I have no idea what to say or do, but I’m not really thinking with that particular head at the moment. Right now, I’m driven by pure lust. If she wants me even a fraction of how much I want her right now, this whole house might burn down from the heat we’ll produce.

I stop in front of her, a tower of flesh and muscle against her willowy frame. She’s petite in a way I hadn’t realized before. Her long legs give her height, but her bones are delicate, her features small and fine. A guy like me could break her with one hand. If I ever have her, I’ll need to be gentle, even though every part of me wants to devour her in the bed like some kind of beast. The mischief in her smile makes me think she wants that too.

I’m feeling brazen right now. My erection strains painfully at my jeans begging for release. Over the pounding music, I lean into her ear and say, “Want to go to my room?”

Her golden eyes stare into mine, her pupils dilate. She takes me by the hand, her skin silky and warm, and leads me toward the stairs.

My heart hammers in tune with the vibration of the base. It beats so fast I feel like I could pass out. I’ve never been nervous around girls but this one does something to me. Sometimes I wonder if she’s some kind of witch who has cast a spell over me. It’s the only way I can explain why this small, delicate creature has such a fierce hold on me.

I barely breath as we walk up the stairs. It’s like time is frozen, and I’m floating. The air is thick with anticipation and desire and total fucking disbelief. This is happening.

I take her down the hall to my room. I open the door, and look up at her face. The hint of a smirk dances on her lips. She steps beyond the threshold, and I barely have time to close the door behind us before she’s tearing at the button and zipper of my jeans, wrestling my eager cock out of its restraints.

She backs off a little, looking surprised and maybe even a little embarrassed. In a split second, panic washes over me. Did she think I was someone else? Did she have a momentary lapse of judgement, following me up here? But just as I start to entertain my wildest fears, my wildest dream materializes in front of me. The corner of Claire’s mouth rises almost imperceptibly before she drops to her knees. She drags down my jean and boxers, scrapping her fingernails over my ass, and wraps her mouth around my dick, shoving it down her throat until she nearly gags.

“Oh, fuck,” I say.

My head snaps back and I’m lost in the exquisite feeling of her hot mouth, but I want to watch this goddess work her magic, so I force myself to look down at her. My hands tangle in the waterfall of her dark wavy hair. Her deep green eyes glance up at me as my cock slips over her tongue again and again. God, she’s beautiful. And the girl knows how to suck a dick. I feel a bitter spike of jealousy when that thought goes through my mind, knowing she’s had to have practice on other guys to get this good. I shake the thought from my head and try to focus only on her velvet mouth.

She cups my balls roughly, and then pulls hard. She brings her lips to the tip of my dick and swirls her tongue around it. Then she pops it in and out in a fast rhythm. I find my hips moving faster, trying to slip back deep in her mouth. Just when I’m getting completely swept away in the sensation, some part deep inside me roars, “More!” I want more than this. I want all of her.

“I want you,” I tell her, and I don’t give her a second to react before I reach down and lift her up from the ground. In a flurry of movement, I’m spinning her around and unzipping the back of her tight dress, walking her toward the bed. When I finally get the zipper down, I yank her dress down to the floor, trailing my fingers over the smooth skin of her calves. I drink the sight of her in, standing in front of me in just black thong panties and a matching bra.

I feel like I’m looking through a haze of lust. I skate my hands over her tummy, and bring them to rest on her breasts. I feel the quick rise and fall of her breaths, and notice her mouth has fallen open. I can spy the pink of her tongue, which just moments before was licking up and down my dick. I reach around to unclasp her bra and I’m rewarded with the greatest pair of tits known to mankind. Holy shit, they are perfect. Heavy and round, her nipples hard and inviting. I suck one into my mouth and my cock grows stiffer at the sound of her gasp. As I flick the nipple with my tongue she lets out a low moan.

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