“Keith,” I gasp. “Oh my god, Mr. Commons!”

I’m ready to collapse on top of him but the alpha male hasn’t found his release yet, and his movements grow frenzied. He sits up, keeping me on his lap, and I feel all of him deep inside. He roughly yanks down the top of my corset exposing my heaving breasts, and bends to take one of the overly sensitive tips in his mouth. The hot jolt of lust goes straight to my pussy, and unbelievably, a third explosion inside me sends shudders all through my body as I cry out. Wetness gushes between us, and with one last plunge inside me, Keith lets go too. He roars like a conquering hero, and I feel his hot release filling me up.

When my mind clears, I’m dazed, sated, and utterly satisfied. Who knew that three really is my lucky number?9KeithThe last few days have been exactly what I need. I wake up with Kelsey wrapped in my arms after a night of mind-blowing sex and then nuzzle her awake too. More often than not, we have another session between the sheets before spending the day together. It’s been more fulfilling than any board meeting or Fashion Week could ever be.

I’m impressed with Kelsey too because the curvy girl never ceases to amaze me with how she faces her fears and insecurities head on. After her initial hesitation, she put all her energy into learning to swim and has gotten confident enough to dive into the deep end of the resort pool in just under a week. I think she’s definitely ready for what I have planned for her today.

“You look like you’re up to something. Were you sneaking a phone call in while I was showering?” she titters.

I hold my hands up.

“Guilty as charged. I am up to something.”

“Did you cave and call to check up on the office?” she asks, her eyebrows raised.

“No. You have my undivided attention this week, sweetheart. The company is fine on its own. They’ll call if they need me.”

I love how Kelsey looks right out of the shower, wrapped in a plush hotel robe with a towel in hand while drying her corkscrew curls. I take her in my arms and kiss the soft lips that have brought me so much pleasure this week.

“I’ve planned a day of spoiling Kelsey Laine with delightful surprises, and that was just me finalizing the last detail.”

“You spoil me every night,” she says flirtatiously. “What more could a girl ask for?”

But then, she wraps her arms around me and pulls me close.

“Thank you, Keith. I love your surprises. You know that.”

I stroke her curls fondly, already getting hard feeling her softness pressed against me. “Sweetheart, I could stay in bed with you all day, but we have a schedule to keep.”

She mock pouts.

“Boo! No schedules on vacation!”

I grin.

“Trust me, you are going to love this schedule. Get dressed, sweetheart. Upsy-daisy.”

She takes my hand, her expression suddenly serious. “You know, I do trust you and that’s not something I do easily.”

I grin.

“I will never betray that trust. But get dressed, sweetheart! We have somewhere to be.”

She throws me a flabbergasted look.

“But how am I supposed to know what to wear if I don’t know where we’re going?”

I grin. “Dress in something you can get in and out of easily.”

She returns my smile. “Hmmm, I like the sound of that. How about a sundress and nothing else?”

I laugh out loud, loving her suggestion.

“You are an insatiable minx, not that I’m complaining. But our day requires you to wear panties. Trust me on this one. I’m going down to see the hotel manager about something. Meet me down there in 30 minutes?”

She grins, and is down in 20 minutes. It’s another thing I adore about Kelsey because she doesn’t need an hour and a half to get ready, unlike some of my former paramours.

“Are you ready for a stroll through the marketplace?” I ask, taking her small hand in my own. She throws me a confused look.

“But I thought the market was closed due to lack of tourists right now? Because of the pandemic?”

I nod.

“Yes, they’re usually closed, but not today. I’m taking you on a shopping spree, sweetheart. When I asked the hotel manager if he knew of any stores that would be willing to open for us today, he came back with a whole list. It seems a billionaire wanting to spend his money is a good reason to throw open the doors. We have until noon, and then we’ll need to get ready for our next appointment for the day.”

Her eyes widen.

“Oh Keith, you didn’t have to go to all this trouble. But I’m glad you did because I want to get some souvenirs for Melissa and my family.”

I grin.

“You should definitely get souvenirs for your loved ones, but this shopping spree is for you. I’m really proud of how much effort you put into learning to swim this week and I want to reward you. Plus, I just like to see you in pretty clothes. You deserve to be pampered and spoiled, honey.”

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