He uses the abundant juices leaking from me to lube his finger again. When he slips it into my asshole this time, it’s different. Maybe it’s the attention to my clit that helps things along, but fuck, it’s good.

The constant leak of my pussy keeps his finger nice and wet so that is slips in and out with ease. I feel the pressure of an orgasm start to build. My muscles contract around his finger.

“You like that finger in your ass, don’t you?” he says.

“I love it,” I admit.

“Come for me baby,” he says, and sucks my clit into his mouth, giving it the thorough sucking it needs to push me over the edge. My hips buck and thrash as I’m pulled into one of the most explosive orgasms I’ve ever had.

He pulls his finger out, and kneels in front of me. He puts his cock between my thighs, but doesn’t go inside of me. Instead, he presses my legs together, trapping his cock between my thighs, fucking them. The head of his cock protrudes only a few times before he’s shooting cum across my tits.

We’re both breathing heavy. He collapses on the bed beside me.

I raise my hand, fending off the intrusive sun coming through the window. The reflection of it coming off of the lake seems to make the light blaze even brighter. AJ’s large frame had been blocking it. Or maybe I was too busy in the throes of pleasure to notice before, but now it slices into my retinas.

AJ hands me a towel off the floor to clean the cum off of my chest, then grabs the top sheet and wraps it around his waist. As he walks over to the window to shut the curtains, I notice him limping.

“What’s wrong with your leg?” He seems to mull over the question while he’s closing the curtains.

“Oh this?” He taps his knee. “It’s nothing.”

He’s deflecting. I know there’s something wrong but he doesn’t want to tell me. I don’t push him. It’s none of my business.

He walks over to the bed and kisses my cheek. “Care to join me in the bath?”

I stretch languorously across the bed. “That sounds nice.”

Inside his bathroom is the biggest tub I’ve ever seen. It looks more like a hot tub with the jets. He turns on the tap and squeezes bubble bath into the tub. Pine scented steam surrounds us. AJ takes my hand as I step into the bathtub; it’s quite high. He follows me and sits down. I settle between his legs, my back to his chest. As the water level rises, AJ rubs bubbles over my shoulders and down my chest. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud.

“You haven’t changed a bit since college,” he says.

“I have a bit.” In college I never would have stayed after sex. It was my mission not to ever get involved with guys. Sex was okay, but I never wanted it to evolve into anything more. As AJ kisses my neck, I start to feel that familiar uncomfortable feeling creeping up. His kisses are more intimate than sexual, which triggers a flight response in me.

I shove those confusing feelings aside by changing the subject. “Why a clinic?” I ask.

“For you, of course.” His answer is instant. No hesitation, no thought behind it. He’s telling the truth. He did this for me, but why?

I turn to face him, the water sloshing around me. “You’re serious?”

His deadpan expression tells me he is.

“Who does that? Who invests millions of dollars for a woman they slept with once in college?”

Anger and fear well up inside of me, though I’m not sure why. The emotions start a confusing battle in my head that overwhelm me, and all I know is that I need to get out of here and calm down.

He’s trying to explain but I hear none of it as I get out of the bath and grab an enormous body towel on my way out of the bathroom. He gets out of the tub to follow me but is slowed down by the stiffness in his leg. The doctor in me wants to stop and make sure he’s all right, try to examine him to see how I can help. But the rest of me, the confused woman, wants to get out of here as soon as possible.

“Please, Claire, will you just stop and listen to me?”

I can’t. I need out.

I throw on the scrubs I wore from last night, not bothering to put my bra, socks, or panties back on. Instead I shove them into my various pockets and call for a car as I’m trotting down the stairs.

He’s still upstairs. I can hear him cursing and struggling to get dressed. I know enough about ligament injuries (I assume that’s the trouble with his leg given his profession) to realize that they are always the most stiff and painful after waking. When the body rests it causes the ligaments to stiffen and it can be excruciatingly painful to move without stretching them out first.

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