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I shifted, about to get up, clean the sweat from my body… unsure if I should curl myself against him even though I wanted to, but before I even moved away an inch, he slung a thickly corded arm over my waist.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he said in a drugged-like voice.


“No. You belong right here with me.” He pulled me toward the hardness of his body, chest-to-chest. I looked up at him from where I lay, his body covered in beads of sweat. I felt bold in that moment and leaned in to run my tongue over one of those droplets that started making a path down his neck.

I felt him tense, heard a deep sound leave him, and worried I’d done something wrong. I opened my mouth to say something, maybe apologize, but before any words could leave me, he slid his hand to my face and cupped my cheek. And then he kissed me hard, intently… possessively.

I knew in that moment, from that kiss, everything he said had been the truth.

“You can’t do sexy shit like that and not expect my cock to get rock-hard again.” He pressed said hard cock against my belly, and I heated. But to my disappointment, he didn’t start up a second round. He just kissed me over and over again, long, drugging moments where he sucked and licked at my lips, explored every inch of my mouth, and made me a needy, wet mess for him. “I need you closer,” he murmured against my mouth.

“I can’t get any closer. I’m pressed right to you,” I teased, my mouth curving in a smile.

He growled as if that bothered him and slid his hand down to rest on my lower back, pulling me even harder against him. I felt how hard he was getting, his length becoming steel between us.

“I want to just crawl inside you, live there, make myself a part of you so I’m where you are. Always.

I shivered at his words.

He gave me one more lingering kiss before gently pushing my head down so it could rest on top of his chest, right over his heart.

The sound of his heart beating frantically—just like mine—caused a small smile to curve my lips. The sweat on my skin started to cool, and my body was pleasantly sore in all the right places. I felt the stickiness of his orgasm start to cover the inside of my thighs. God, there’d been so much when he came, as if he hadn’t been able to stop himself, to control his release.

And it was because of me.

I rested my hand on his abdomen, his muscles flexing under my palm, his six-pack clenching. God, he was so powerful and… raw in his masculinity.

“This has always been you and me,” he said, breaking the silence. “It’ll always be you and me. Always.”

I shifted so I could look into his face. He tightened his hold on me, his fingers digging into my waist until I knew there would be finger-sized bruises come morning.

God, let his ownership mar my body.

“You understand what that means?” he asked when I hadn’t responded to his first statement.

He was looking at me so intensely now I felt that gaze like an actual touch. And my body responded in kind. I heated, grew soft and pliant, ready for him again. “Tell me,” I whispered, because I wanted him to say it.

“It means this is forever.” His eyes had gone hard, the truth in his words crystal-clear. “I’ll be the only one to ever know how you feel when you’re coming.”

I shifted, trying to ease that sudden ache that came forth.

“I’ll be the only man to know what this tastes like here,” he growled and slipped his fingers between my legs, pulling a gasp from me as he stroked me… as he shoved his cum back into my pussy. He leaned in so his lips were brushing against mine, but he didn’t add pressure, didn’t kiss me like I desperately wanted him to. “One day real fucking soon, Bryn, you’re going to be my wife,” he growled again. “And then after that—or hell, before that, since I can’t keep my damn hands off you—” He placed his huge palm right over my belly. “—I’m going to put my baby in here.”

My heart was thundering at this point, but I couldn’t respond, not when he crushed his mouth to mine and not only made me hear the words, but he made me taste the truth in them as he stroked his tongue over mine.

“Now do you understand?” His deep voice vibrated against my mouth, and I moaned my response. “Say it, because I’m going to fucking lose it if I don’t hear the confirmation from you, sweet girl.”

He pulled away only an inch, and I sucked in a very much needed lungful of air. “I’ve been yours since the moment I saw you, Oli. There isn’t anyone else I want.”

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