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“The moment I saw you,” I murmured against her mouth, “it’s only been you for me.” I fucked her with my tongue, thrusting the muscle in and out the seam of her lips. “No one compares to you,” I said harshly, unable to suck in enough breath. “And before that…” I let those words hang between her as I gentled my kiss. “Yeah, Bryn,” I moaned. “It’s been years, and now that I have you…” God I couldn’t think straight, my arousal a fucking beast in me. “Now that you're mine, there will never be anyone else for either of us.”

She moaned at that and started kissing me frantically.

I kissed her until she couldn’t breathe, until she was murmuring incoherent things against my lips every time I gave her a second of reprieve from the onslaught of my lips and tongue.

My hard cock dug into her belly, and I pushed it against her even more, letting her feel me. “You see what you do to me?” I ground myself against her softness. “You see how fucking hard you make me?” My tone might have made her think I was angry over it, all clipped words coming out in a deep breath. But I was so far gone I was more animal than man right now.

And the only thing rushing through my mind and body was making Bryn mine in the most physical, elemental sense of the word.

“I want you,” she gasped when I pulled back.

I stared into her face, her eyes hooded, her lips parted. Her mouth was glossy from my kiss, red from my erotic abuse. I hadn’t been gentle with her and instead kissed her rough and demanding, because I had too much pent-up desire for her.

“I don’t think you know what you’re asking for,” I said low, maybe too low for her to fully hear me. But when she did the slightest movement, her hand falling from my waistband to reach between our bodies, I felt every muscle in me tighten.

I curled my nails into the wall beside her head, slid my hand to the side of her neck. I cupped her there, my thumb pressed right over the pulse under her ear that beat frantically.

I was the one in control right now, but if she wanted to have a little power, show me how much she wanted me… there was no way I would stop her.

I was curious how far she’d take this.

And then she pressed her tiny palm against my raging hard-on.

I gnashed my teeth, knew I all but snarled at the feeling of her touching me there.

“Oli,” she whispered and stared up at me with wide eyes. “You’re so… big.”

I moved my mouth to her ear and dragged my tongue along the shell, before whispering, “Big enough you’ll feel every inch of me as I’m pushing between your thighs, sweet Bryn. Big enough that I’ll stretch you to the point you won’t think you can take me.” I ground my cock against her hand, and she moaned. “This is what you do to me.” I pulled back to look in her eyes, our mouths dangerously close. “Tell me what you plan on doing now, brave girl.”

“Oli.” She said my name again, and I knew she couldn’t say much else, because her mind was too hectic, her body too high in the moment.

“Take me out. Touch me. Hold my cock in that little palm of yours.”

God, the feel of her doing what I said, pushing my sweats down then gripping the massive rod hanging between my thighs, had a harsh groan spilling from me. Adrenaline moved through me to mix with my arousal.

Her touch was tentative at first, hesitant even.

“I bet you’ve never had a cock in your hand, have you, sweet girl?”

She was breathing so heavily, her forehead now resting on the center of my chest as she experimentally moved her fingers over my length. Fuck, I could come from this alone. The soft pants of her warm breath moved against my skin almost frantically, and I found myself gripping her waist, curling my fingers into her supple flesh.

“No,” she finally said softly. “I’ve n-never touched one before.”

I growled low. God, so innocent. “Say it. Say what you’ve never touched before.” I was being a sadistic bastard right now. I knew this probably embarrassed her, but I couldn’t help myself. Knowing she was probably blushing furiously, knowing I was the only man to ever experience her like this, had me craving her even more.

She took a stuttering breath. “A cock. I’ve never touched a cock.”

God, she was going to kill me with her inexperience.

I’ll only ever be the one to know how she feels, tastes, sounds as she’s in the throes of pleasure.

“Are you wet?” I kept pushing at her, needing to have her tell me everything.

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