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I kept licking, drawing all that salty flavor that embodied Oli into my body.

“Touch your pussy, gather that cream, and let me see.”

I slipped my fingers between my legs, my pussy obscenely wet that I was a little embarrassed about it. It took nothing at all to soak my fingers, and when I brought them up, showing him how glossy they were, my body tingled at the sound he made.

He snatched up my hand faster than I could comprehend and brought the fingers to his mouth. While staring into my eyes, he licked the digits clean, groaning as he did it.

“So damn good.”

Another gush of wetness left me at his words, and my inner muscles clenched for something of substance shoved inside.

“Open for me, Bryn. Open wide for my cock.” He gripped the base, my hand falling away to rest by my side. He moved the slick tip along my lips, over and over again until I parted my lips and did as he ordered.

I lifted my eyes to look at his face at the same time I ran my tongue along the flared head then sucked him into my mouth. His flavor exploded on my tongue.

His jaw clenched violently. “Yes,” he hissed out. “Move your tongue around my dick, lick all that pre-cum off the tip.”

The salty flavor of his cum covered my tongue, and I couldn’t help but moan as Oli started thrusting himself in and out of my mouth in shallow strokes, but with each passing second, he went in a little deeper. I felt like I was losing my mind from the arousal, like I could never get enough of him.

I placed my palms flat on his thickly corded thighs and let him push even more into my mouth. The tip hit the back of my throat, and I gagged, my eyes watering before he slowly retreated. He did this over and over again, tears coasting down my cheeks. But I wanted more.

I started moving my head forward and backing away, aiding in his thrusting hips, taking as much as I could.

“Don’t stop sucking my cock,” he ground out.

I stared up at him still, his cock in my mouth, feeling how hollowed out my cheeks were and savoring his flavor. Something took over me, and I closed my eyes and let my mouth and tongue do the work. I started sucking him with fervor.

“Yeah. That’s it, baby.”

His attention was on my mouth, and I knew how I probably looked with my hair a wild mess around my head, my lips stretched wide over his thick cock, drying tears on my cheeks.

“I fucking love watching you suck my dick.” He grabbed my hair tighter. “You like my cock in your mouth, don’t you?”

I nodded and moaned. It was the truth.

“Yeah, you do,” he murmured as if to himself and started pushing his hips into my eager mouth faster, harder. I gagged again, my eyes watering even more. But deep down, I wanted more. I wanted him to lose himself with me… in me.

A deep groan left him when I relaxed my throat and took more of him. I knew he was going to come. I felt it in the way his body tightened. But before he let himself go and filled the back of my throat with his cum like I desperately wanted, his cock was out of my mouth and he was lifting me off the ground.

Oli kissed me hard, possessively, and I knew he could taste himself on my lips and tongue, but he just groaned and kissed me harder.

He slipped his hands down to grip my ass, squeezing the mounds almost painfully, kneading them, worshipping me. A moan slipped from my throat as he pulled the cheeks apart, cool air moving along the most hidden part of me that had never been touched or seen by anyone. But he didn’t touch me there and instead slipped his hands down to where the cheek met my pussy, teasing me in gentle seeps of his fingers at the place that ached the most painfully for him.

He growled. “I’m going to give you so much you won’t be able to handle it.” The way he looked me up and down, taking in every inch of my body, had my pussy clenching painfully. “You’re fucking perfect.” He looked into my eyes. “And you're mine.”

I nodded, because right now, I couldn’t speak.

“You deserve slow and easy, romantic,” he said almost absentmindedly, but I could tell by his face that was the last thing he wanted. I knew it wasn’t what I needed right now.

“I don’t want slow,” I said honestly, shocking myself. Slow and easy would obviously be better for my first time… especially with how big Oli was, but God, I didn't want that.

I wanted wild, feral… uninhibited fucking with him.

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