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He never looked at women. He never talked to them or touched them, despite knowing he could have gotten all of them seven days a week and then some.

In fact, I’d never seen him with a woman, never heard any rumors of him being with one.

And I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me deliriously happy… and turn me on even more.

Roars, cheers, and curses rang throughout the room. All at once, people started pushing and shoving even more, trying to get closer to the ring. I braced myself, but the momentum was too much and I was forced forward, Bernadette too. She snapped her head around and cursed at the people directly behind us. She was a spitfire; that was for sure.

And then Oli was in that ring, his body dwarfing the other fighter. God, why was he so… male?

My heart pounded harder this time as I took him in. He was shirtless, the black fighting shorts he wore barely containing his thickly muscled thighs. His chest was massive, his shoulders broad. His head was slightly downcast as he surveyed the other fighter, his dark hair short and slightly damp. His body was all ready and primed for the fight, his chest rising and falling evenly, tiny droplets of sweat covering his golden flesh.

As it always did when I saw him in that ring, my heart jerked in my chest almost painfully. Tendrils of excitement and anticipation wove through me, causing sweat to break out between my breasts, along my temples, and down the length of my spine. I was hot, and it had nothing to do with the crush of bodies all around me.

I wasn’t even going to focus on my wet pussy. There was no stopping the arousal that thrummed through me. And shifting on my feet didn’t ease anything. In fact, it made my need worse, pinching my clit between my lips, the pressure from my tightened thighs making the agony all the worse.

I tried to push my needs to the back of my mind. It would do nothing to help me right now but make me miserable. It’s not like I could climb up in that ring, throw myself in Oli’s arms, and beg him to fuck me.

I couldn’t, right?

I shook my head, my face feeling hot as that thought had other dirty images moving through me, ones of us naked, his big, sweaty body pounding into me. And I’d take all of it. I’d take all of him.

Looking around at the people surrounding me, I could see how excited they were and practically feel their adrenaline rushing through their veins.

Bloodthirst. That’s what I witnessed.

They were alive in this room, experiencing the violence that was soon to come, soon to make them higher, drunker.

I rose on my toes to see Oli better. A few people had already clambered in front of me, but there was a big-enough gap between their bodies that it still allowed me to see the ring unobstructed.

I kept getting pushed back and forth as the crowd got more aggressive. The fight hadn’t even started yet, and they were wound up tight. I still had a grip on Bernadette’s hand and could see the wonder and excitement in her eyes as she stared at the ring. She wasn’t looking at Oli but at the other fighter.

Well. Seemed like Bernadette liked coming to these more than I thought.4BrynI focused on Oli again. His back was to me now, his shoulders so broad, his back so wide and muscular that I felt my entire core tighten painfully. I couldn’t see his face, but I could practically feel how calm and ready he was for this, to win this fight.

My attention was rapt. I was in awe. I always felt like this watching him, holding my breath until it was over, my heart in my throat, my nerves tight. I knew he’d win—he always did—but that didn’t stop the worry from clawing at me from deep in my core.

Oli rolled his head on his neck, cracked his knuckles, and bounced on his feet to loosen himself up. He was poised to strike, like a cobra. Ready. Waiting. About to attack.

“And here we motherfucking go, ladies and gents!” the announcer practically roared through the speakers, and that was it.

The room was pandemonium as people shouted, pushed, shoved, screaming for more violence. I felt how wide my eyes were, felt Bernadette’s hand tighten in mine. But the wave of people moving back and forth was pushing us apart, had my arm stretched out, our fingers starting to disconnect.

She snapped her head in my direction and mouthed something, but I couldn't hear from the crush of noise surrounding us. We’d already talked about where to meet if we got separated, which wasn’t uncalled for at these things. There were just so many people it was better to be safe than sorry and not know where to go or what to do if we got split up.

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