“Fuck!” I shouted as my dick exploded.

It was a good fucking thing I could teleport, or getting home with the sticky mess in the front of my pants would have been interesting.

In the blink of an eye, we were standing in the master bedroom of our house, and I tenderly laid my consort on the large bed in the center of the room.3Selene“I-I-I don’t understand.” Pressing my elbows against the mattress, my head swiveled as I looked around the unfamiliar room. Only a moment ago, we’d been in the hallway leading away from the ballroom. Between rushing from the party after he’d tasted my blood, having my first orgasm, and finding myself in a strange place without any clue how we’d gotten here, I was super disoriented. “Where are we?”

“Our bedroom,” he answered, staring at me as he unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops of his dress pants.

I sprung to a sitting position, holding my palms out toward him. “Whoa! Hold up! What do you think you’re doing?”

“Getting out of my sticky pants now that we’re home.” He dropped the belt on the floor, kicked off his shoes and socks, and reached for the button at his waist. “Feeling your teeth in my neck was too much for my control.”

He had said something about taking me to our home and only being a second away from my best friend, but it hadn’t made sense at the time. Then again, nothing seemed to add up since this man appeared at Kieran’s side. When he’d kissed me instead of answering my questions, my confusion hadn’t seemed important. But now that we were alone in a bedroom, I couldn’t let him distract me again by stripping out of his clothes and talking all sexy. “Do you live with Kieran and Thana?”

“No, but our estate is close to theirs, and I’m looking forward to showing you around after.” He prowled closer to the bed, his pants hanging low on his hips after he’d unbuttoned them.

I felt as though I was the prey he was hunting and wrapped my arms around my middle in a protective gesture. “After what?”

“After we finish what we started when you rubbed against me until you came.” His eyes burned as his gaze drifted down my body.

My cheeks heated from an odd combination of desire and embarrassment. Shaking my head, I cried, “I don’t even know your name.”

“Forgive me the oversight, love.” He bent at the waist and dipped low, sweeping his arm out in an old-fashioned gesture. “I’m Athan Bancroft, the man who is proud as fuck to call you his.”

“Yours?” I echoed softly, confused by why something deep inside was thrilled at his claim on me when all logic said I should run in the opposite direction...again.

He trailed his fingers down my calf and ankle, lifting my foot to remove my shoe before moving to the other side to do the same. “I understand this must be confusing for you even though you feel the connection between us the same as me. There are so many things you don’t know yet since you haven’t had centuries to adjust to the idea of being my fated consort.”

I could only come up with one mind-blowing possibility to explain him using words like centuries and fated consort, appearing out of thin air, transporting me to another place, fangs, and tasting my blood. “Are you a-a-”—I couldn’t believe I was actually going to say this out loud—“vampire?”

“Yes, I was born a daywalker.” He smiled and flashed his pointy fangs. “My brothers were, too.”

“Holy crap! Does Thana know?” I shrieked, my eyes going wide as I tried to wrap my brain around the fact that vampires were apparently real, and I had made out with one.

He stripped off his shirt and climbed on the mattress. “Of course, she knows. She’s Kieran’s consort. He told her when they met.”

I scrambled back to put a little space between us, not that it would do much good since he was a vampire who could be anywhere he wanted in a fraction of a second. “My best friend is married to a vampire and didn’t tell me?”

“What could she have said that wouldn’t have made you think she’d lost her mind?” I had to give that to him since I almost definitely would have freaked out if Thana had called to tell me she’d fallen in love with a vampire. Offering him a sheepish grin, I circled my hand in the air to tell him to carry on. “Vampires have a bad rep that us daywalkers don’t deserve. We aren’t ravaging beasts turned by a bite like nightwalkers.” He winked, and a wicked smile curved his sexy lips. “Well, maybe a little. I suppose I might get a little beastly when ravaging my consort in bed.”

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