“Do you think this is funny?” I ask her as I pull her panties off and push her legs apart.

Her giggle turns into a slow, sexy smile as she bends her knees and slowly pulls them up so that they’re by her ears. Oh fuck, this girl knows what she’s doing. Her pink slit is open, wet and exposed and with a giggle, she reaches down, spreading her lips so that her clit shows.

“It’s not funny. It’s hot. Now is this what you want?” she purrs. “Come and get it, big boy.”

Like a deranged man, I pounce on the bed between those creamy thighs, harder than I’ve ever been in my life. I lift her hips up off the bed and grab her ample, round bottom before sliding just the tip of myself into her. She gasps a little, startled by my size, but then her body relaxes and she smiles at me once more.

“Please, Mr. Commons. Give it to me. I want it.”

My control snaps, and I thrust deep inside. She cries out in satisfaction and shock at my penetration. From my viewpoint looming above her, I can watch her face as she lays on her back, hips in the air taking every inch of me. The bliss I see causes me to thrust harder and faster.

“You like that, sweetheart? You know you have a wet pussy, don’t you? Most women can’t take me in one stroke, but you did. Is it because you want me so bad?”

“Yes,” she mewls breathlessly, her hands clenching the blanket as she absorbs my thrusts like a pro. “Oh god, yes!”

“What? I didn’t hear you,” I say, slowing my pace and not going quite so deep so I can rub her with my thumb as I do.

But Kelsey doesn’t allow me to slow for long. She thrusts her hips up against mine, demanding more of me, crying “yes” louder and louder until I feel her walls clench around me. The rhythmic pulse of it, so tight and arousing, makes me explode inside her. I throw my head back and hold her hips to me as every drop of my desire drains into her. Fuck, how can it be this good?

We lay against one another, panting and sweaty, but then the curvy girl traces my shoulder lightly with one finger.

“Was that it, Mr. Commons? Or will there be a second round?”

With a growl, I’m hard once more and the fun begins all over again.5KelseyWe step off the jet into the glorious sunshine that is Tahiti. It’s almost eleven p.m. in New York but only five p.m. in the South Pacific. Like a miracle, we’ve gained six hours.

Then again, I’m not surprised because this trip feels like a dream. The last sixteen hours that I spent tangled in Keith’s arms are basically a fantasy come true; a fantasy out of a pornographic movie, but still a fantasy. I had hours and hours of the best sex of my life with my boss, who also happens to be a billionaire and the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, I could get fired, but Keith has been incredibly sweet and kind. We fell into a post-coital sleep on the luxurious king size bed and I woke up to him nuzzling my ear and whispering sweet nothings. Then, his chef made us a five-star meal which we ate in our bathrobes, chatting all the while like there was nothing weird about the two of us being on a plane naked together. In fact, we discovered both of our favorite movies are baseball movies. Keith loves Field of Dreams while A League of Their Own is my favorite. We tried to watch both, but ended up going at it hot and heavy in bed again. And again. And again.

But I know more than anyone how Keith treats his women. He has a parade of them, and I’ve booked travel arrangements, restaurant reservations and even answered emails for him in the past. It makes me uneasy, but I shake it off, determined to live in the moment and enjoy this glorious opportunity. After all, I’ve never been abroad and this is my chance. Seize the day, right?

Of course, there’s a car waiting for us on the tarmac and I suddenly wonder if anyone at our upcoming business meetings will be able to tell that Keith and I have had sex. In fact, can the driver tell right now? I do have a certain glowy, sated look, but then I shake myself. I’m so paranoid. I’ve got to get a grip.

At that moment, I feel a big hand on the small of my back.

“Relax, you’re on a tropical island,” Keith growls as he opens the car door for me. My worries must be written all over my face, and I force a smile.

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