“This is gorgeous! Keith, look how beautiful it is.”

I take it from the designer’s hand and put in Kelsey’s hair, pinning back the curls that had fallen over her right eye.

“There’s my mermaid. We’re definitely taking it. But go and browse a bit more, sweetheart, but be quick, because we need to get to our next destination soon.”

She moves off, her expression full of excitement. I watch fondly, adoring that curvy shape as she oohs and ahhs over dozens of trinkets. Along with the bangles and baubles she picks out for herself, she finds a pair of aquamarine earrings for Melissa and a silk scarf for her mom. She explains to me that Melissa’s birthstone is aquamarine and her mom loves colorful scarves, so these are perfect gifts.

Again, I’m astonished at Kelsey’s thoughtfulness. She’s a wonderful friend and a devoted daughter and again, I’m convinced that she’ll make a fabulous mother. Heck, I can’t wait to put my babies in her belly, and now, I just want it to happen sooner rather than later. But first: our next stop.

“We’ve got to get back and change for the beach,” I tell her as our purchases are wrapped up. Her lips quirk.

“Oh, the beach? Is this some diabolical scheme?”

I laugh because we’ve gone to the beach in front of the hotel several times during the week, but I haven’t convinced Kelsey to go in past her knees. The waves still frighten her a bit, even if they’re little more than small ripples.

“We are going to a different beach today, honey. You’ll see.”

Kelsey tries to distract me, taunting me with her curves as we change, and it almost works. But I know what’s best for her and getting past this fear of the ocean today is what she needs.

Someone from the resort drives us to a secluded strip of sand in a little off-road vehicle. It’s like a golf cart on steroids. There’s a picnic lunch waiting for us and a comfortable towel laid out on the sand with an umbrella creating shade.

“I know you’re trying to get me to swim in the ocean, Mister,” she smiles at me. “You’ve been bribing me all day with shopping and French pastries and now this romantic picnic, but I’m not ready.”

I stop her.

“You are ready, honey. Look around us. This is a cove, and there is virtually no wave action here.”

She surveys the scene, and then a sparkle comes into her eye.

“Hmmm. You know what I see? I see a sign over there that says this is a topless beach,” she replies sassily before unhooking her bikini top and dropping it in the sand.

I’m aroused at the sight of those creamy, enormous orbs, which I think is her goal. But then, I hear the last surprise pulling up. It’s a boat that I rented for the afternoon. The captain has dropped anchor about a hundred feet from shore, and he waves at us. To my amazement, Kelsey waves back very nonchalantly, her breasts jiggling.

“Sweetheart, you’re topless, remember?”

“Of course I do, because it just happened seconds ago. But I’m sure the captain is a grown man who’s seen plenty of tits before. Maybe they weren’t as spectacular as mine, but people here are used to it.”

I chuckle and lean in for a kiss, putting my hands on those creamy orbs. She giggles and pushes me away.

“I haven’t decided if I’m mad at you or not. Let’s enjoy this picnic and then I’ll decide what to do next.”

We nibble on sweet fruit, French bread, cheese, and salty olives. I go to refill Kelsey’s wine glass, but she puts her hand over the top.

“I probably shouldn’t have any more wine if I’m going to swim to that boat.”

I’m delighted.

“That’s my girl! Trust me, I know you can do this. I know what’s best for you and I would never push you into something you weren’t ready for.”

She nods, suddenly serious again.

“I do trust you, Keith. I know every time you push me out of my comfort zone it’s because you have my best interests in mind, and you see more potential in me than I see in myself. Come on, let’s do this,” she says, suddenly standing and taking my hand. Together, we wade into the warm Pacific, the beautiful girl by my side.

“I’ll stay right beside you. We’ll walk until your toes no longer touch the ground, so the part you need to swim is probably only about fifty feet.”

I hear Kelsey take a deep breath, but she says nothing. My love squares her shoulders with a look of determination in her eyes, and I’ve never adored her spirit more. Then, she lets go of my hand, takes a deep breath, and dives into the water.10KelseyYesterday was one of the best days of my life. It was fun being spoiled, but that wasn’t what made it so special. I’ve never felt so cared for, and yet so confident at the same time. I’ve always been smart and a good student, but in other areas of my life, I was a shy pansy. By contrast, Keith makes me feel confident as a person.

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