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“Yes, Oli. God, yes. I've never been this wet.”

Oh fuck. She was killing me slowly.

She stroked me from root to tip, her palm so damn light on me it was pure erotic torture. “Move your palm over the tip. Feel all that pre-cum?” She did what I asked, her hand moving over the crown. I was leaking pre-cum like a motherfucker, so worked up I couldn’t control myself.

“There’s so much,” she hiccupped out.

I hummed in approval. “There’ll be more, baby. A whole lot more, and it’s all for you, Bryn.” I ran my lips along the line of her jaw. “My balls are so full for you. I’m ready to explode and fill you up.” My words were so filthy they had her gasping. “Has anyone ever said anything so fucking disgusting and good to you?”

She shook her head, her hand still moving up and down my shaft, her palm skating over all that pre-cum and using it as lube as she moved back down my cock.

When she lifted her head, I could see how pink her cheeks had gotten. “Do you want me to touch you, Bryn?” Knowing how innocent she was had me even more protective of her, more possessive.

She swallowed, the delicate line of her throat moving from the action.

I tried not to fucking move, but I felt my whole body tense. She wound me up tighter than a damn coil as she moved her hand up and down my length.

I was big in general, but compared to her and how small she was, my cock felt massive in her palm.

“You’re so big, Oli. God, you’re so big.” She had her head back on my chest, her little pants bathing my skin. I reached down and pushed her dress up, started rubbing her through her soaked panties.

“Fuck, you’re soaked.”

She moaned in response.

“It’s all for me, isn’t it?”

She mewled, “Yes.”

“It’ll only ever be for me, isn’t that right, sweet girl?”

“Oli,” she said almost painfully and started rocking against my seeking fingers.

“Say it,” I demanded. It was the truth whether she uttered the words or not, but I needed them to spill from her lips. I slipped my finger under the edge of her underwear, teasing that delicate little spot where her leg and pussy met, and then I was touching her silky, wet, and scorching-hot pussy.

“It’ll only ever be for you,” she moaned. “Oli. Oh God… what’s… happening?”

I teased her clit, that little bundle of nerves so fucking swollen from her arousal that as soon as I made small circles around it, she went off for me. Her palm reflexively clenched around my cock as she came on my hand, as she ground her pussy on my finger.

“That feel good?”

“Ahhh,” she cried out as I rubbed her a little faster, letting that peak claim her until her other hand tightened on my bicep and her nails scored my skin.

And only when she sagged against me as if she needed me for support, only when I had to pull back, letting her hand fall away from me or I'd paint her thighs with my cum, only then did I remove my hand from between her legs. I brought my hand up to my mouth and sucked all her pussy cream off, licking my fingers one by one.

God, she tastes good.

She pulled back and tipped her head in my direction, and we stared for long, arousal-laced seconds.

“Let me help you,” she said so fucking innocently as she reached for my cock again, but I stepped back, breathing in deeply. The little frown that covered her face had me reaching out and smoothing it away. “You don’t want me to touch you?”

I couldn't stop my groan from coming forth.

“Bryn, if you touch me right now, I’ll come.”

Her mouth made the prettiest O as that sunk in. “I-Isn’t that the point though?”

I felt a smile tug at my lips and stepped closer to lean down and kiss her until she was panting and clutching at me once more. I pulled back and saw she still had her eyes closed. “Look at me.” She slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times. “When I come for the first time with you, I'm going to be inside you, Bryn.”

Her breath hitched, but here was no other way for me to say it. It was crude, lewd, obscene, but fuck was it hot to see her cheeks get redder after I spoke.

“And there’s no going back, Bryn. You understand that, right?” I cupped her cheek and smoothed my thumb along the delicate cheekbone. “You were mine the moment I first saw you, and as hard as it was waiting a year, keeping my distance, trying to let you spread your wings and experience some of life before I made you mine, I can’t wait anymore.” I stared into her eyes, willing her to see how fucking serious I was. I’d waited long enough. And I was done. She was mine. All the way.

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