I blow kisses at my daughter as Keith drives us away. I already know where we’re headed: back to the cove where I swam in the ocean for the first time. It’s “our place” and I look forward to seeing it again.

By some miracle, there’s no one there, and Keith’s spread out a picnic blanket with a feast on top.

“My lady,” he says, bowing while helping me out of the golf cart. I giggle while taking his hand.

“Will the boat be arriving soon? Because I need to know when to take my top off,” I tease Keith. He shakes his head.

“No boat today because I wanted this to be private,” he says before guiding me to the blanket. “Sit honey.”

I do as told, expecting him to pull out a bouquet of flowers or maybe some candy. He knows how much I love peanut butter chocolates. But then, my boyfriend kneels down and pulls a small black velvet box out of the basket. My heart falls into my stomach as my eyes tear.

“Kelsey Laine, will you marry me?” he growls, that blue gaze still so demanding. “I love you so much, and you’ve already given me a daughter and a wonderful life together. Say you’ll become Mrs. Keith Commons.”

A dazzling pear-shaped diamond winks at me, surrounded by a gorgeous halo of sapphires.

“Yes! Yes! Of course I’ll marry you,” I murmur as happy tears flood down my cheeks. Keith leans forward to kiss me and then slips the ring onto my finger. It sparkles like it’s always belonged there and my heart leaps.

“Beautiful,” I whisper.

“Yes, definitely,” he growls, looking at me and not the diamond. But then, my fiancé grins and pulls out a bottle of champagne to pour two glasses.

“A toast: to the future Mrs. Kelsey Commons!”

We clink glasses but I don’t drink any of the bubbly liquid. The handsome man eyes me curiously.

“What’s wrong, honey? Don’t you want to celebrate?”

This time, I smile because I have a surprise too.

“Nothing’s wrong. In fact, everything is absolutely perfect, but pregnant women aren’t supposed to drink alcohol. Are you excited? Maybe we’ll get that little boy this time.”

A huge smile crosses his face and I see his eyes get a little glassy from holding back tears of happiness. Then, my man leans forward and gives me a kiss so full of love and joy that I know we’ll be happy together forever.THE END

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