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Just him.

He groaned. “Goddamn, baby.” He kept sucking on my tits, and I opened my mouth on a soundless cry of need. “You on the pill?

I shook my head and then moaned, “No.”

He groaned as if that pleased him. He hummed as if that little fact pleased him. “I want to be raw and bare in you, Bryn. I want my cum all up in you. I want you covered in my seed, smelling like me, thick ropes of my need dripping out that virgin pussy of yours.”

I moaned. That’s all I could manage after everything he said. I arched my back, which pressed my chest out. I spread my thighs wider, heard the harsh sound leave him.

“You want that, don’t you. You’re just as fucking frantic right now as I am.”

“Yes,” I responded, although he didn’t ask a question but stated it like a fact.

“Ask for it, Bryn. Fucking ask for it all.”

“Oli,” I moaned and tightened my hands in his hair, pulling him back to my breasts until he rewarded me by dragging his tongue over the peaks over and over again. “I want you deep in me. I want your cum in me.”

“Christ.” He pulled away from me then as if he’d been burned. “I’ve never been this hard before.” His big body was between my thighs as he sat on his knees.

I watched as the moonlight bathed him in this whitish glow, accentuating all the ridges, dips, and hardness of him. He grabbed his cock and started jerking himself off in slow, measured strokes as he stared at my face then lowered his eyes to my breasts, my nipples wet and hard from his mouth. Then he moved lower still, over my belly, and stopped right between my thighs.

“Reach between your thighs, Bryn.” his voice was so deep, so even, that it was almost as if he were saying something mundane.

I took a deep breath, slid a hand down my belly, and stopped right before I reached my pussy.

“Touch yourself.” I saw a flicker of something dark move across his face. He swallowed, his bicep flexing as he picked up speed jerking himself off. That was the only outward emotion he showed in this second. “Pull your lips apart.”

Oh. God.

And I did just that, had both hands between my legs now, pulling my outer lips apart, feeling the cool air move along the hottest, most intimate and sensitive part of my body. I felt my pulse in my clit and was slightly embarrassed, because I knew how wet I probably was, how he could see how glossy it was. I knew my clit was swollen. It felt so swollen down there, blood rushing to that little nub.

“Oh, baby,” he groaned as he started really bringing his palm up and down his cock, his focus never leaving the part of my body I showed him.

“Ask me for my mouth on your sweet pussy, for my cock in your cunt.” His words were dirty, filthy, but they fueled me on, and I found herself lifting my hips involuntarily, silently begging for just that. He shook his head slowly. “You know I want to hear the words.”

I licked my suddenly dry lips, and whispered, “Oli, I want your mouth right here.” I lifted my hips slightly again, showing him my soaked pussy.

He let go of his cock and had his face between my thighs before I even got that last word out. He had his hands on my inner thighs, spreading my even wider for him, his warm breath moving harshly along my exposed pussy.

He licked me from the opening of my pussy to the nub at the top of my mound then slid back down again. Oli repeated this action until I writhed beneath him, my climax approaching swiftly. And in a move so quick it cut off my oxygen supply, Oli had my clit in his mouth and a finger inside my pussy. He sucked hard and fast on the engorged bud, finger-fucked me in gentle, slow thrusts. Stars and flashes of light danced in front of my vision.

He added a second finger, and the stretch of the penetration from those two digits had me exploding for him.

“Oliii!” I cried out his name as my whole body seized from the pleasure. Ecstasy washed through me, stealing my breath, my pulse, even my very sanity. But Oli didn’t stop. He continued to bring me to the height of pleasure; his growls sounded like he was some feral animal feasting on his last meal.

He’s feasting on me.

I was very aware I begged him to stop, that it was too much, that I was too sensitive. Legs shaking, heart racing, and sweat beading my brow, I finally felt him move up my body, his lips and tongue leaving a scorching trail on my flesh as he rested his big, powerful body above mine.

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