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She turned her head, and I felt her warm breath skate along my cheek. Before I knew what she was doing, my girl whispered, “I need you, Oli. Touch me.”


I didn’t bother tearing her panties off, just slid my hand between our bodies and under the edge of the material. I slipped my fingers between her silky, soaked folds. She was so wet, her pussy smooth… perfect. A deep groan left me, and I closed my eyes, telling myself over and over again that I had to keep my shit together. I didn't want this to be over before it started, but I could have gotten off, had ropes of my cum covering her belly, just from this alone.

“Fuck,” I groaned as I continued moving my fingers through her slit, teasing her clit, running light circles around her little virgin hole. “You’re so ready for me.” I rubbed her clit again. “How does that feel?”

She cried out softly. “Oli,” she moaned. “It feels so good.” She gripped my bicep, digging her nails into the flesh.

I kissed her like it was the last thing I’d ever do. I wanted to fuck her so badly, wanted to be deep inside her. My pulse pounded in my ears, beads of sweat starting to coat my flesh because of how hot I was getting, how worked up my girl was making me. My arousal was so intense I could get off from looking at her alone.

I couldn’t help but breathe in her scent. Damn, she smelled so fucking good.

I pulled back, and for a second, all I did was stand there, looking my fill of her, and breathing in her scent until it was ingrained in my mind.

So… pure.

Christ, I have to have her.

I buried my nose in her hair and inhaled, groaning at the sweet aroma that clung to her. I moved my lips along her jaw, the tip of my nose now skating along her temple. I moved my lips back down to the corner of her mouth. But I didn’t kiss her, and instead I continued moving my mouth lower, along her neck, and over her exposed collarbones. I had my hand wrapped loosely around her neck, tipped her head to the side more, and licked at her throat.

“Mmm,” I hummed. “So sweet.” I licked her again then pulled back and looked into her face. I smoothed my thumb back and forth over her pulse point beneath her ear, loving that it was beating rapidly. “I’m going to devour you, Bryn.”

“Oh God,” she whispered, clearly unable to keep the words from spilling out.

“I’m going to lick every part of your body, memorize every inch of you.” I moved my mouth back to the corner of hers, and whispered, “But you’d like that, wouldn’t you, baby? You’d like me touching, knowing every part of you, sweet girl?” When she nodded, I ran my tongue along her lower lip. I traced her lips with my tongue over and over again. “Do you get turned on watching me fight, seeing me beating the hell out of all those bastards?”

She breathed harder now, her hands on my arms, her nails scoring my skin. “Yes,” Bryn said almost inaudibly.

A shiver worked through my body at her answer. I was protective of her, and it grew every day until I was this tangled mess of aggression and testosterone at the very thought of her in danger, and she was put in harm's way at those underground fights. But I fucking loved knowing she got wet watching me.

“Take the panties off,” I ordered, not caring if I sounded like a demanding asshole. She made me crazed.

As I watched her hook her fingers under the edge of her panties and work them down her legs, I kept telling myself not to get off from the sight of her doing this. And I sure as fuck could have. Pre-cum was steady at the tip of my cock. Hell, strings of the clear fluid slid down the underside of my cock because it was a constant flow from the crown.

And when she had the fucking offending material off, my mouth dried and my throat tightened. God, she was perfect, a tiny thatch of trimmed dark hair covering her mound. And her pussy lips were bare of hair, smooth and pink, something I could clearly see even in the darkened room.

“You shave your pussy lips, baby girl?” I didn’t want to hear anything aside from she did it for me. Only me. Fuck, I knew it wasn’t like she knew tonight would happen and she got all nice and fucking bare for the fucking, but that’s what I wanted to hear.

“I like it smooth,” she whispered.

I closed my eyes and groaned. God, that was just as good as her shaving for me. “You keep it bare ’cause you like how it feels when you touch yourself, Bryn?” Those words were nothing but a harsh sound leaving me.

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