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I didn’t want him to control himself.

I looked into his eyes, seeing something dark and devious, delicious and wicked reflected back at me. And so just being free for the first time in my life, I reached for him, rose on my toes, and with my mouth pressed lightly to his, I whispered, “Fuck me, Oli. Own my virginity.”9BrynGod, I was burning alive, even though my flesh was cold, my nipples pebbled from the chill in the air. I felt high and drunk, dizzy and faint. Adrenaline rushed through my body, causing my hands to shake. I couldn’t grasp the reality of the situation. I just knew I didn't want it to end.

The way Oli looked at me screamed “Mine,” and I wanted nothing more than this alpha man to own every inch of me until I was a writhing mess beneath him.

He looked at me like he was so hungry, like he’d been starving his whole life and I was the only thing that could take the hunger pangs away.

I’d taken a step back after telling him to fuck me, and now he smoothed his hand over his mouth as he stared at me. I shouldn’t have been able to hear the way his palm scraped over the light stubble covering his jaw and cheeks, but it filled the room in all its masculinity. He didn’t hide his face; he was looking his fill of me, his gaze roaming over every exposed inch of my body. He made me feel even more bare than I was, and that said something, since I was completely naked.

“I’ve never seen anything so fucking hot or perfect,” he murmured, almost as if to himself, as if he hadn’t meant to say the words out loud. “Bryn.” He all but groaned my name, and never had I heard anything sound sexier.

Before I knew what he was doing or had planned, I was yanked back toward his hard body as if he couldn’t bear us to be apart. His cock was thick and hard, pressing against my belly, the feeling of his pre-cum smearing across my exposed skin causing a gasp of pleasure and surprise to be pulled from me.

I felt his hand on my nape, his fingers digging into the back of my neck, and then he was kissing me, shoving his tongue into my mouth, stroking mine with his, making me take it all.

He wrapped one arm around my waist and slid the hand holding my nape up to tangle in the long fall of my hair. The sting of him tangling his fingers in the strands, of him pulling my head back so he could kiss me even more, penetrated every pore in my body.

“I’m done with this fucking foreplay bullshit.” He sounded pissed, annoyed that he’d wasted time with it, but I knew the truth.

He wanted too much to not have me. I felt it in his words, in the way he held me, kissed me.

“I’m too hard for you to not bury my cock in that tight little virgin heat,” he whispered harshly against the side of my throat, his lips stroking me there. He started licking my neck, long strokes moving up and down over the flesh. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back slightly as I loved the drugging pull he caused within me.

He scooped me up as if I weighed nothing, and compared to his size, his muscle mass, his brute strength and masculinity, I was nothing but a feather in the wind. He carried us to his massive bed, the sheets black, cold, smooth against my back as he laid me down in the center.

He pressed open-mouthed kisses along the column of my throat, over my collarbones, growls and gruff noises coming from him. He moved back to my mouth to fuck me there.

“Spread for me,” he groaned against my lips, and I instantly obeyed, feeling him fit his body between them.

An involuntary gasp left me when his big cock pressed against my slick folds, the base of him rubbing along my clit.

“Fuck, baby.” He started moving against me, not penetrating me but instead running the length of his cock through my folds, driving my arousal higher. I couldn’t breathe, could only clutch him and undulate under his powerful body.

Oli broke the kiss and ran his tongue down to my breasts, sucking on my nipples, tugging at the peaks until I clutched at his head, pulled at the strands, and moaned for more.

“You’re so fucking wet for me, aren’t you?

I nodded, not even sure he could see me.

“I bet these sheets will be fucking soaked by the time we both come.”

“Oli,” I gasped. “I need you inside me.” I’d never been with a man, knew nothing about sex that I hadn’t heard about, but I felt like another person took over me. I wanted wild, uninhibited pleasure from this man. I didn't want soft and sweet, sure as hell didn’t want gentle. I didn’t even know if Oli was capable of sweet. I knew I just wanted him.

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