“Wow,” he growls when I finally let up. But never underestimate an alpha male because in a second, his arms go around my waist and I bring my other knee up onto the bed so that I’m completely straddling him. I say nothing, allowing all my desire to pour out as I bend over to kiss him again.

I wiggle my hips a bit, and giggle because I can feel how hard he is through my satin panties. My need for him is driving me now, and instinct takes over. I rock my hips back and forth on his lap, my satin sliding against his silk. He lets out a hiss of pleasure and I remember how on the plane he told me he was going to make me moan for him. I now understand how arousing that power is, and I want it for myself. I pull back from his lips but continue to rock my hips. His hardness rubs against my clit and I gush wetly where we’re joined.

“It’s my turn to make you moan,” I tease.

He tries to take control again and flip me on my back, but I give him a firm “no,” and step off his lap. Then I crouch on my knees in front of him. For a moment, our eyes meet, the heat flaring, and he seems more than willing to let me lead. I grasp the waistband of his pajamas and he lifts his hips so I can remove them.

Oh god. Keith’s gloriously naked and rock hard. I run my hands up his thighs and spread his legs to make room for me to lean in and take him into my mouth. His skin is so smooth, and I love the way it feels on my tongue.

I’ve become very good at this because of a terrible reason. Frankly, oral allows me to pleasure guys without feeling self-conscious about being naked. Some girls consider it a demeaning chore, but I’ve always liked it. I think it is intoxicating, and besides, the human jaw exerts the most force of any muscle in the body. A man trusting you enough to allow the most vulnerable part of his body to be put in the most powerful part of yours is utterly empowering.

I look up and see that Keith is watching me, his blue eyes glowing. He’s moved my hair to the side so he can see my lips slide up and down on his rod, and I’m so aroused by this I do something I’ve never done in front of anyone before. I lift my hips on the bed so that he has a view of my big bottom, and I slide my hand into my panties. I can’t believe how wet I am.

“Oh my god Kelsey, that is so sexy,” he growls, his eyes flaring.

I watch him watching me while I take him deeper into my throat. Then, Keith throws his head back and lets out a strangled moan. There it is. That’s what I want to hear, and I lift my head before wiping at my lips.

“I liked that,” is my coy compliment. “I think we can move to the next level now.”

Slowly, I work my soaked panties off while he devours me with his gaze, propped up on his elbows, his massive shaft upright and gleaming between us. With a giggle, I straddle him again, and this time there is no fabric between us and I point his tip and my aching slit.

“Oh,” I moan while beginning the descent. “You’re enormous.”

His hands stroke my thighs as he takes in this delightful sight.

“I know,” he rasps. “But you can handle me, sweetheart, because you’re so wet. Slowly, slowly.”

I work him into me, loving the penetration, and finally get to the base of his shaft. I feel like I’m being split apart, but it’s so good all the same.

“Mmmm,” I moan, tossing my head back with pleasure. “Oh god.” He chuckles and then reaches up to squeeze my nipples and I let out a short shriek of pleasure.

Goodness, is this really happening? I’m not often the girl on top and I realize how much more of him I get from this position. I don’t move for a few seconds, knowing how close I am to peaking. I love being able to look into Keith’s eyes and it’s that connection with him that sets me loose. I don’t want to hold back any longer. I find a slow, steady rhythm that builds to a climax in just a few minutes, and cry out as waves of warmth wash over my sweetest spot. But somehow Keith knows he can take me higher.

His hands squeeze my hips, and I’m now ready to let him finish on top. Instead, he holds me still, my pussy mere inches above his pelvis, and thrusts into me from beneath. The shock waves of my first orgasm haven’t passed before I feel the next one rising, and with a hungry look on his face, Keith pumps harder and sends me shooting over the rim again. I grip his shoulders like they are an anchor keeping me chained to earth while letting out a series of breathless moans.

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