“Oh my god,” gasps Kelsey. “There’s even a convection oven and a deep fryer?” Kelsey asks, obviously surprised while eyeing the kitchen.

“Yep,” I say cheerfully. “This flight is over sixteen hours, so we might as well have every convenience at our fingertips.”

She nods.

“I didn’t even think about how long the flight would be. The trip was so sudden I didn’t have time to check. Well, I’m sure we can get a lot of work done without the distractions of the office.”

Clearly, Kelsey is operating under the assumption that this is strictly a business trip, and I might as well clear the air now.

“Actually, we won’t be doing any work on this flight. I feel like I need to take a few hours just to breathe. City life is so crazy all the time, and I generally work like a maniac when I’m in my office. I like to use flights to relax.”

Kelsey seems stunned, but she nods.

“Of course, that’s completely understandable. What should we do for the next fifteen hours though? It’s a long time,” she says, utterly nonplussed.

“I’m sure we’ll find something,” comes my growl.

My smile must reveal my thoughts because Kelsey flushes slightly and bites her lip. I like it.

“How about we continue the tour?”

“There’s more?” she gasps. I grin again.

“You haven’t seen the best part yet.”

I lead her to the back and open the door to a private bedroom. I have a king-sized bed with crisp white sheets and a fluffy white down comforter with a red stripe down the middle. There are a half dozen overstuffed pillows in matching red cases.

I purposefully stand in the narrow doorway and usher Kelsey through so that she has to brush by me slightly. Her light floral perfume is intoxicating. The mimosas seem to have loosened her inhibitions because the curvy girl doesn’t shrink away as she eases through the door. In fact, she seems to linger a little, pressing those full breasts against my chest just for a fraction of a second longer than need be, before she steps fully into the room.

“This is bigger than my bedroom in my apartment,” she gasps while turning in a circle to take it all in. Then she beams. “I could live on this plane. Honestly, a spa tub would make this place my personal heaven.”

I grin.

“Well then, this way to the pearly gates, Miss Laine,” I say while opening a small paneled door to the right. There’s an en suite bathroom fully equipped with a spa tub as well as a glass-paned shower. “In fact, if you want to use the tub, feel free. I never use it myself and it seems a waste for it to sit there empty all the time.”

Just as Kelsey opens her mouth for what I’m sure will be a protest, we hit a pocket of turbulence. As she stumbles into me I can’t resist the opportunity. I catch her by the hips and take those strawberry-colored lips with my own. She’s so ripe and tempting, as well as utterly luscious and sweet.

Kelsey hesitates for a moment, but it doesn’t last long. She melts into me, returning the kiss with more heat and passion than I expected. Frankly, I wonder if she’s fantasized about a kiss like this from me in the past.

I deepen the kiss, knowing I’m going to have her out of that dress in no time. But then she jerks away, her eyes bright while panting slightly.

“I am so sorry, Mr. Commons! I don’t know what came over me. That was completely out of line, and I apologize. I rarely drink and I’ve already had three or maybe four mimosas, and it isn’t even noon,” she stammers.

“Didn’t I tell you to call me Keith?” I ask in a stern voice.

She blushes and begins to stutter again, those big breasts heaving. I enjoy seeing her a little flustered, come to think of it.

“Really, Kelsey? I felt the fire in that kiss seconds ago and now you’re calling me Mr. Commons again? Please, sweetheart. I can see how your skin is flushed and hear how rapidly you’re breathing. Why are you denying yourself something you so clearly want?”

Real fire shoots from those caramel eyes now.

“How do you know what I want? Today is the first real conversation you’ve had with me in all the time I’ve worked for you.”

Her sass is sexy, and I laugh at her protest.

“I know what you want because your strawberry lipstick is all over my mouth. It tastes good, sweetheart, and I want more of it.”

I close the distance between us, and she backs away a bit, bumping into the wall behind her. But there’s no fear. Her breasts are trembling, and pupils dilated. I can almost smell the wetness pooling between her thighs. Like a predator, I put my hand on her hip and lower my mouth to her ear. I brush my finger lightly along the lace that is peeking out of the neckline of her dress.

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