One Year Later

Mid-Air, Seattle to New York

When the seatbelt sign turns off, Scarlett’s eyes are closed. But I know she’s not sleeping. Not yet anyway. I have to make my move before she is. I lean over close to her and whisper to her. “It’s time.”

She opens an eye, glancing at me, and then rolls her eyes. “Chris, we don’t have to join the mile-high club every time we fly.”

I happen to disagree with her, but that’s not going to get me what I want. “Not every time,” I say. “Just this time. It’s our flight.”

“Seattle to New York?” She shakes her head. We first did that on the reverse trip.

“Still,” I say, “It’s kind of a tradition.” I grab her hand, placing it in my lap, under one of my work binders, where I’m trying to hide a hard-on that’s been killing me for the past hour.

Scarlett starts to laugh, “Oh my god, you’re not joking.”

“I never joke about fucking you,” I whisper, and I see her shiver. “Now get up and go to the bathroom. I’ll be there in a minute.”

She looks at me, gauging how serious I am, before she unbuckles her seatbelt and makes her way up to the first class bathroom. I wait two minutes before I make my day to join her. It’s entirely likely that the crew is going to know, and possibly the rest of first class. I don’t particularly care. If I had it my way, I’d have Scarlett screaming loudly enough for the whole plane to hear she’s mine. But my girl isn’t a fan of showing off, and so I try to do my best to blend in.

That’s pretty hard to do on a plane.

I knock softly on the door, and Scarlett opens it. I squeeze inside as quickly as I can, hoping that none of the crew notice. Scarlett’s face is flushed, her breathing quick as I lock the door. Even though she protests, the risk of being caught turns her on, and I know that. Every time we fuck in a plane she comes so hard I think she’s going to pass out. Gripping her hips and pulling her towards me, I kiss her. “We had to leave so early this morning, I didn’t get my taste of you,” I say. “And I’m craving it.”

“Come and get it then,” she says, and I unbutton her jeans, slipping my hand down into her panties to find her soaked. “God, Scarlett. I love you.”

He body reacts to my fingers, arching and stretching. “I know,” she says.

What she doesn’t know though is that this is more than an old tradition. I wanted to make this a new tradition before I present her with the engagement ring in my pocket at our favorite New York restaurant. Our plane experiences from New York to Seattle will celebrate the time we met, and from Seattle to New York we’ll celebrate—hopefully—the trip where we got engaged. Given how often we fly to New York, we’re going to be a flight crew’s worst nightmare.

I peel her jeans down to her knees and she helps me undo my belt. In the close quarters of the plan bathroom, we have to help each other, given that there’s no other place to go. She releases my cock from my underwear, and strokes it in the way she knows drives me straight to the edge. I make a warning sound, and she chuckles. I don’t want to come before I’m even inside her. I turn Scarlett around. I press the head of my cock against her entrance and slip inside. It feels just as much like coming home as the first time I fucked her, only it’s so much better now. We stopped using condoms a few months ago, and every time I enter her it still feels like a revelation. She’s so wet, and I can feel her leaking onto my skin.

I bend her over the sink as far as the space allows, thrusting deep. Scarlett stifles a moan, and the sound makes me harder. I’ll never get enough of the way she makes me feel—powerful and wild and strong. The thought spurs me on, and I start to fuck her the way I know she likes the best: fast and unrelenting, as deep as I can manage. Her breath is coming in short gasps, and I know that she’s trying to contain herself, to keep from giving us away with her moans. The reflection in the mirror shows me that she’s biting her lip, and I love the way it looks.

Working one hand into her hair, I guide her head up to look up at the mirror, locking eyes with her through the reflection. With my other hand I reach around to her clit, circling it with my thumb, knowing that’s her favorite motion. I love it when her body to starts to shake around me, driven to the height of pleasure because of what I’m doing to her. It doesn’t take long. With a smothered moan, Scarlett’s body goes taut, and I feel her pussy spasm around me, her juices running down my cock. She closes her eyes, basking in her orgasm, and I continue to fuck her.

I’m enjoying the feeling of her skin, the knowledge that even after a year I know exactly what to do to make her come apart. Pulling her ass tighter against me, I feel my orgasm rise. My balls tighten, and that sheer pleasure ruptures out of me as I come. I groan into her shoulder, feeling my cock spill deep inside of her. I grab her hips, yanking her back onto my cock, grinding into her, reminding her how deeply I can feel her up, and how deeply she’s mine.

We breathe together, leaning against the other for support for a moment before we remember that we’re at cruising altitude and soon people will notice. I clean myself up quickly and head out first, sliding into my seat without any trouble. But when Scarlett comes down the aisle a few minutes later, there’s more than a few heads that turn towards her. She blushes as she takes her seat. “I guess we weren’t subtle enough.”

“Fuck subtle,” I say, not being too careful with my volume. “I want everyone to know that I just made you come so hard you had to bit your lip to keep from screaming.”

Her eyes widen and she looks around. “Chris, quiet.”

“You’re adorable when you’re embarrassed,” I say, which only makes her blush harder. I lean over and kiss her. It’s a soft kiss, a reminder that I love her. “And I’m sorry that I embarrass you.”

She glares at me, rolling her eyes. “No you’re not.”

“Maybe a little,” I say. “But not so much that I won’t try to get you to fuck me again on this plane.”

She raises an eyebrow at me, and finally gives me a smirk. Leaning forward towards me, she says. “I’ll make you a deal.”

“I’m listening.”

“Keep it in your pants on this plane, and when we get to the hotel,” she lowers her voice, “I’ll give you a blow job so good you won’t see anything but stars for a week.”

My cock goes instantly rock hard, and I swallow. “Deal.”

Scarlett chuckles. She knows me well enough by now to know that I’ll never turn her down when she offers me a blow job, because there’s nothing on this earth that compares to her mouth.

She settles back against the seat, closing her eyes. I take her hand, weaving our fingers together. “I love you, you know.”

Her eyes stay closed, but she smiles. “I love you, too.”

I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous in my life. Scarlett is in the bathroom at our favorite Italian restaurant in the city, and after she stepped away, I pulled a little black box out of my pocket and put it on the table. Scarlett is an observant person. When she comes back from the bathroom she’s going to see the box and she’s going to know right then what’s happening. I can’t imagine her saying no, but I also can’t imagine I deserve to hear her say yes.

The first time I did the engagement thing, I wasn’t nervous. Now I wonder if it’s because I didn’t care about Shelly the way I do Scarlett. She takes my breath away. There’s no part of my life anymore that I can picture without her, and I’m tired of not knowing what her answer will be when I ask. So here it is.

I feel like I’m going to throw up, and we haven’t even gotten our appetizer yet.


ss the restaurant, I see Scarlett emerge from the ladies’ room, and I’ve still never seen anything that is as beautiful as her. She’s wearing her hair in soft waves—down, just the way I like it. Her dress is black, off the shoulders with a plunging neckline that highlights her pale skin and makes her look positively edible. She’s walking across the room to me now, and she’s smiling at me. When she smiles at me like that, I feel like I can conquer the world. As she nears the table, I stand up. Not because I’m going to pull out her chair, but because I’m going to get down on one knee. She comes to a stop in front of me, a confused look on her face. “Chris, are you okay?”

Before I can wonder any further, before I can doubt myself, I sweep the box off the table and drop to one knee. I open the box and show her the ring.

But when I open my mouth to ask her the question, she’s already answered it.


Our two smiles could light up the entire world.


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