My hands are shaking as I put my dick back in my pants. Claire is the sexiest mess I’ve ever seen. Her face is flushed, her hair is in disarray, her lips are swollen, and her eyes have tears glistening at the corners. I pull her toward me in a deep kiss. “I want you in my bed. Now,” I tell her. I leave no room for argument, and she doesn’t seem to even entertain the idea of saying no.5ClaireA few things register as I’m walking into AJ’s massive house. First, it’s enormous. And second, for being such a beautiful home, it’s sparsely decorated. There are no pictures on the walls, or anything that would make the place feel like a home. There’s no warmth to it, just some nice pieces of furniture. I picture him living up on this hill alone, afraid to come down because of the mobs of people, like Edward Scissorhands or Frankenstein’s monster. I know that’s not the case, of course. He adores his fans, and he probably has a new girl in his home every night.

I’m surprised by the tightness in my throat that image conjures. I don’t want to think about him with other women in his bed. Right now, I just want to think about me in his bed.

I follow him up a dramatic staircase to the second story of his house. There are floor to ceiling windows looking over the lake, and it’s stunning. His bedroom is the size of my apartment, just as sparsely decorated as the living area downstairs. Aside from a dresser and a nightstand, the only furniture in this giant room is a cozy-looking king California king-sized bed. About the only comfortable thing in his house.

He lifts me effortlessly into his arms and tosses me onto the bed. I laugh as I bounce. A girl could get lost in this thing. It’s so plush with all of the billowy blankets and pillows.

Moments later he’s on top of me. He undresses me with rapt attention. He looks like he’s about to lift off my top but goes for my pants instead. It’s like he doesn’t know where to start. My scrub pants come down smoothly, and he tosses them on the floor. His big hands trace my calves up my body and stop at my panties. Then he tugs those down too, inhaling a sharp breath. His hands rub up my tummy and grab my breasts before pulling my shirt over my head. His mouth finds my nipple and sucks it through the lace of my bra. My nerves sizzle as his tongue laps at me. He moves from one nipple to the other until I’m frantic and grabbing at his clothes. He pulls himself up on his knees and takes off his shirt. His erection is hard and straining through his pants, and I can’t help but reach out and touch, feeling the heat and firmness through the denim. He hisses through his teeth as I rub his erection, and then scrambles out of his pants and boxers. He opens up a small drawer in his bedside table and pulls out a condom. He pulls the drawer completely out, as well. It falls to the floor with a crash, but he hardly notices as he rolls on the condom. He dives onto the bed once the condom is on, and then he’s lying on the bed beside me, both of us naked now. Then things come to an abrupt stop. We’re just looking at each other. All frantic energy momentarily stilled. It’s like we’ve time traveled back to college, and being in this situation again is both strange and familiar. The corner of his mouth crooks up, and then he grabs me. He pulls me on top of him, grabs my ass, plunders my mouth, before rolling me onto my back again. He hovers over me, trapping me in the cage of his arms. His dark eyes are wide, his gaze drinking in my face, my curves, my breasts, and lingering on the cleft between my legs a while before sliding back up to my eyes.

“You’re beautiful,” he says with awe and whimsy. Men always tell me I’m beautiful, but none have ever said it the way AJ did. For the first time in my life I feel seen.

I put my hands on his cheeks, running my fingers along his scars. He’s a gladiator, breaking his body for sport, for the entertainment of others. “So are you.”

His lips smash into mine in possibly the most heated kiss I’ve ever experienced. I run my nails down his back, grasping his hips as he pushes his hard-on against me, but not yet inside of me. I want it.

I spread my legs wider and reach between our bodies to take his cock into my hand. It’s so big there’s no way I could ever wrap my fingers fully around it. My breathing rushes out of me in anticipation. I remember what it’s like to be filled up by him, the slight twinge of pain from the sheer size, and how the head punched at my cervix with his thrusts. It was the most thorough beating my pussy has ever taken and I loved every minute of it.

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