Giving her wrists a small squeeze, I watched her for any cues that I should back off as I instructed, “Keep your arms up here.”

She nodded, and I gave her one more quick kiss before sitting up to divest myself of my ruined pants. Selene sucked in a breath, and my eyes flew to her face, finding her gaze glued on my long, heavy cock. “You’re huge!” she squeaked, her eyes bulging a little.

“I’ll make it good, love,” I assured her as I grasped the tattered sides of her dress and ripped it the rest of the way down. The only covering left was a scrap of purple lace, and I tore it away just as quickly as the rest.

“Fuck,” I breathed as I took in the sight of her bare, glistening folds. Her arousal painted her mound and the inside of her thighs. My mouth watered, and I inhaled deeply, enjoying the sweet scent of her desire.

With the last of my control stripped away, I was lying between her legs without a single thought, licking up the center of her pussy. She tasted sweet and spicy at the same time. It was delicious, but her blood was calling me.

With my thumbs, I gently parted her lips and groaned when I saw how pink and juicy she was. My eyes zeroed in on the swollen bundle of nerves that would bring her ecstasy as she’d never known. I lapped up her cream, avoiding her clit until she was begging me for release. Giving her what she wanted, I sucked her bud and drove her even higher by inserting a finger into her snug channel.

“Athan!” she cried out, and it sent a wave of pleasure through me that pushed come out of my aching cock. Her hands flew to my head, and she held me in place as her hips pumped up, seeking relief.

“Mmm. I’m going to have so much fun punishing you for disobeying me,” I mumbled into her pussy. If she had a response, it was lost to her cries of pleasure as I devoured her like a starving man.

When she teetered at the edge, I sucked hard, then thrust a second finger inside her. Moaning, she tumbled headfirst into her climax. Only then did I extend my fangs and plunge them into her flesh, sucking her blood along with her clit. Selene’s whole body shook with one violent shudder before she screamed my name.

We would have to buy new bedding because I came right along with her, spilling my seed all over the sheets.

When I’d had my fill, I retracted my canines and licked the tiny wounds to seal them. I kept working her with my hand, and her muscles had become much more pliable with her release, so I was able to fit a third digit inside her.

However, I didn’t let her come down too far, knowing I’d have an easier time getting inside her and hopefully minimizing the pain I would have to cause if she was still relaxed from her orgasm.

I kissed her mound and smoothly glided over her slick skin until I was completely covering her. Her hands moved to my biceps, and her nails dug in so hard that they broke the skin. “Fucking hell,” I groaned. “Why is it so fucking hot that you drew my blood?”

Selene’s pretty eyes opened, and they took on a sultry quality as she brought one finger to her mouth and sucked at the few drops of my blood lingering on her skin.

Son of a bitch. Somewhere in my addled mind, I fervently hoped she’d meant what she said because, at that moment, I was gone. I became a beast ravaging his mate. I gave her no warning because I was acting on pure instinct as I thrust inside her narrow sheath. A garbled shout escaped my lips as I popped her tasty little cherry and buried myself so deep that I rammed right into her cervix.

After lifting her legs to circle my waist, I grabbed her wrists once more and locked them over her head in an unyielding grip. Streaks of acute pleasure shot from my cock as I slammed in and out of her slippery channel. She was tight as hell but wet enough for me to slide in fairly easily, stretching her to accommodate my large girth.

Selene threw her head back and cried out as she met me thrust for thrust. Her legs clenched around my hips, and her inner walls spasmed around my dick. “Fuck, yes!” I shouted as my body began to shake from the effort to hold back my climax. “So fucking tight,” I grunted. My orgasm was close, and it tipped me into a frantic pace of wild thrusting, and I rocked the bed into the wall with a repeated bang.

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