His head snaps up to look at me, but I keep going. “I’m not supposed to know, but they didn’t whisper quietly enough when you stepped out of the room.”

Chris stares at me, waiting, but I’m still on the fence about how to say it. “Well?” he demands.

“They think you have a stick up your ass,” I say, opting for the blunt delivery. “They think that you’re too tense, and because of that you don’t understand the vibe of the company.” He leans back, scrubbing his hands over his face, and I continue. “They’re not wrong,” I say. “You need to blow off some steam. You need to relax. You’ve been tighter than a drum since I got here, and maybe if you just chilled a little bit, you’d be more likable.”

I bite my lip, not intending to go that far, but he huffs a laugh. “You want to help me blow off some steam?”

“Sure. However you want to blow it off,” I shrug.

His eyes suddenly focus on me, sharp and searching. “Is that an innuendo?”

My mouth falls open at what he’s suggesting, and I close it quickly because as mortified as I am, my mouth is watering at the thought. I blink. He didn’t really suggest that. I’ve gotten caught up in my imagination again. This gorgeous man in front of me isn’t actually suggesting that I put my mouth on him. His voice is rough. “If you want to help out so badly,” he says, “I’ve tried everything else.”

Heat shoots through me straight to my core, and I already know that there’s nothing I want more than to let this man do whatever he wants to me, but there are other things to consider. This is my job. What happens when we go back to Seattle if we do this? I take a step forward and stop myself, suddenly seeing what I missed before—Chris is hard. His pants do nothing to hide that fact, and he’s hard because of me.

Shit. Maybe I’m not actually imagining this.



I’m not drunk. Not even close. But I still can’t believe what I just suggested. I must be utterly and totally out of my mind. I’m not sure what it is about Scarlett that gets under my skin, but seeing her stand in the doorway, hair messily pinned back with a pen, feet only in stockings…

I’ve totally lost control. I can’t stop thinking about this morning when I walked in on her dressing. It wasn’t even that revealing, but now the memory of her skin is taunting me, and I keep imagining what it would look like under my hands, under my body. And damn it all to hell, she was right. She was more helpful than I thought she would be in that meeting. She saved me from looking like an ass by forgetting that budget folder, and she seamlessly filled in the gaps when I stumbled.

I look at her now, and she looks like walking sin to me, those conservative office clothes hiding what I know now is a body that could wake a dead man. I’ve been half-hard since she walked in the door yesterday, and even last night in the shower hadn’t been enough to take care of my desire. I’m fully hard now, and she can see it. The words were out of my mouth before I could even think to stop myself, but in this moment, I’ve never wanted anything as badly as I want to see those sweet berry lips wrapped around my cock.

I’ll show those corporate pricks at The Pleasure Chest just how much a stick is up my ass. I know how to let loose. I know how to be wild.

There’s a twinge inside as I recognize the lie I tell myself, but fuck it. Enough is enough. Scarlett just issued me a challenge, that I’m too tense to be likable, and if she’s willing to do this, I’m not going to stop it. Fuck, I’m going to make sure I enjoy every second of it.

“You’re serious?” she asks.

“Are you?” I stare back at her, daring her to back down, daring her to take back the things she said about me being too up tight. I see her eyes go dark and I wonder what she’s thinking. Her gaze drifts to my more than obvious erection, and I see her tongue dart out to touch her lips. She looks hesitant, but I see her chest rising and falling quickly. She wants this too. I let my imagination drift to what could happen. Anything could happen—we have this suite to ourselves and two large beds at our disposal.

Scarlett walks over to me steadily, and she looks down at me. Her hands are flexing with nerves, and I find myself tingling with nerves of my own. “This is a terrible idea,” she says.

I nod, totally agreeing. “This is probably the worst idea either of us have ever had.”

She sinks to her knees in front of me, and that sight sends all the blood in my body straight to my cock. It hardens to the point of pain, and I hiss out a breath. I can’t help myself. She looks up at me, and I notice that her eyes aren’t blue like I thought. They’re more gray, like stormy weather, but right now there’s so much heat in them they feel like a tropical storm.

She reaches for my belt, and I find that I can’t move. This isn’t happening. I’m not going to let her do this, am I? But even through the fabric of my pants her hands feel so good on me. It’s been way too long since I felt this way, since I’ve had any kind of pleasure like this. All too long since—

I shove the thought away and watch as Scarlett unzips my pants. My cock is straining through the cloth of my underwear, and it springs free as she pulls them away. She gasps, and it gives me a wicked satisfaction that she’s impressed by me. She reaches out, touches my skin, and it feels like ice because my skin is burning. I groan, already feeling her touch rippling through my body. Her fingers run lightly up and down my cock, and I have to hold my breath. It feels so good. Too good. If she doesn’t stop, I’m not going to make it to having her mouth on me. “Fuck.”

It’s the only word that could possibly come from my mouth right now.

Without warning, she takes the head into her mouth, and I swear loudly. I feel her laugh on my cock, and the sensation is absolutely indescribable. I close my eyes as she takes me deeper into her mouth, utterly undone. She sucks along my skin, and I swear I’ve never felt anything like it. Her tongue is drawing little patterns on the underside of my cock, and it twitches with every lick. She dives down onto me, taking me deep and pulling back slowly, milking waves of pleasure from me. I open my eyes as her mouth leaves my cock, just in time to see her dip her head and suck my balls between her lips.

I almost come right then. I grip my hands deep into the cushions of the couch, fighting back the urge to let loose and let it be over. Her hand is on my cock again, stroking its length from the root to the tip and back, my entire being focused on that single point of contact. She looks up at me with those gorgeous eyes, locking with mine as she takes me in again, pushing me so deep the tip of me brushes the top of her throat. My continued curses come out somewhere between a sigh and a moan.

She steps up a rhythm, bobbing up and down on my cock, and her lipstick smearing on my skin may be the sexiest damn thing I’ve seen in my life. I reach out to her, pulling the pen from her hair and watching it tumble down. I weave my fingers through it, guiding her, showing her the exact rhythm I need. Gripping her harder, I feel her give up control, and I know there’s no way I can hold back any more. My other hand joins the first in her hair, pushing her down onto my cock as my hips thrust up to meet her lips.

Her mouth swallows me, and I feel the tip of my cock slip into her throat, squeezing me, and I’m seconds away from breaking. I pull her back again and thrust into her mouth a final time, holding her in place as I come. I feel the first blast of my seed exploding warm around me in her mouth. I hold her head still while I fuck her mouth, filling her mouth with my cum. I see drops of it leaking as she tries to contain it all.

Finally it subsides, but I don’t let her go. I hold her on my cock as I feel her swallow, feel her mouth empty of everything I gave her, feel her press deeper onto me so her mouth can reach the little that escaped. When I let her go, and she releases my cock from her mouth, it’s glistening with the wetness from her mouth, and there’s a gleam in her eye. There’s a leftover drip on the corner of her lips, and I feel my cock stir again at the sight.

I reach for her, because there’s no way that this can be it. No way in hell are we finished. No

w that I’ve had a taste, I’m not going to stop until I consume her and every bit of pleasure that Scarlett has to offer. Now that I’ve let myself loose, there’s no way to be contained. She’s in my lap now, and my fingers are stroking across her ass as she opens the buttons on her shirt. I place my lips against her skin and it tastes like heaven. I’m about to find out if her nipples taste as good as I imagine when my cell phone rings.

Fuck. What now?

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