my arms out to stroke his chest. “I’m yours.”

His hips slammed forward, and he filled me until his balls slapped against my butt. “Being inside you always feels so good, like heaven on earth.”

I lifted my hips to meet him thrust for thrust. “Because I was made just for you.”

“Mine,” he grunted as he hammered in and out of me. “Only ever mine.”

I moaned and swiveled my hips, gasping, “Yours.”

My admission spurred him on, and the pace of his thrusts became frantic. I writhed underneath him, already desperate for the next orgasm building inside me. He slid his hands under my butt and lifted me. The new position had his dick dragging against my G-spot with each thrust, and it only took a few thrusts before I flew over the edge again. My pussy clamped down around him, making him lose control too. His cock jerk inside me, and jets of come spurted against my inner walls.

“Fuck,” he bit out, dropping on the mattress beside me. He slid his arm under my back and rolled me onto his chest. “I meant to be gentler, but I have no self-control when it comes to you.”

I cuddled against him, rubbing my cheek against his chest before tilting my head back to look up at him. “I’m not breakable just because I’m pregnant.”

“I know, love.” He brushed a kiss against the top of my head. “But I’m still going to be careful with you while you’re carrying our baby.”

“You’re always careful with me.” I grinned at him. “Even when I make you lose control, you’re still aware of my limits.”

He gave me a tight squeeze. “Damn straight. No way in hell will I risk the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.”EpilogueAthanFive years later“I seem to remember receiving a whole lot of shit from you about the parties I held several years ago.” Silas was fake glaring at me, but he wasn’t quite able to hide his smirk.

“Get it over with,” I grumbled as I searched the ballroom for my wife.

“Does Stephan know you’ve been playing matchmaker, old woman?”

I shot him a droll stare. “What do you think?”

Stephan was a fucking workaholic these days. It was as though he’d simply given up on finding his consort. But having found my Selene, I couldn’t help wishing for the same happiness for my brother. So, I’d decided to take matters into my own hands. I’d thrown several parties this year and always contacted the council to ask them to invite plenty of unmated consorts. I also charged Selene with inviting human women. Plenty of undiscovered consorts existed in the world, and who knew where Stephan’s was hiding.

Apparently, Silas was only just now catching on to the purpose. Probably because I’d managed to make them seem like my wife’s idea. Since she wanted Stephan to find his mate too, she’d generously let me use her as my scapegoat.

“Where is he anyway?”

I shrugged, finally having spotted Selene standing by the refreshment table chatting with Thana and a young woman I didn’t recognize. She was nine months pregnant, and while her belly usually made me smile, my lips curled down at the sight of her on her feet. They were constantly swollen, and I didn’t like seeing her in pain.

“Give him a call and find out where he’s at, would you?” I requested before stalking toward my woman without a backward glance.

Selene smiled brightly when she noticed my approach, then rolled her eyes at the sight of my frown. She always accused me of being too protective, but I would do anything to keep my family safe, even if it annoyed my sweet consort.

“You shouldn’t be on your feet,” I groused.

She ignored me and gestured to the pretty, black-haired young woman. “This is Bronwyn O’Brien. She just moved here, and Thana and I have decided to keep her. Bronwyn, this grumpy stud is my husband, Athan.”

“I’m not grumpy,” I muttered while Bronwyn giggled, and crimson spots bloomed on her cheeks.

“Your wife and sister-in-law are too sweet. Unfortunately, I need to leave a little early. I’m sorry I won’t be able to meet Stephan or Kieran.” Kieran was home with Ronan and Elspeth because they were both sick.

Our son, Cassius, was spending the night with his grandparents, who were visiting. It had taken the birth of our son for Selene’s parents to accept they’d been wrong and seek Selene’s forgiveness. Once the fences had been mended, they’d thrown themselves into being the best grandparents.

Thana waved away her concern. “We’ll have you over for dinner in a few days. You can meet our little ones, too.”

“I look forward to it,” Bronwyn replied with a smile while blushing again.

My eyes drifted to the windows looking out over our grounds. It was nearly midnight. Practically morning for us, but as I’d immediately sensed she was human, it wasn’t safe for her to be roaming about. “Why don’t you use our driver? He can take you wherever you need to go safely.”

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