“Kelsey, you’ve been teasing me with this little sliver of pink lingerie all morning. I need to see the rest of it,” I rasp into the delicate line of her neck. She shivers at my hot breath, and I growl uncontrollably.

I kiss behind her ear and move slowly across her jaw line to her lips, gently moving my finger back and forth over that tiny piece of fabric that’s gotten me so hard. She gives in and puts one hand on my hip pulling me towards her so there is no mistaking how much I want her. She thrusts her other hand into my hair, demanding more than the soft kisses I’ve been giving her. I oblige and growl deeply into her mouth, taking my pleasure.

“This dress comes off now,” I command and without waiting for permission, I find the zipper in the back. In a few moments, the dress puddles at her feet and I get my first full look at Kelsey’s curves. God Almighty, she’s gorgeous. The woman is a pure hourglass with enormous breasts, a tiny waist and wide hips that make my mouth water. Those are childbearing hips, the kind I like best.

But Kelsey’s still hesitant, even if she’s utterly aroused. The curvy girl stands before me, exposed and a little uncertain; I can see that in her eyes. I pull down a strap of her bra to expose a gorgeous full breast, and groan beneath my breath. It’s creamy, round, and refreshingly all natural. I run my thumb over the most sensitive part as I kiss her neck again. The tiniest moan escapes her lips.

“I want to hear more of that Kelsey. What happens if I try this?”

I keep rubbing my thumb over her hard nipple in gentle circles and pull down her other bra strap. I move my mouth from her neck to the newly exposed breast and mimic the movement of my thumb with my tongue, circling her hard peak. Her sharp intake of breath tells me she’s enjoying this, but it’s not enough to give me that deep moan I want to hear.

Instead, the curvy girl reaches for my zipper and I catch her hand.

“No, you don’t get that until I get what I want. I want to hear you cry out from the pleasure I’m giving you.”

She smiles secretively and reaches for me again. This time, I won’t be denied. I take both wrists and hold them above her head so that her breasts lift. My mouth returns to her creamy orb, and she can’t control the whimper of delight that escapes her now.

“Oh Mr. Commons!” she pants. “Oh god!”

I take my knee and nudge her thighs apart. Then, I slide my hand up one silky leg and groan when I see that the pink lace of her panties is utterly soaked.

“You know I love this, right?” I ask, circling that wet spot with my thumb. “I love how you’re so drenched for me, sweetheart.”

She mewls and tenderly, I move her panties to the side so I can get to her sweet, wet center. Oh fuck, she’s gorgeous, the pinkness swollen and glistening. Gently, I tap her clit, making her shudder, and then slip one of my long fingers inside her and leave it for a moment, letting her adjust. She’s hot and wet, and she’s going to moan with pleasure when I make her climax this way.

I slide my finger deep inside and find that spot that I know will send her over the edge before beginning to circle it with my finger. Her heart’s hammering and I can feel her thighs begin to tremble as she grips my shoulders with two small hands.

“Keith,” she pants breathily. “Unnnh, oh god.”

I need her to finish this way because I’m big, and loosening a woman first is key. I slide another finger inside then, and suck hard on a firm nipple. Her whimpers are loud as she tosses her head.

“Keith,” she pants. “Please!”

I merely smile into her glistening wetness.

“Please what, sweetheart?”

She mewls and twists against my hand before crying out again.

“Please fuck me! Oh god!”

I thrust my fingers inside her hard and Kelsey cries out. Simultaneously, I use my thumb to rub that magic button and gently bite her nipple at the same time.

“Oh Keith!” she screams and I feel her wet release on my hand. It gushes heavily, drenching my entire palm down to my wrist, and I long to taste it. I release her breast from my teeth and kiss her hard while continuing to softly rub the remaining tremors of orgasm out of her with the palm of my hand. Then, I release her wrists and she immediately scrabbles for my pants.

“Your turn,” she says, squeezing me through the fabric.

I have no self-control left. I yank my shirt over my head and manhandle Kelsey towards the bed. I push her back because I want to see her laid out in front of me, her legs spread as she pants with pleasure. A chirp of surprise escapes her throat as she tumbles onto the downy comforter. She’s utterly gorgeous with that mass of brunette curls fanned out behind her, and her enormous, beautiful breasts are fully exposed

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