I oblige.

I push her back down to the bed, this time following her, covering her completely. The way her ass is pressing into me almost makes me come undone. I grab her hands, weave her fingers through mine, hold them steady so that she knows she’s mine, that she can’t escape the fucking I’m about to give her. I release the burst of feral energy inside, plunging in to the hilt, and I don’t stop. The bed is banging against the wall, and Scarlett is saying my name over and over again. When she can’t say it anymore, I can still hear her voice, the sound of a woman receiving the best pleasure of her life. I can’t stop now. I won’t stop. I feel her trembling underneath me and I know she’s close to coming.

I feel my own orgasm coming, starting deep inside my gut.

Scarlett screams out her climax, throwing her head back next to mine, her pussy clamping own on my cock. It sends me over the edge. My balls tighten, and a flash of pure white heat streaks down my spine. I thrust into her as deep as I can, feeling my come pouring out of me. My cock twitches inside her, and I’m helpless as bolts of pleasure wrack my body. I’ve never come so hard in my life. And as the feeling fades, we’re left tangled together in the bed sheets, sweaty and panting.

It takes a while for either of us to move, though I can’t say that I’m not enjoying feeling the way she’s breathing underneath me. I like feeling the delicate nature of her body in comparison to mine. I like to feel the spasms of her muscles against my skin, the aftershocks of the way I fucked her.

A fierce sense of pride and freedom rolls through me. I haven’t felt so good, so solid, in a long time. Not since Shelly left. And for the first time in a long time, I’m able to finish that thought without making myself change the subject.

Scarlett stirs under me, and I roll to the side. But not too far. I keep her tucked in close to me. “How do you feel?” I ask.

She blushes and turns her head into the pillow. How she can blush after all that, I’m not sure, but she does. “Well used,” she says. “You certainly kept your promise.”

“I suppose it would be entirely unprofessional to thank The Pleasure Chest marketing board tomorrow when we see them? They really did me a favor.”

Her laughter bubbles up, and I think it’s the first time I’ve really heard it. It’s pure and clear and stirs something in my chest. “Yeah, it’s probably not the best idea. But they just said what you probably already knew.”

“I think it’s something I had forgotten.” That is unexpectedly honest of me, and I’m not sure where it’s coming from, but I know that I don’t want to lie to Scarlett, and I don’t mind if she knows what happened—the thing that broke me.

She frowns at me, reaching out to push my hair off my forehead. “Seems like an odd thing, to forget to relax.”

“I guess I didn’t forget. I’ve just been…focused on work for awhile.”

The way Scarlett’s looking at me, I can tell she knows I’m avoiding saying something. “What happened?”




The light goes out in his eyes when I ask him what happened, and I hope that I haven’t just shattered everything that we shared. But he closes his eyes for a moment, takes a deep breath, and looks at me again. “A couple of years ago I was engaged. A few weeks before the wedding I found out she was cheating with my brother.”

I feel my jaw drop open, and all the words fly out of my head because what the hell do you say to something like that?

Chris clears his throat. “They took off together,” he laughs, “into the sunset. And I moved across the country.”

“That’s when you joined Ellison?”

He nods.

“Well I’m glad you did,” I say. “You saved my job.”

He’s looking past me, and I realize that probably wasn’t the right thing to say. “I’m sorry that happened to you. That’s a terrible thing to go through.”

“It’s in the past now.” He shrugs.

I give in to my urge to run my fingers through his hair again. “Is it?”

“Yes.” He pauses, “And no. It was easier to throw myself into this job. Even though I can be a dick I do actually like this job. I love the variety. But I guess that I forgot there can be anything but this.”

A stunning and daunting thought occurs to me. “There hasn’t been anyone since…”

“Since Shelly left?” he finishes for me. “There’ve been a few. But nothing serious. Mostly a meeting of the late-night-rendezvous type.” He grins.

I file away his fiancée’s name in case I need to know it later. “Well, that’s a relief,” I say, laughing. “That would be a lot of pressure on me.”

“Even it you had been the only one it would have been amazing.”

“Thanks,” I say, blushing.

He’s looking at me, and I’m amazed by the range of emotions that his eyes can portray. I’ve seen them angry, cold, hungry, lustful. Right now they’re soft, almost tender. We’re lying close, but he moves in closer, pressing his lips against mine. A bolt of pure energy goes through me as I realize that this is the first time we’ve kissed. There’s something incredibly intimate about saving a kiss as your last boundary with a person. It’s a different kind of connection, and this one plunges to my gut, pulling on something there and making me tingly inside.

His tongue traces my lips, and I open for him. He kisses me deeply and possessively, but this is also soft and questioning. Something deeper.

He pulls me closer, and I feel his body hardening against me. My own body stirs in response. I would have thought it impossible to want more after everything, but I do. I feel addicted to the feel of him over me and inside me. And maybe it’s because I’ve never had sex this good. Ever. Or maybe it’s because there’s something here. He breaks away from my lips, smiling. “I already want to fuck you again, Ms. Brown.”

He rolls over me, and I enjoy the feeling of his body pressing me into the mattress. “Slow this time,” I say. “I want to be able to walk tomorrow.”

Chris’s grin is almost unbearable as he retrieves another condom and rolls it onto his cock. He slides into me slowly, and I shiver. I am sore from the last time, but it’s a pleasant soreness, the kind that comes from sex that you’re absolutely not going to forget.

When he’s deep inside me he pauses. “You heard my sad story, but I don’t know anything about you.”

I scoff, a little breathless from his weight and the fact that his cock is filling me to the brim. “Maybe that can wait until later.”

“No I think this is the perfect time.” He smirks, moving his hips a little so I can feel just how full of him I am.

“I don’t have any sad stories.”

“A happy story then.” He kisses me, and his tongue teases mine until my body is begging for him to plunge into me the same way his tongue is plunging into my mouth. “I’m not going any further until you tell me a story,” he says. “Any story.”

“Why any story?”

He smiles. “Because I think we’ll have time for all the stories. Right now I just want one.”

There’s a tightening in my chest and I find myself smiling back at him. All the stories. He thinks there will be time for more stories. I don’t know exactly what that means, but it makes my insides glow and I find myself searching for a story to tell him. “Well, before I was in marketing, I was a medical student.”

He looks surprised. “Wow.”

“Yeah,” I say. “My parents wanted me to go to medical school, and I didn’t really know enough about myself to know that it’s not at all what I wanted. But I loved Grey’s Anatomy and I thought that if I could land myself a hot doctor husband everything be fine.” I roll my eyes at myself. “So I managed to get selected for a Seattle residency—because once again, I thought my life was going to be a Grey’s Anatomy episode—and I hated every second of it.”


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