“Really?” I say, challenging her. “I thought I was just a big dumb fuck. Your words, Claire.”

She sighs. “Don’t think I’m not ashamed of that. I thought the only way to protect myself and my feelings was to push you away. I’m sorry. To protect myself, I hurt you, and that’s not fair.”

I put my hand on her knee and feel her body shift. “It’s okay.”

When she doesn’t try to remove my hand or get away from me, I decide to push my luck. My hand slides up her knee and rests on her thigh. She sucks in a quiet breath. I feel her tremble, but still, she doesn’t try to stop me.

She looks at me, her eyes never wavering from mine. It’s a curious expression, like she’s trying to make some sort of decision about me. Then, suddenly, she’s climbing onto my lap. The motion is so swift and unexpected. I have an instant hard-on as she lifts her dress over her hips to give herself full range of motion.

“I don’t have a condom,” I tell her.

She hesitates, but only for a moment. “Pull out when the time comes.”

Good enough for me.

“We’re only five minutes from the clinic, though.”

“So quit wasting my time,” she says, leaning down to kiss me full on the mouth. “Let’s go.”

I quickly unzip my pants and pull my cock out. She slides her panties to the side, and I glide my fingers up and down her slit to make sure she’s ready for me. She’s hot and wet already. I position my cock right at her entrance, and with a hand, I push down on her hip, feeling her tight pussy stretch around me, enveloping me in perfect heat. I plant my hands on her luscious ass, and thrust up into her. She gasps and grabs onto the back of my neck.

She lowers her lips to mine, kissing me sensually as she slowly rotates her hips, pushing me deeper and deeper inside of her. “Your cock feels so good,” she whispers into my open mouth. “I love the way it fills up my pussy.”

Her words make my dick throb. I take her by the hips and press hard into her, feeling myself bottom out. She whimpers, her face contorting. “It’s so fucking big,” she moans.

If I’m hurting her, she does nothing to try to stop it.

“Fuck me harder,” she begs and starts to grind against me.

I reach behind her, grab her bare ass and squeeze it, hard. Secretly hoping to leave fingerprint bruises for her to find in the morning. “You better come fast,” I tell her. “We’re almost back to the hospital.”

She doesn’t disappoint, riding me hard and fast. Her wet pussy makes sucking sounds in the quiet cocoon of the limo. She bites her lip, trying to be quiet, but I remind her that the back of the limo is sound proof to the driver no matter how loud she gets.

She climbs off of me and strips off her panties, then climbs back on and starts to ride me again. The sound of her pleasure fills the limo, echoing in my ears. My own pleasure groans from my very soul. When I reach between her legs to thumb her hard clit, she screams and her body starts to spasm and my lap is soaked with her cum. As her pussy contracts from her orgasm, choking my cock, I can’t hold on any longer.

“I’m going to come,” I tell her urgently.

Instead of climbing off of me, she bears her weight down. “Come inside of me. I want to feel it.”

I have no more control, there’s no time to argue, and she refuses to get off of me, and so I explode inside of her. I feel the pressure of my orgasm vibrate in my groin. My vision grays and I am weightless, on a different plain.

She collapses on top of me, breathing heavy. I only come back to myself as the limo rolls to a stop. I want to just sit here, basking in the euphoria of my post orgasm, basking in her. But there’s no time for that. I snap to and we scramble to redress as the locks pop and the driver opens the door.

We try to appear as put-together as possible, but our clothes are wrinkled and disheveled, and her hair is a mess. Mascara gives her raccoon eyes and my face is smeared with red lip stick. The driver raises an eyebrow. He’s probably seen enough people in this position to know what just happened and to keep a professional poker face.

We start to walk back to the hospital entrance. I reach for her hand, but she pulls away from me. I stare at her, confused. She runs so hot and cold; I never know what to expect.

“We can never do that again,” she says.

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