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And then he was kissing me, sealing his lips right on mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth, and forcing me to taste myself on him. The musky but sweet flavor had me moaning into his mouth.

“You see how good you fucking taste?” His words were clips, harsh against me.

I could only give him a pleading noise for more.

I gripped his hair and opened my mouth wider, sucking on his tongue. I lifted my hips and couldn't stop myself from grinding my still so sensitive pussy against his cock. Anticipation and nervousness slammed into me when he grunted from the contact, and then he was reaching between our bodies and placed the tip of himself at my pussy hole.

I was ready for this, so ready for him that I was sweating, panting, high, and dizzy.

“I’m not even in you yet and you already feel so fucking incredible.” He said the muffled, harsh words against my mouth.

I curled my hand around his bulging biceps, digging my nails into his skin until he hissed. But I could tell that it was a sound of pleasure and pain.

“That’s it,” he groaned and ran his lips along mine in a slow, sexual glide. “Put your legs around my waist.”

My heart thundered as I did what he said and gasped when the motion brought us impossibly closer. When he reached between our bodies and aligned himself at my entrance once more, the tip of him right there at the center of my body. I held my breath.

He pulled back just enough that he could stare down into my face. The shadows moved across his features, but I could see him so clearly, could tell how worked up he was, how restrained he was being right now. And when he held my gaze with his as he started slowly pushing into me, taking my virginity, forcing all those huge inches into me, my heart stuttered behind my ribs.

“It’s too much,” I gasped with another inch he pushed inside. The discomfort was right there at the surface, but the pleasure of being with Oli far outweighed it. I felt how wide my eyes had gone, felt tears prick at the corners of them as he pushed more of his erection into me. “I can’t take all of you,” I mewled.

“You can take all of me,” he moaned, and his eyes slid shut for a second when he sank deeper into me. “You were made for me.”

He pushed more and more and more into my body until those prickling tears finally slipped out and tracked down my cheeks. Oli leaned in and ran his tongue along the side of my face, lapping at the salty remnants of my desire.

He stretched me until I felt like I was splitting in two. He filled me until there was no space he wasn’t touching.

“Take all of me.” His voice was nothing more than a whisper. “You can take all of me, sweet girl.” He tipped his head back and closed his eyes, the muscles in his neck and chest standing out in stark clarity. “You were made for me,” he said again, his voice broken, his pleasure clear.

And then he was fully seated in me. The air had left me long ago, and I sucked in a lungful. He only gave me a moment of reprieve to get used to his size before he started moving in and out of me.

“Relax for me.”

I tried to let myself sink into the mattress, to absorb what Oli gave me, how he made me feel.

He pulled out until the tip was almost all the way out of me, and then in one swift, consuming move, he buried all of his thick inches back into my body. I cried out, closed my eyes, dug my nails harder into him.

“Fuck. Fuck. God, Bryn. Yes.” He hissed the last word out as he started moving in and out of me in fluid, even strokes. “Fuck,” he said over and over, his eyes closed now, his jaw locked tight.

My inner muscles clenched around him of their own accord, causing deep, whisper-like groans and curses to come from him. That intense stretching soon faded as the pleasure took its place. I smoothed my hands down his back, feeling his muscles clench and tense beneath my fingertips.

Oli slowly opened his eyes and stared into mine. His forearms were straight right beside my head, and when he shifted and pulled back, his eyes lowered right to where he was lodged deep inside me.

Never taking his eyes off my pussy, he started moving in and out of me a little faster. The sounds that came from him were animal-like, and the erotic, wet noises of him fucking me filled my head and turned me on even more.

The pleasure turned to something darker, more carnal, and before I knew what I was doing, I lifted my hips to meet his thrusts, needing Oli as deep as he could go. I wanted to be so sore tomorrow from his fucking. I wanted to sit down and still be able to feel him deep in my body.

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