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The ecstasy stole my breath, had my lips parted, and it was pointless trying to get air into my lungs. All I could manage was short bursts of inhalations.

Sweat covered his face and chest, and I let my gaze travel down to his abdomen. I felt my arousal grow tenfold at the way the muscles of his stomach contracted every time he pushed back into me, his six-pack so pronounced I knew I could have gotten off on that sight alone.

“Bryn,” he said on a groan, and when I snapped my head up to look back into his face, I could see how the tendons in his neck stood out harshly.

He was exerting so much… control.

“I’ve never felt anything so perfect. You’re so tight and wet.” He slammed into me hard, and my eyes rolled back as ecstasy claimed me.

“Oli,” I managed to gasp, crying it out like a wounded animal.

“Say my name again,” he grunted.

I was panting, holding onto him as he really fucked me then.

In and out. In and out. In and out.

“Oli. God, yes, Oli.”

He hummed in approval, and then he tangled a hand in my hair and jerked my head back at the same time he slammed his mouth down on mine. He broke the kiss and started moving his lips down to the side of my throat. He latched his mouth onto the side of my neck and ran his teeth along the flesh, being rough, forceful, and he never stopped thrusting into me.

I loved every minute of it.

Over and over, he worked his cock into me, hitting a sensitive spot inside my body repeatedly, having this heat move through me until I was burning alive from the inside out. And then he slammed into me so hard I moved up an inch on the bed. He gripped a hand around my waist and pulled me back down, grinding his pelvis against mine, his cock buried all the way into me.

And that's when I climaxed.

“Fuck yeah.” He kept fucking me all through my orgasm. “That’s it, baby. Come all over my dick, draw that cum out, because I know you fucking want it marking you.” He breathed harder, so hard that was all I could hear, even over the sound of his cock slapping against my pussy.

I closed my eyes as the pleasure was just too much, too intense.

It hurt so good.

“Bryn,” he barked out deeply. “Look at me, sweet girl. Watch what you do to me.”

I forced my eyes to stay open, even though I wanted to close them again and let this wave of ecstasy float me away. And that’s when I watched his body start to change, his expression morphing. He started breathing harder, faster, his thrusting becoming almost frantic in its intensity, as if he couldn’t help himself.

Oh. God. He’s coming.

His hand on my waist was bruising. He kept me still, the pressure building. His orgasm started to change his expression, had his face becoming like steel, his jaw clenching tighter. Oli started thrusting into me even harder, and all I could do was hang on for this animalistic ride.

Once, twice, and on the third thrust, he bottomed out inside me, a strangled sound leaving me at how full I felt, how good it was. While he was buried in me, filling me up, pumping all that maleness into me, he ground his pelvis against mine. My clit tingled right before another orgasm exploded in me.

“God, Oli,” I mewled and closed my eyes, letting that pleasure wash through me.

I forced my eyes open to look at him, to watch him getting off… which seemed to go on forever and turned me on even more.

The pleasure that contorted his face was a visual orgasm all on its own. And the whole time he kept his eyes open, watching me, staring at me as if it made his orgasm even better.

My inner muscles contracted around his hardness, which pulled a rough noise from him, had his muscles bunching even more. When his big body finally seemed to loosen, relax, we both panted. He hung his head between his shoulders, his arms shaking as if it was taking all his strength just to hold himself up above me.

And all I could do was watch, stare in awe at the fact that I was the cause of the strongest male I knew looking so drained and sated.10BrynAs soon as Oli pulled out of me and fell to the mattress beside me, I worried there would be this awkward moment of uncertainty. He said so many things as we’d been together, and although he sounded without a doubt certain of them, I was so inexperienced I had anxiety they’d just been said in the heat of the moment.

I loved this man, had for the last year, and hearing him say I was his, that no one else would touch me, was the only thing I’d ever wanted when I looked at him.

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